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Zentar's Keep Pet Quest

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Zentar's Keep Pet Quest Empty Zentar's Keep Pet Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:13 pm

Location: Zentar's Keep

NPC Name and Location: Sundro Stikala, located on the 3rd floor of the main building, he's right next to the ramp leading up to Zentar's room.

How to Log the Quest: To log this quest, you must have a minimum of 350 faction with the Citizens of Zentar's Keep. You can get this by killing unkempt rangers/druids or by doing Corison's hunt and gather quest (you'll recieve 5 faction for every 4 glyphs you turn in). You must also turn in at least 3-5 sets of ice glyphs to Corison, the hunt and gather quest giver located next to the drink merchant in one of the tents within the compound.

What You'll Need: your respected frost item (see below), a full 4 stack of one of the 5 small stacks (see below), level 41 tunaria bass (you can fish for it in Haz or Oasis), level 3 fur trousers (level 1 tailoring stuff, tailored leggings pattern + fur swatch), 5k tunar, and an aurabound shield.

The stacks I'm referring to drop from either of the tenacious ice giant camps, located in either Snowblind Plains (S) or Permafrost (S). The "frost" item you need drop from the named ice giants, Arctic Adept and Arctic Spiritcaller, who are casters and con red to a level 60. These have a random chance to spawn in the place of a tenacious frost giant, so you must farm the frost giants until one spawns for you. They will always drop one of the 4 NTL frost items, and usually a rare or 2 for your troubles. Each archetype will need the following:

Tanks- Frost emblem, stack of frost giant helms

Melees- Frost talisman, stack of frost giant staves (staffs)

Casters- Frost essence, ???

Healers- Frost rune, ???


1. Sundro Stikala is a greedy and selfish man. He will ask you to help out Corison to help him make his "wares" (for his own purposes). If you have already done so, he will then become annoyed with you. He tells you his father knows of a way to powerfully enchant a sword for yourself, so he gives you "a useless sword" and a note from himself and sends you to find his father, Jebdo, "in the desert called Tak".

2. Sundro's father, Jebdo Stikala, is a ghost who resides in Tak 'Xiv West (SE). To find him, coach to Oasis and follow the river to the West. He will be close to the river and you should con him not long after you enter the zone. Jebdo is greatly disappointed in his son, being so dishonorable and wanting only power for himself. He then tells you the story of his father, Altivo, who once slayed a great dragon named Rataku with his final breath. He asks you to step up in his son's place and pass down the legend of Altivo to 5 people, each located in Hazinak, Honjour, Baga Village, Fort Seriak, and The Green Rift. He gives you a note telling of the legend and asks that each person you visit sign a note themselves swearing they will tell 5 other people, ensuring the legend passes on (FYI, none of the people you talk to will care about the story. They just ask you to do a favor for them and they will listen and give you their respected note).

3. In Hazinak, there is a bridge that goes across the river and leads to the "good" coach. There are 2 gate guards on the evil side. You seek the guard named Guard Morgin, standing on the right side if you left Hazinak to cross the bridge. He's hungry, so he'll need a tunaria bass before he'll listen to the story. The bass is level 41 and can be caught in both Oasis and Hazinak. I caught one in no more than 10 casts, but it may take you a little longer. I recommend just fishing right in front of where Guard Morgin stands.

4. In Honjour, you're looking for an NPC in the town named Jol the Fat. He stands next to a guard house that sits on the right-hand side of "Da Shoppe". He's a troll wearing full plate armor minus the pants. He's obviously cold (not going to ask what happened to his pants) so he requests a pair of fur pants. Make some level 3 pants using the tailored leggings pattern and a fur swatch and he'll sign a note for you.

5. In Baga Village (head West 1 zone from The Last Inn coach), head to the (NE) part to find the actual village. There is a swamp on the South side of the village, which contains a small hill with a "T" stone on it and a troll shaman named Magluza. She lost her "prudy" shiny rock, and wants you to find it in the water. She honestly doesn't know where it dropped, so you'll have to do some hunting to get the pop up you need saying you found it. To get the pop, stand roughly in the middle between Magluza and the "T" stone, and head directly SW. You will cross one area of water, return to land, and then back into another area of water. The pop up should occur just as you reach the shore at the end of the second area of water. Walk around this area if you do not recieve the pop up.

6. In Fort Seriak, the person you seek is Guard Zex, located at the very top of the NE guard tower of the fort. He doesn't care about your story, so just give this guy 5k and he'll sign a note and tell the story as a joke to his guard buddies, easy enough.

7. In The Green Rift (W) (just swim SE from Fort Seriak for 1 zone), there is a very large valley which contain the Gal' Saris dark elves. This camp is located on the South side of the lake in the area. The camp consists of 4-5 tents containing various classes of Gal' Saris. The camp guards a cave, and you need to speak with the Gal' Saris knight located in the green tent closest to the cave. Now, for whatever absurd reason, this greedy little... well, you know, wants an aurabound shield. No, you don't get it back either. You give him the shield and he signs the note promising to tell your stupid story. I hate to say it, but because of this quest, you'll find that aurabound shields go anywhere from 500k- 2 mil on auctions. If you don't have one yourself or don't want to buy one, you can farm one for sure at the ice giant refugees and from some of the mobs located in Vox Castle, although it is believed to be a "global" drop, meaning any mob level 41-45 could drop the item.

8. Returning to Jebdo with all 5 of the notes, Jebdo thanks you deeply for your deed, saying you are the son/daughter he should have had. He gives you a note containing the process of how to enchant the sword.

9. Returning to Sundro with the note, he can't believe you found his father, as he knew he was dead and just wanted to rid himself of your pathetic presence. He reads it and tells you that he requires a frost to complete the enchantment.

10. Having obtained the item Sundro requested of you, he laughs at you for following his directions, saying he meant to keep the sword all along for his own power. At this point, you will recieve 1000 faction with both the Citizens of Zentar's Keep and Zentar Reese. However, he is somewhat impressed that you managed to complete his task, so he "gives you permission" to speak with the great Zentar Reese.

11. Go up the ramp Sundro is standing next to and you'll find Zentar Reese. He is very impressed by your deed and believes Sundro's actions to be a "lesson in humility". For your troubles and your devoted following, Zentar gives you 15 million xp and an archetype-based reward. You can refill the charges on the item you're given by using up every charge on the item and bringing Zentar another of the frost item Sundro requested of you earlier.

Rewards: 1000 faction with the Citizens of Zentar's Keep and Zentar Reese, 15 million xp, and (all abilites and damage numbers are based on PvP matches and killing various wildlife outside of ZK):

* Tanks- level 30/40 guardian pet, Snow Fighter. The level 30 version has a 1k crit and a somewhat weak melee attack. The level 40 version may be stronger. The pet may also have another ability or buff, unknown at this time.
* Melees- level 30/40 guardian pet, Snow Gladiator. I have the level 40 version, and he has a fairly strong crit and taunts every 5 seconds or so.
* Casters- Able to transform in a snowman or snowgirl for 5 minutes, which buffs CR and may raise your general PoT and HoT. The form also grants a 150-160 heal shield for the caster. It is unknown at this time whether the level of your character or a particular stat modifies this ability.
* Healers- ??? Unknown at this time.


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