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Plane of Disease Spell Quest

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Plane of Disease Spell Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:27 pm

Quest Name: Yarfsnoogle
Level: All
Class: All
NPC: Yarfsnoogle
Location: Plane of Disease

Quest is logged by an NPC named Yarfsnoogle in the Noroxus pools area in the Plane of Disease (Last Home E) . He's across the valley, straight south of Honcho. Lots of roamers around NPC, approach him carefully. You are told to gather and bring back EIGHT different anatomy structures.
Fetid rotting: femur, tibia, skull, organ, soul dust, eyeball, skin, and gland.
Note: You do not need to LOG the quest in order to begin farming for the items.

Nine mobs each guarantee one unique quest item drop; a primary quest item. These nine mobs have a %chance to drop a second random quest item on top of their already guaranteed primary quest item, which may or may not be the same as the primary. It is unknown yet if this secondary drop is random or is set like the primary. Right now, it looks totally random.

So in essence, you can obtain these quest items by doing the raiding you and your guild have normally been doing (Noroxus, Bertoxxulous, etc.). Or you can accomplish this task by grabbing a good group and seeking out and farming the rare spawn mobs for their primary drops, as well as farming them enough to start obtaining the secondary random parts you need. In other words, you can spawn and farm one of those mobs and eventually obtain all 8 quest items within time thanks to the random second item.

The Dust is the hardest item to obtain and as of the April/07 update you can now take all 7 of your items back to Yarfsnoogle's pet, and he will give you a bag (to hold your seven items), then you can safely store the bag in your bank while you work on farming your dust. Once you have the dust, take the bag and dust back to the pet who will restore all 8 items to your inventory, then you can talk to Yarfsnoogle to complete the quest. This way you don't use up 7 inventory spaces waiting for the 8th item to drop.

Good luck!

1. Rallius Rattican (Fetid rotting femur)
2. Lich Overlord (Fetid rotting organ)
3. Fleshripper (Fetid rotting skin)
4. Gluboxious the Fetid (fetid rotting tibia)
5. Rawgl the Carnage Hound (fetid rotting skull)
6. Rotwood the Hollow (fetid rotting skull)
7. Noroxus (fetid rotting gland)
8. Bertoxxulous the Plaguebringer (soul dust)
9. Queen Qy'tha (fetid rotting eyeball)

1. NAME: RALLIUS RATTICAN (big rat dressed in robe)
POD Loot Table
PRIMARY DROP: fetid rotting femur
SECONDARY DROP(S): fetid rotting skull, soul dust
LOCATION: Anywhere within the two valleys connected by the very first tunnel at entrance.

  • Spawns by killing roaming scourge rats on both sides of the tunnel in the entrance area (even deep into Fleshripper's valley). He'll spawn on sight after killing correct placeholder scourge rat. Spawns fairly quickly (within half hour).
DIFFICULTY: very easily killed with a group or less

2. NAME: LICH OVERLORD (looks like huge swarming blades)
POD Loot Table
PRIMARY DROP: fetid rotting organ
SECONDARY DROP(S): fetid rotting tibia, femur, gland, soul dust
LOCATION: behind tree next to banker inside the very first tunnel at entrance area
HOW TO SPAWN: spawns randomly, possibly on a 45-60min timer. Most agree he has no placeholder.
DIFFICULTY: easily killed with a decent group

3. NAME: FLESHRIPPER (huge flying vulture)
Loot Table
PRIMARY DROP: fetid rotting skin
SECONDARY DROP(S):fetid rotting skull, tibia, organ, soul dust
LOCATION: spawns in TWO valleys. First, inside the second valley just through the tunnel with the banker; and second; continue to the end of this valley, enter the tunnel and head to the third valley, he spawns in this one also. If you haven't seen him in the first valley for a while, try killing plague swines in the second valley; or, he could be up in the second valley which prevents him from spawning in the first valley.

