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Plane of Disease Portal Quest

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Plane of Disease Portal Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:26 pm

Quest Name: Plane of Disease Portal Quest
Level: 50+
Class: All
Quest NPC: Necrologist Zizclank
Location: Dead Hills (NW)

The purpose of this quest is to get 'flagged' for the Plane of Disease (PoD) so that you can port there anytime.

First, get a Zombie Flesh Suit, you can have one crafted for you, but it's easier to buy one off auction. Try and get one for less than 400k, watch the auctions for a few days and you should be able to do this.

Rather than log the quest, it's more efficient to collect the three Death Knight Hearts first (NTL), then take them with you when you go to log the quest. None of the three Deathknights are triggered spawns.

  • For the first Death Knight, run SW from the Oasis coach to Takish Hiz (W). Go past it on the west side to the dead trees on the other side. This mob spawns randomly among the dead trees. Deathknight Endraval see's through invisibility. Kill him and loot his heart.

  • For the second Death Knight, run straight South from the Castle in CLW into Salisarean (N). Keep going south and you'll find a rift surrounded by dead trees. One end of the rift is in Salisarean NE and the other end of the rift is in Salisarean E. In the rift at each end, Deathknight Bileheart spawns (sometimes side by side). One is light blue to a 60, the other is yellow, both are easy to kill. You only need to kill one and loot his heart, it doesn't matter which one you kill.

  • For the third Death Knight, run straight South from Black Water to the border of Fort Alliance Center and Fort Alliance South. Then go west, and you'll find a small circle with rune stones. Kill DeathKnight Halik and loot his heart.

Now take all three hearts and run to Dead Hills (NW). Log the quest by speaking to Necrologist Zizclank and his assistant Necroloigst Xeptip. Then you want to enter the mausoleum in the middle. Kill the mobs out front, and enter the mausoleum. Kill mobs on your way through to the portal. Then port through to the sanitorium.

Once in the sanitorium, you'll want to speak to Fatima. As you talk to her the Orderlies that previously conned white-faced will now attack you, at least 2 or 3 will. Kill them and go where Fatima tells you to, to the end of the hall with the 3 bathtubs. As you approach, you'll get a popup. Kill the mobs and loot the healer.

Now, head past Fatima and find Rebo. As you talk to Rebo you will be attacked by Orderlies again, kill them and go back to Fatima. Fatima now sends you to kill the pharmacist and loot the wasp venom. This part is tricky, the questor MUST be the same person who talks to the pharamicist and then loots. Make sure you don't spawn the quest, but another in your grp loots or you'll have to delete quest and start over. Be in the group that kills the pharmacist.

Go back to Fatima, and she'll send you to Medelonia, where you might be attacked by orderlies again. From here you must go to the Last House physician and kill him and loot his robe. Off this room is a small hallway, talk to the orderly at the end and he ports you to the other side of the wall.

Once on the other side, be careful, go up the ramp and down the hall to the left, then left again and down a hallway that will take you to the portal. Take the portal, and CG! You're now flagged for the Plane of Disease.
Note on using the portal: Enter the last room, ONE at a time. Do not con/talk to the portal. As the first person approaches the portal you'll get a popup, chose the option to pass through. Only then should the next person enter the room and approach the portal. Using this technique to enter the room will allow everyone to get through without delays, whereas having numerous toons entering the room all at the same time seems to make the portal glitch and it takes a long time for each person to get the popup.

ALWAYS take your fleshsuit with you when you want to port to PoD, but you will no longer need the Last House physician robe.

Note: It can take a while to port a large group through, the port is on a timer, just be patient.


The ability to port to the Plane of Disease (from the Last Home) all the time - with your Zombie Flesh Suit


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