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Paladin Exemplar Quest

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Paladin Exemplar Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:16 pm

Quest Name: Paladin Exemplar
Class: Paladin
NPC: Priest of Marr
Location: Qeynos, Paladin building

Priest of Marr will be found at the paladin building in Qeynos (sux to be a were at this time Shocked ).

He will send you first to Diren's Hold (just within the fort along the river...he (Zarakiel) stands with 2 disciples next to the tower) to speak to Exemplar Zarakiel. Z will give you a task that involves bringing Justice to a group of 6 bandits (unconnable at first) which can be found east of Darvor Manor in Bandit Hills (W). Note: these are NOT the new camp of high level bandits. You will find the group of 6 bandits not far from the Old Man and Goran's Beasts for the str quest. They'll be in a valley one hill over from the Old Man, surrounding two rocks. Tossinpots: They are a 10 sec run directly south of Old Man.

These bandits will not be connable until you receive a popup which triggers 3 at a time. These bandits will be dark blue to white to a 60. Only one person at a time must loot all 6 sashes to be turned back in to Zarakiel. Note: if more than one paladin is waiting to do the quest when you arrive at the bandits, the quest must be done for each paladin, with a respawn of about 15 minutes.

After turning in the sashes to Zarakiel, return to the Priest to advance to the next part of the quest. The way you answer his question doesn't matter at this time.

The Priest will then send you to Druid's Watch (sry can't remember the sub-zone at this time, just run SE from Qeynos) to find a barbarian woman named Exemplar Alesthenies. She will be found with 2 disciples standing on a small hill (she's on a hill with two disciples NW of Melton village (one minute outside), new qeynos prison. ). She will give you a task to go to Mariel Village to protect a group of ppl and escort them to the Wyndhaven coach. They can be found exactly in Wyndhaven (N), not far from the mountain side, surrounding a rock. However, they won't appear until you receive a popup asking you to properly answer a question (something about flowers that bloom). Several "hobbit-like" named folk will appear and you must protect them as they walk to Wyndhaven. Along the way, you will need to save them from groups of zealots that will popup as the littles get near. The key to knowing when the zealots will popup is the group will start to scatter in different directions. The first round of zealots will appear around a large rock (no sub-zone noted, sry). These will be drk blue to white to a 60. Note: the zealots and the bandits do hit hard, so bring a healer. If you die by any of these groups, you will have to restart the entire quest Crying or Very sad . Ok, so after you save the little ppl from the first round of zealots, continue to follow them along their path to Wyndhaven. I'd been told that as you reach a deep ravine, stay back towards the end of the pack as they start to scatter. The zealots will ambush you around a large rock at the bottom of the ravine. By staying back and allowing the zealots to spawn, you will then be able to pick them off one by one, instead of being mobbed immediately. Again, only 1 person at a time must retrieve all 6 sashes. This will be the last of the ambushes on the final leg to Wyndhaven. You must stay with them all the way to the coach and then speak with the leader of the group. After successful completion of this part, return to Alesthenies to advance the quest. She will send you back to the Priest of Marr for further instructions. Make sure that you either use an xp pot or the Luck for this part because without the pot you'll receive about 10.5mil xp. With the Luck, it'll be 21mil xp.

At this point, the Priest of Marr will ask you which Marr side you'll take. This answer isn't really important until he asks you to think about your decision and then get back to him with your final decision. When you make your final decision.....


You will be sent to farm the bandit camp east of DM for the ntl sashes. For every 4 sashes turned back into the Priest, you will receive 40 faction with the Champions of Mithaniel Marr. You must reach +2000 faction in order to be worthy enough of a reward. Speak to the disciple of marr dedicated to Zarakiel (on the right side of the doorway into the Paladin temple) and you will receive an approval note to take back to the Priest of Marr.

At that time I received my reward for the quest completion. As I took the path of Justice, I received, for 1 cm, an upgrade to all 4 of my heals. This changed them to self heal only and boosted the heal itself. With base charisma, before the quest my highest heal was 610. After the quest it's now at 840 to 859. Cgs to all of you who reached completion of this quest.

From Roygar (Mars Fist): After talking to the priest of Marr he sends you to talk to Priestess Agilyna in Muelins Reach. She can be found on a small hill in the centre part of the zone; run N/W from lost soul camp in (C) part of zone. See reward below:

Alesthenies' Mercy (By Silverfangg)
AC Buff
Level:60 Scope:Target Cast:1 Recast:180 Power:294
Range:15 Equip: Reg
Depending upon the current AC of the target, this ability can increase their Armour Class from 300-1000. Those with lower AC receive the higher benefit.


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