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Spider Queen Aszec Quest

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Spider Queen Aszec Quest Empty Spider Queen Aszec Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:00 pm

Quest Name: Spider Queen Aszec
Level: 50+
Class: All
NPC: popup
Location: Salt Mines

To start the quest go to the Salt Mines east of FW. Enter the mines and go down the ramps till you are in the area of the drow spiders (half man half spider)! There will be a main room with spiders all around the circular walls. In the center of this room is a circular area, go to the center and you will get a popup. You now have the quest started.

You need to kill seven (7) named spiders for their seven crystal spider shards.

To find the seven named spiders you will need to explore the passageways leading from this central room.

Each spider will drop a crystal spider shard. The seven named spiders are;
1. Grosp
2. Thelanzelan
3. Fengzel
4. Faz
5. Kezmire
6. Melanzalan
7. Hezphire

Each spider spawns on a pillow-nest except for Fengzel, who spawns in front of an altar in a dead end. You just have to roam around alot in the different areas to find the, and their spawn time is variable.

When you have all seven shards, return to the popup area and you will spawn Spider Queen Aszec. Have good PR and kill her!

She drops, sometimes, two Bleeding Harpoons of Ascez, a Robe, which is CV style purple (wine).


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