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The Theatre Quest

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The Theatre Quest Empty The Theatre Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:07 pm

Quest Name: The Theatre Quest
Level: 50+
Class: All
Quest NPC: Maxmillions
Location: Island in the Gulf of Uzun, due east of SoM, Odus

Note: This quest was updated with Acts 3 & 4 by the devs in July '07. Acts 1-4 take quite a while to complete, due to waiting between acts for popups etc. but is an entertaining quest to do. Even now, some of these mobs are very tough and they have a lot of hps.

1. Coach to Stone of Morthalis, on Odus. Once there swim straight east to the Gulf of Uzun, until you see a big island appear. The Theatre is on the top of the plateau and is accessed by a ramp near the tents on the south side of the island. Wizards have a port directly to the base of the plateau.
Note: There can only be one questor at a time, so select one person to log and complete the quest. No one else should talk to the NPC's as it might interfer.

2. Follow the ramp to the top of the plateau, as you follow the road forward you'll see the big walls of the Theatre guarded by two marionettes (they have a wicked 1500 AoE). This is the beginning of the maze. You'll have to work your way through to the exit located directly opposite the entrance (stick mostly to the right side). You will have to kill other marionettes along the way; do not open the boxes as most of them are empty (and don't loot either), and you want the bodies to lie on the ground so they don't respawn and attack your party from behind.

3. Once you've reached the exit, head south to locate the entrance to the actual Theatre. You may encounter some wildlife (fauns etc.) and they see through invis. Again kill what you have to, avoid what you can, and make your way to the Theatre. There are two more marionettes guarding the entrance, kill them and head up the ramp.
(Note on fauns: they can port you to the other side of the island. Gotone found that if that happens, just find and attack another faun and it can port you back)

The raid party should wait well back from the stage while the questor runs back out the theatre and around to the very back to log the quest (stay very close to the walls of the Theatre to avoid the fauns - make sure you have sow). The questor is looking for Maxmillions in the tents - speak with him to start your quest. He will send you to speak with Leonardo.

The raid party is safe at this point, and it's a bit of a boring wait while the questor logs the quest and clicks throuth the text boxes. Basically, it's a love story in which the questor can choose the path the story takes and the outcome.

4. Act 1, Leonardo
The questor should get back to the raid force waiting inside the ampitheatre. Everyone should assemble outside the entrance to stage right. When everyone is ready, the questor can move slowly forward onto the stage. Questor will get a popup (reminder: you have to be at stage right, not left) and the mobs will spawn.

Five soldiers spawn on the left side of the stage, along with their General. Once the questor has confirmed he's gotten his popups, tank can proceed to pull each soldier (CONs db@60) from the stage back to the side entrance. Kill all the soldiers, then kill the General (CONs wht@60)[AoE popup flag]. Questor should get more popups and speak with Leonardo who will spawn to the left of the stage.

Everyone should now wait back behind the entrance to stage right again, while the questor once more (get sow) goes outside the building and around to the back where the tents are and after a wait, Esmeralda will speak with you.

5. Act 2, Esmeralda
Esmeralda tells you "All you have to do is go with the flow and do what you think is best for the play". There is about a 30 minute wait between acts.
The raid force can again assemble behind the entrance to stage right. A couple of non-connable marionettes spawn in the back of the stage, but you can ignore them. Eventually, when the questor enters the stage, they'll get the quest chat box and have questions to answer about how the play will turn out. Drabbard chose to answer in this fashion:
* never leave your side. Even through thick and thin
* the issue regarding our parents
* confront our fears of them and face them head on

Once the questor has worked through the quest chat, and made their choices, Lover's Fear (CONs yel@60) spawned toward the very front of the stage. Tank can pull him back to raid force, kill, [AoE flag] questor gets popups. Esmeralda will spawn to the left side of the stage, go speak with her. Reward given here.

Everyone should now wait back behind the entrance to stage right while the questor once more (get sow) goes outside the building and around to the back where the tents are and after a wait Sabrina will speak with you.

6. Act 3, Sabrina.
Again there is about a 30 minute interval before Act 3 begins.
Use this time to set up a KS group. Unlike the other two acts, in this Act the questor MUST be in the KS group to be able to complete the quest (put the questor in with 3 other good DDs and have everyone else there ungroup).
(Note: if you mess Act 3 up the first time, you can delete it from you quest log and relog the quest with Sabrina)

Sabrina asks that you rid the stage of the plagued slime. Once the questor is in the KS group, they can slowly enter stage right to get the popups.
A "drop of slime" (CONs lb@60) will spawn on the far side. The tank can pull this back to the raid force, but keep it within the entrance walls as it will eventually have a big AoE. Once you've killed a "drop of slime" another, bigger one spawns right on top of it. Here is the order of mobs:
*drop of slime (CONs lb@60) small AoE
*clump of slime (CONs lb@60) small AoE
*clump of slime (CONs lb@60) small AoE
*mound of slime (CONs red@60) [outmatched warning Big AoE]

Once the mob is killed, everyone should now wait back behind the entrance to stage right while the questor once more (get sow) goes outside the building and around to the back where the tents are and speak with Sabrina for their reward. After a wait Macaellius will speak with you.

7. Act 4, Macaellius
He again asks you to enter the stage, from stage right.
When the questor enters stage right, Acelia spawns on stage with 4 beasts surrounding her. Kill the four beasts (CONs lb@60) - make sure questor is in KS group again (these beasts are not hard to kill).

When the beasts are dead, speak with Acelia. You must remember what Macaellius had told you prior to entering the stage. If you answer incorrectly you will have to restart the quest script with Acelia until you get it right. If you have forgotten here are the answers:
*It is my pleasure my lady
*knowing you are safe is enough for me
*I am but your humble servant
*I could not, in good conscience, accept a reward
*let the beasts come. We will see who is master.

After answering correctly, Macaellius says to meet him at his tent. Reward here is an NTL Macaellius Script.....
After a while speak with Leonardo again to wrap up the quest.

Now speak with everyone in the tents (Esmeralda, Sabrina, Fuzzlemop). Fuzzlemop is located by the fire near Leonardo's tent. When you speak with Fuzzlemop he is interested in Macaellius' script and will trade you for him. Trade him and you will receive:
Fuzzlemop's neckace (Lore) Hot10, Pot10, AR25


Note: The questor can now head out to The Storyteller in Baga Village (NE) (South of Moradhim); he is located near the well, and wants to hear your story. The Faction Merchants are west, by the river. The questor will receive +50 Faction with the Storyteller.


Esmerelda's Belt, NTL, STA35, DEX20, Pow50, AC15

Sabrina's Earring of Healing: HoT20, AC10, HP100

Sabrina's Earrning of Power: PoT20, AC10, HP100

Macaellius Script....traded to Fuzzlemop will get you:
Fuzzlemop's neckace (Lore) Hot10, Pot10, AR25


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