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Unkempt War Quest

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Unkempt War Quest Empty Unkempt War Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:11 pm

Quest Name: Unkempt War
Level: 45
Class: All
Quest NPC: Elaryness
Location: Unkempt North (S)

This one requires a large group effort, and abit of luck. Those on the quest will recieve a weapon as a reward. Black Pearl recommends that as many people as possible start this quest and FAIL so that when your guild completes the war, everyone will receive the AoE flag for quest completion. They also recommend that everyone have positive faction with the Unkempt Defenders - otherwise when the war is on and an unkempt NPC roam past your group it will attack any with poor faction (and then when you kill it everyone gets negative faction).

Step 1)
First off before even bothering to log the quest you need to build faction with the Unkempt Defenders. This can be done by killing Wolf and Bear Were mobs all over Tunaria. Most populated areas to recommend: Salisarean, Murnf, Unkempt Glade and Unkempt North. You should also kill any faeries you see whilst farming faction and loot any faerie dust that drops (this is step 3; but it will save you time to do it in advance; btw, fairy dust is tradeable).
Each werebeast will pay 10 faction so this doesn't take too long. If you use a fully fletched Were-hunter toon; or a toon that is bear/wolf-were you are likely to have reasonable faction already. I logged the quest at -335 faction (not 0 like other walkthroughs suggest). If Elaryness is white faced you should be able to log the quest.

Step 2)
Speak to Elaryness in Unkempt North (S), in the little village with houses in trees. This is the village you go to to check your wolf/bear infections.

Step 3)
Collect 4 faerie dusts, they can drop from any kind of faerie. I had the best luck with wood faeries. Track down and kill Faeries if you were unable to do this during the Were-Hunt (step 1 above). These also spawn in Murnf, Salisarean, Unkempt Glade and Unkempt north. The faerie dust that you require drops off all faeries (Faerie Druid, Faerie Wizard and Wood Faerie). The drop rate isn't particularly good and you require 4 drops. Wood Faeries have camps while the others are roamers.
Note from Shorte: there is a hill top in Unkempt Glade (E) that has a T-stone and a camp of wood faires. 4 spawn around the T-stone and there are usually a couple fairy roamers in the area too.

Step 4)
Go back to Elaryness and she will send you to her father's grave, which is in Unkempt Glade (N/C). The tombstone is connable and on a small island. The easiest way to find it is follow the road that leads south out of Elaryness's village. After a bit of a trek you will reach a fork in the path. Take the road that branches off in a westerly direction after a few steps the road gets a bit wobbly and if you look to you left you will see a small pond. In the centre of the pond is an island with a very distinctive weeping willow tree atop. On the island you will find a connable Unkempt Grave. Approach the grave and you will receive a pop up allowing you to complete this stage of the quest.

Step 5)
Go back to Elaryness and she sends you to talk to Dresden Windstalker. Dresden is on a hill SE from Elaryness - run east/south east from Elaryness. Past the hill with the stones on top and on the next hill which appears slightly flattened. See step 6 before speaking with Dresden.

Step 6)
The War begins! Don't do this step until you have gathered and positioned your forces. There are four camps; to attack each camp you will need a group permanently positioned there. I recommend each group has a traditional set up: ie Tank, Healer, DD and battery. Further to this I recommend placing a spare group on top of the hill to act as spotters. The camps you need are located at the base of the hill (NW,SW,SE and NE from Dresden).
Note from Shorte: I'd recommend 2 lookouts if you have the personnel. 1 to watch Quest Giver, and 1 to run around the areas past the camps and look. I DO believe we got 1 of the Boss's to spawn, but by the time we seen em, he was unconnable and walking away from the qst giver.

Once you are happy that everyone is in place talk to Dresden to start the war. The attackable tribes will spawn at each camp (2 camps for the Dawn Tribe mobs and 2 camps for the Moon tribe mobs; although sometimes you can get 3 camps per side as well - see RJoe's notes below). Attack and kill as many mobs as possible and as quickly as possible. After a short time named mobs should start spawning at the camps they are:
Dawn Tribe: Shaman/Druid type NPCs

Mobs CON@60 Notes
- data from Karlief, Ranger
blue to dark blue

Spawn with shaman pets, Melee damage was roughly 25-28 with a
crit. Frequent debuffing (I'm guessing STR as I did not
check). Fairly
long aggro range, and chain aggro. I only got in trouble
once because
I got too trigger happy and fired too close to the camp.
of Dawn Minor

Bearwere form, no pet. 30-35 damage per swing with 656 crit.
but not at the same rate as tribesmen. Killing him will
of Dawn Major
form, no pet. 50-55 damage per swing and 725 crit. Basically
the same
as the Minor, just a little tougher to kill.
Ward Boreg

Moon Tribe: Melee type NPCs

Mobs CON@60 Notes
- data from Shorte, Cleric
blue to dark blue
LB and DB and are fairly weak. I believe they swing for
damage in
the teens and crit around 150 or so. Clanking 4 at once was
no big
Reaper Omega
White to 60. swing for 80-120ish, crit fer about 600-700.
him will spawn...
Reaper Beta
for about 100-180 and crit for about 700-900. They have a
decent size
aggro range, which is the only real problem they pose.
Taking on one
is pretty simple with a heal tic, but usually when you pull
one, you'll
probably grab 2 adds at least.
Reaper Hanz

For each Dawn Major and Reaper Beta you kill you will have a % chance to spawn the boss mob of the relevant tribe (the bosses drop rares; loot and roll at the end of the war they are not quest related).

