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Noroxus Portal Quest

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Noroxus Portal Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:24 pm

Quest Name: Noroxus Portal Quest
Level: 50+
Class: All
Quest NPC: Honcho Oogurlgze
Location: PoD

You need to kill Noroxus to enter the twins area, in Plane of Disease (by looting his blood). He's not a mob to be taken lightly. One of the hardest hitting mobs in the game, at the moment. Strategy on killing Noroxus below.

1. Speak with Honcho Ulgurglch in POD to begin quest (he is marked on this map-he's almost all the way around the circle clockwise). While running thru PoD stay high up on the canyon walls as many mobs see through invis.
Note: Noroxus must be up in order to log the quest! Otherwise Honcho will tell you: "Noroxus has been defeated. Close eye on Ulgurglch masters are keeping. Ulgur no can speak for now."

2. In general the quest is to bring 3 hearts back to Honcho.

3. So, Questor goes to each of the 3 pools (no order necessary) and does the following:
-go next to the connable slime (cons red, but no name shows) to spawn toxic pollutive slime.
-Kill all the cillieane Viturilles, ensuring that each person in your group loots the skin. Every person going through the portal must have a skin.
-ENSURE AS MANY PPL AS POSSIBLE HAVE A GOO DROP AS WELL. This is for debuffing norox, and was put in place to prevent ppl from bypassing the pools and cohing in to kill nox directly. Without the goo to debuff norox, DDs will do no damage. Each goo debuff will last a few minutes, so you need a few if you're not going to have a fast kill. (TY for catching this Poser)
- Keep these boxes fresh, then kill the then kill the toxic pollutive slime. Questor loots the heart. We've done these with as little as six toons (tank, resist cl, 3 necs, heal drd).
-go to the next pool, rinse, repeat, until questor has all three of the hearts.

4. Return to Honcho with all 3 slime hearts.

5. Honcho does some magic and gives you an item back. Take the combined item to the big cauldron in the middle of all 3 pools to open fuming portal. There are toxicologists surrounding the cauldron that must be killed. Once the portal is open, all people with a skin can go through. Portal stays open 10-15 minutes, don't open until everyone is ready to go through.

7. This leads to Noroxus. Kill nox and get blood of Noroxus. Don't forget to coh in a low level toon to leave behind. This way you can load your spy and check whether Nox is up. Everytime your guild wishes to do Nox, they must complete steps one through seven.


All necs stack down by the rocks near the water (to the S/E of nox). Necs stack on one side of rocks, Tank stands beside rocks. Necs get los of tank, but stay out of aoe. The strategy can best be summed up in these immortal words:

"If you're not in los, get fukkin in it and if you're in the AoE, get fukkin outta it." Fredjones 2006.

Check pacts on tank, make sure they'll go off. Make sure all patchers get batteries to support them or they will go oom. Have another tank or healer pull noroxus to the tank (MT can't move or will lose los for the patchers). Pets passive, and no one attacks until MT has aggro from puller.

Its safe for all melees to strike from behind nox, his AoE goes only forward.


Noroxus Blood: As long as the closed portal itself is spawned, you can use Noroxus Blood to open the Bloody Portal and pass through to the twins in PoD. Unlimited use (don't delete).

Check out the Loot Table here for possible drops, including spells


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