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Bertoxxulous the Plaguebringer

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Bertoxxulous the Plaguebringer

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:23 pm

Quest Name: Bertoxxulous and the Throne of Plague
Class: All
Quest NPC:
Location: Plane of Disease

Bertoxxulous, also known as The Plaguebringer, has no allies. His followers often follow the dark art of necromancy, which he wholeheartedly supports. He appears as a humanoid hunchback draped in tattered, decaying robes. Under his hood can be seen a handsome face attached to the body of a rotting corpse.

Bert is located through the same portal where you'll find the Twins (Poxathixius and Uzrathixius) in the Plane of Disease (PoD). He is a quest spawn, generally he can be spawned every 3 days (24-96 hours).

If you can con "throne of Bert", he's spawnable. You'll need to take your stinger that you looted from Queen Qy'tha to an npc near the Queen's portal (Witchdoctor Muglchlur). He'll exchange your stinger for a scepter (but only if you have positive faction with the pulsings-TY Athonasius). Take the scepter to the connable "Throne of Bertoxxulous" and you can spawn him.

He has a 6k crit (which sometimes goes off twice!) and quads with 1500-2200 a melee, has numerous AoE's and DoT's, and debuffs both DR & stamina by 125. If he's holding the Katana of Severing, it has a 2k proc. You get hit with a disease spell just swimming across the lake towards him. You'll need an army of patchers because he is one tough mob to kill.

Check under Loot table for what he drops, he also drops 2 dust for the PoD ability quest and has a chance of dropping a PoD spell.


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