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The Truearrow Quest

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The Truearrow Quest Empty The Truearrow Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:08 pm

Quest Name: The Truearrow Quest (aka Evil huh?)
Level: 45-60 (?)
Class: All
NPC: Taszin K'ven
Location: Hazinak

1. Speak with Taszin K'ven in Hazinak. He's located on the 2nd floor of the Inn, in the coach/banker section (NW).

2. He asks you if you have any business to discuss, and you reply "I don't know, do we?"
He then asks if you were the mercenary he sent for (if you say no, he just tells you to go away, he's busy, and you can restart the dialogue over). Tell him you are the mercenary he sent for, and he will explain that he has a need for a killer and that you come highly recommended. He'll send you to kill the leader of a Tier'dal camp near the ruins of Oasis.

3. Coach to Oasis, run southwest to Takish'Hiz. On a hill, you should find a tower and 3 tens. The leader, Cyrian Truearrow (CONs lv@60) will spawn after killing the mobs in the tents for a while. Just keep farming until he makes he makes his appearance. When he does, kill him and he will drop 4 NTL truearrow brooches. The questor only needs one ("Cyrian Truearrow's elven family brooch").

4. Return to Taszin K'ven in Hazinak with the brooch and you will receive:
*4.7 million in xp
*25 faction with the raiders of Takish'Hiz
*1 faction with the Indigo Brotherhood
*1 faction with Citizens of Neriak
*-500 faction with Pulanga.
*An NTL statue "An ivory and gold statue of an elven noblewoman"

You will get a proximity popup here of Pulanga the female troll on ground floor of the Inn. Speaking with Pulanga will give 3 options:
1. Pay her 25,000 tunar;
2. Refuse to pay and kill her; or
3. Try to work out a deal.

Option 1: pay her 25,000 tunar
Unknown at this time. Do you know? Email us with the details.

Option 2: Kill Pulanga
Opting to refuse to pay and kill her, she will respawn as attackable (level 60 mob). Killing her finishes the quest, and she drops a 2HS weapon.
Widowspite: LORE, 2HS, 603 DMG, 9900 HP, 65 DUR, Tanks Only, POW 100, STA/STR 15 "This blade is well known amongst mercenaries as the blade of the male-hating troll, Pulanga"

Option 3: Work out a Deal
Pulanga will send you to kill a rival mercenary of hers named Gobzen. He can be found in a backroom in Honjour. Once you kill him you'll receive "Happy Love Bracers" in your inventory (the box is empty) and +250 faction with Pulanga.
Happy Love Bracers:
all/all Lore Cha10 CR15 HP60 Pow60 AC47


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