Note: this is where the spotters come into play as the bosses spawn on the hill away from the camp. It is therefore vital that the spotters constantly check the hill searching for the two bosses. Once the spotters hail a boss mob all toons should leave their camps and descend on the mob killing it. Once the mob is dead you may cease farming mobs from the camps only related to that boss. All toons bar the spotters should now descend on the remaining two camps and attempt to spawn the final boss. If you have enough spotters they can also act as back up for any group that gets into trouble providing they return to spotting once the danger has passed. You have 1 hour to complete this stage of the quest after which the tribes will succeed in killing Dresden and his mates and you will have failed.

Followup note from RJoe: The War is won! We were able to kill both bosses tonight. 6 camps spawned. 3 of dawn and 3 of moon. We had 3 groups on dawn and got that mob to spawn 1st. Quickly dispatched it and it was on to the moon tribes. Spawned that boss and killed it as fast as we could and declared victory. The big bosses spawned right on top of wherever the group was camped. So it was basically hail it then everyone ran over to kill it asap. The bosses weren't that hard once everyone made it over and let loose I believe it would be possible to kill 1 tribe at a time if there aren't enough numbers for all 6 camps.

Step 7)
If you are successful in killing both boss mobs speak to Dresden who will send to Elaryness for your reward this will be a class specific weapon of some description.
Note: this is an aoe flag therefore anybody that has previously failed the quest should get themselves in range of the mobs for kills. It also worth having several toons fail the quest deliberately before hand thereby cancelling the need to repeat the quest several times.

Note: Anyone who has spawned and failed the quest, will be flagged and rewarded as successful if they are in the aoe flag of succeeding.

Yakatizma has said: Seems like a lot of people think this is a Quest, intended for a single player or single group to be able to complete. It is not. It is potentially the most difficult encounter in the game to complete even though the bosses of the encounter are not as difficult as many other level 60 npc's and requires the cooperation of a large number of players.

If you think you can just breeze through it without many attempts and developing a strategy then you are indeed wasting your time. That being said I am going to go ahead and increase the power of the reward items, which are already 60 Ultra-Rare quality even though no one has obtained one yet.

This is what could be referred to as a "hardcore" event. It is not a quest, it is a war.

Bordeal says: The new event that was added (Unkempt War) in the latest update is not designed to be completed by a single person or a single group. While one player does initiate and play the coordinating role in it, it is designed that they have the support of a guild or large number of other players to complete.

While I can understand your frustration, I can honestly say that you will be only that if you try to accomplish this event with a single group. Gather your guild or put the call out to your community and friends and bring a posse for this one - you will need it.

Rewards (all info provided by Black Pearl)

Boss drops
Alpha Reaper Collar EQUIP: NECK HP: 12850/12850 Race: ALL Class: ALL Level: 60 AC: 35 STA: 30 AGI: 20
The spiked collar of an alpha Night Reaper werewolf

Supreme Ward's Bracers EQUIP: 2FOREARM HP: 12850/12850 Race: ALL Class: WAR RAN PAL SK MNK BRD RGE DRD SHA CL ALC Level: 60 WIS: 20 STA: 30 AC: 155
These bracers are made of strong hardened leather strips strapped together by softer leather so to allow them to expand in size.

Totem of Dawn's Ward HELD (All /All) HP: 12850/12850 DUR: 65 WIS: 28 CHA: 28 POW: 100 "a primative totem dedicated to Ehayae the Matron of the Dawn."

Staff of Dawn's Ward 2HAND (MNK DRD SHA CL MAG NEC ENC WIZ ALC) HP: 12850/12850 DUR: 65 DMG: 766 ATT: 2HB STR: 15 STA: 35 WIS: 20 "A wyldwood quarterstaff that has seen many battles in the unkept forest."

Alpha Rreaper Bracers war/pal/sk/cl hp:12850 dur:80 dex:20 str:30 ac:224 lvl 60

Quest rewards
Alchemist: Sash of Wild Elements (Level 60, NTL) Dur:55 Pow:55 CR:30 Wis:50

Cleric: Star of Ehayae (Level 60, NTL) Dur:65 dam730 Wis:50 Pow:100

Enchanter: Horn of Nellynussia (horn of sorrow graphic) (Lvl 60, NTL) DMG: 730 DUR: 65 Primary Cha:50 Pow:100
"The enchanted horn of the unicorn Nellynussia that once inhabited the unkempt forest"

Necromancer: Iujien Bone Wand (Level 60, NTL) DUR: 65 DMG: 730 STA:50 POW:100
“A primitive necromantic wand used by the spirits most sinister of Iujien to control dark spirits"

Ranger: Wyldwood Longbow (Lvl 60, NTL) DMG: 858 ATT: BOW EQUIP: BOW RNG: 40 HP: 13450/13450 DUR: 75 Race: HUM ELF Class: RAN Level: 60 AGI:55 POW:110
" A legendary longbow crafted by the most skilled of the ancient unkempt bowyers"

Rogue: Saptapper (Level 60, NTL) 1HP Secondary DUR: 80 DMG: 745 AGI:40 POW:100

Shaman: Rootpiercer (Level 60, NTL) 1HP Primary DUR: 65 DMG: 730
STA:50 POW:100 "A magical spear once weilded by a mighty Ghijna shaman"

Warrior: Lumbersbane (Level 60, NTL) 2hand Hp13250 Dur 80 862 DMG
STR:55 HPMAX:150

Wizard: Fire of Ehayae (ebb wand graphic) (Lvl 60, NTL) DMG: 730 DUR: 65 Primary
Dex:50 Pow:100
"A wand that captures the morning light of Ehayae, spirit of the dawn, to empower it's wielder"


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