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Isle of Dread (IoD) Portal Quest

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Isle of Dread (IoD) Portal Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:20 pm

Quest Name: Isle of Dread (IoD) Portal Quest
Level: 50
Class: all
Quest NPC: Norach
Location: Cazic Thule (C)

Rather than log the quest first, it is easier to get the items you need then travel to Cazic Thule. So, in order to get 'flagged' for Isle of Dread, first you must kill a Dreadnaught. You can find a Dread south/east of Anu Village in Permafrost (s).

Strategy tip: You must either kite it, or main tank it while the rest of the group hides behind boulders or logs to avoid the AoE. Once the AoE has gone off, they can pop up and continue to use missile weapons or cast until it is time to hide again. Loot the dread, and you will obtain a Medallion of the Faceless. More info on Dreadnaughts.

Now take the medallion and 10,000 tunar run to a small island on the lake south of the main temple in Cazic Thule (c).

Speak to Norach, give him the medallion, pay him the 10k(which you have to pay each and every time) and you are now flagged to get to the Isle of Dread, Congratulations! You can always go to IoD now, by going to Norach and paying him 10k, you will not need a dread necklace again.


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