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Stone of Morthalis Quest

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Stone of Morthalis Quest Empty Stone of Morthalis Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:03 pm

Quest Name: Stone of Morthalis aka Lost Fisherman Quest
Level: 50+
Class: All
Quest NPC: Captain Longley
Location: Odus, SoM

1 Head to the central region of the Stone of Morthalis. Search the dock for an NPC named Captain Longley (he stands near the end of a pier) and speak with him in order to log the quest.

2.Head to the eastern region of Cape Dreg. You'll find the NPC named Cedric standing upon one of the isles. You'll receive a pop-up as you approach him. Speak with him to continue the quest. NOTE: You'll be given a choice. Either you can slay Cedric and take his head or you can choose to help him. Either way you'll still receive the same reward.

3.Search the islands in that zone for a "rare giant skuttlespike" (I found one on an island in the western region). Slay it and loot the "salt encrusted strongbox" it drops.

4. If you chose to slay Cedric, head back to the Stone of Morthalis and speak with Captain Longley to finish the quest and receive your reward. If you chose to assist Cedric, return to Cedric and speak with him again. He will give you the reward that Captain Longely would have given you. Head back to Captain Longley now and speak with him again to finish this branch of the quest.


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