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The Illusionist Quest

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The Illusionist Quest Empty The Illusionist Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:05 pm

Quest Name: The Illusionist
Level: not sure
Class: All
NPC: Investigator Ishal
Location: Highpass

Originally, there was only one version of this quest posted. Subsequently Shorte discovered there are several different options.

1. Quest starts by speaking with Investigator Ishal near Pickclaw exit of Highpass. He tells you of townspeople going missing.

2. He wants you to go find Investigator Flint to the south. Head out coach exit in HP and follow road south towards Trail's End. The first guard tower you come to in Trail's End is where you will find Flint. Here is the FIRST time you must decide on a path for your quest!

When Flint asks you if you do everything you're suppose to, you can reply:
A) For the good of Highpass;
Chosing A) you will then be given another choice to make:
Flint gives you a story about a conspiracy in HP and tells you to get griffon's blood from the enchanter's guild. However, you can choose to either return to Ishal OR talk to the enchanter. Choose either:
i) Talk to Investigator Ishal again (basically chosing the Ishal side); or
ii) Talk to the Enchanter by the old Banker (opting for the Flint side of the debate)

B) When a reward is involved;
If you chose B) he'll say "I think I have some use for you" and asks you to ambush a courier walking from Bastable.

Chosing A i) the Ishal side:

1. You tell Ishal about Flint's conspiracy and show him the notes. You will need to speak again with Ishal. He tells you that Utmoor's bodyguard went missing this morning. You will have two choices:
a) You need to get the blood for Flint first. Go to A ii). There is no xp, and no reward for this choice other than the chance to obtain the sashes. Complete that part and then return here to step 2 below (You get no additional ST faction for going this route either). If you don't like this choice, speak to Ishal again and tell him you've decided to help him first after all.
b) Agree to help the rangers that are trying to track Utmoor's bodyguard.

2. So, opting to help the ranger: head out the NE (pickclaw) gate and head to Mossmouth (SW) very close to the moutnain range.

3. You will see a Ranger named Ranger Mek. Talk to him and he tells you he tracked the goblins this far, but he can't kill the goblins alone.

4. About a bow-shot to the north are 3 Goblins, 2 Warriors (i believe white to a 60) and a Shaman (red to a 60) standing between 2 trees. Kill but DON'T LOOT.
Note: pull each guard aside seperately and kill. When it comes to kill the shaman, have everyone with the quest logged stand very near where the shaman is as you kill him. The popup is right near the shaman. If someone misses the popup, re-chat with Ranger Mek, wait on respawn (5 min) and try again.

5. Once you get the popup, return to Ishal, and he will tell you to go arrest Flint.

7. When you get to Flint, talk to him. He will despawn and respawn as Akista Sind (CONs red@60), a KOS mob. He's a major mana sucker. Kill him and return to Ishal. He will drop one sash.
Note: only the person talking to Flint will have their quest log updated. Others will have to wait on the respawn (10 min). During fight, was changed into a fairie, jelly, etc.

**When you talk to Ishal, you will receive 25 million XP (w/o luck) and a ring. He will send you to The Storyteller in Baga Village (NE) (South of Moradhim); he is located near the well. The Faction Merchants are west, by the river. You will receive +50 Faction.

Chosing A ii) the Flint side:

1.Return to HP and speak with Enchanter Kerina near old bank.

2.She will send you to get blood from a Mature Griffon. Head to Strag's Rest (E) [one zone s/w from HP] and he will spawn on top of a HUGE mountain. The griffon is white faced (CONs red@60). Kill him and loot is blood. His respawn rate is quick, if more than one in group need the blood.

3.Head back to Enchanter Kerina in HP.

4.She will send you with blood to see Flint.

5. Flint will despawn and Ishal will appear.

6. Ishal tells you Flint is an imposter and you are to go arrest him.

7. Travel further along the road, and before you get to the first robber cave, you will get a popup (about footsteps and a dark elf hiding) and need to fight him; he's a fire elementalkin looking NPC.
(note: you may want to pull away from where he spawns since Dopplegangers and storm of blades also spawn near his spawn point. They are tough)
When fighting the mob, it turns itself into a form and turns your group into a form. Forms included were: a tiny goblin, a big green blob, butterfly, and puppet thing. He is a tough caster, and huge mana sucker.
Silentstrider says:If you let him cast all his forms (six) (ie. keep fighting and don't kill him) he'll drop six sashes.
Zanlabik-Nerfed says: ...i quad box with 6 60's at my disposal... what i did was essentially make one toon an all-time spawner.... i'd spawn the mob, then move out of range and log... then with the rest of my team, i'd take out the mob and wait for my sashes... rinse and repeat until i had all of them. took about 5 times to get em all

9. Quest log will disappear, but you can head back to HP to speak with Ishal once more. You will get 0 xp and no reward.
You can go to The Storyteller in Baga Village (NE) (South of Moradhim); he is located near the well (or the river). The Faction Merchants are west, by the river. You will receive +25 faction with him. No other rewards other than sash loot from fire elementalkin NPC.

Chosing B): (Edited from Black Pearl website, forwarded by Shorte)

1. You chose the 'when a reward is involved'. Flint sends you to kill a courier along the road between HP and Bastable. Go out of the pickclaw gate of HP , follow for a bit. On the north side of the road, near a big fallen tree, you will see a Courier (CONs red@60). Kill him and loot the NTL Treated Griffon Blood and return to Flint.

2. He tells you to meet him in his secret cave (Trails End (C)). Continue southwest down the road, at the second cave on your right, you'll get a popup telling you that you've found the cave. Enter and talk to Akista Sind (who is Flint).

3. Guards have followed you from HP and one attacks. Cons red, is kind of hard, after he's dead, a Highpass Magistrate spawns and attacks. After you kill this one, Flint appears again.

4. He thanks you, gives you 25 million xp. He offers to give you a ring and, if you accept, he gives you the ring.
If you chose to "take what is yours" he will respawn attackable and proceed to try and kill you. He's a huge mana sucker. Questor - don't die before you kill him, if you do your quest log will not advance, and there is no way to respawn him or relog the quest. Dopplegangers will spawn nearby, so be sure to pull Akista to somewhere out of the way to kill.

Go to The Storyteller in Baga Village (NE) (South of Moradhim); he is located near the well (or the river sometimes). The Faction Merchants are west, by the river. You will receive +50 Faction.


Includes Sash Loot (see below), a ring, and faction with The Storyteller, and XP (depending on which options you chose)

Sash Loot
Rewards: Form:
They all buff you for 70HPMax, 70Pow, 15AC, 50Dur, Lvl 50 All/All, plus each sash buffs you for a different resist (as long as you're being attacked):
Sash of Arcane: Puppet 200AR
Sash of Fire: Fire Elementalkin buffs 200FR
Sash of Ice: Polar Bear, buffs 200CR
Sash of Lightning: Wind Elemental buffs 200LR
Sash of Poison: Skeleton buffs 200PR
Sash of Disease: Decayed Rat buffs 200DR

Seems to last permanently as long as you are hitting something or something is hitting you. So as long as you are attacking or being attacked, you get 200 to a resist.

Note: Zanlabik-Nerfed says while they still buff 200 to one resist they now also debuff 50 to 3 other resists!


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