  • You actually do NOT have to have this quest logged at all in order to spawn Fleshripper (you can log it with Honcho Oozlgurgle @ the end of the valley, but you don't need to). Just kill all common roamers to spawn plague swines, LOOT the plague swine, eventualy he will spawn. If you do opt to log the Quest; important: Do not speak to Honcho again if you have Fleshripper's claw in your inventory as your quest will complete and it is not repeatable. Delete it first. Variable spawn time, anywhere from 15-45 minutes.
*NOTE* Near the portal where you come to PoD, across the first pond, is a series of tents. In one, you'll find Tuskmaster Helgley who will give you a hunt and gather for plagueswine tusks (xp is about 250k +956 tunar per four tusks; sadly no faction with pulsings).
DIFFICULTY: easily killed with a decent group, no longer sows and runs at end.

4. NAME: GLUBOXIOUS THE FETID (huge scuzz toad)
Loot Table
PRIMARY DROP: fetid rotting tibia
SECONDARY DROP(S): fetid rotting organ, gland, eyeball, soul dust or skull
LOCATION: he spawns in two lakes. First, on the way to nox, after the second tunnel, you head east, the first lake you come to at the end of the river is where he spawns, Location1. The next place he spawns....keep heading down that same valley east, and you'll come to another lake, he also can be spawned there, Location2.

  • Location1: Clearing jelly's/piranah's will spawn db scuzz toads; killing blues will spawn whites, whites will spawn yellows. Killing a yellow scuzz toad gives you about a 40% chance of spawning Glub (who'll spawn right on top of you). The entire cycle (from db->white->yellow->Glub) varies, and can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. Glub runs at 1/2 red or so, and stays in the water; in order to avoid getting adds, make sure you keep some big spells to wipe him out quickly. (SKs use darkness, sometimes it will slow him down [DR resisted though])

  • Location2: The second lake works a bit differently, you try and spawn RED scuzz toads, and when you do, you are guarenteed that glub will spawn upon the death of the red. But killing a yellow toad, does not guarantee a red one will spawn.
DIFFICULTY: easily killed with a decent group.
*NOTE* You'll stack a lot of scuzz toad eyes doing this, you can turn them in by speaking to pluxklez (he is in the same room where lich overlord spawns). For every four you get 251000xp and scuzz toad stew, lvl 45 (eat it, and you get a ticking heal for 156)

Loot Table
PRIMARY DROP: fetid rotting skull x 2
SECONDARY DROP(S): fetid rotting femur
LOCATION: area near to portal to nox; surrounding nox pools

  • Farm viscera scavengers in the surrounding area. Spawn time is long, he is one of hardest to spawn. Make sure to clear the area once he is spawned and keep the bodies fresh, because at one red left, Rawgl makes a run for it and has sow.
DIFFICULTY: easily killed with a decent group

Loot Table
PRIMARY DROP: fetid rotting skull
SECONDARY DROP(S): fetid rotting femur, organ, soul dust
LOCATION: end of valley just before nox pools

  • Farm yellow/red deadwood arborians in the surrounding area
DIFFICULTY: easily killed with a decent group

Loot Table
PRIMARY DROP: fetid rotting gland

  • Speak with Honcho Ulgurglch in POD to begin quest (he is marked on this map-he's almost all the way around the circle clockwise). While running thru PoD stay high up on the canyon walls as many mobs see through invis. If Honcho tells you: "Noroxus has been defeated. Close eye on Ulgurglch masters are keeping. Ulgur no can speak for now." then Nox is not up atm.
DIFFICULTY: Guild needed

Loot Table
PRIMARY DROP: Soul Dust x 2
SECONDARY DROP(S): fetid rotting gland

  • If you can con "Throne of Bertoxxulous", he's spawnable. You'll need to take your stinger that you looted from Queen Qy'tha to an npc near the Queen's portal. He'll exchange your stinger for a scepter. Take the scepter to the conable "Throne of Bertoxxulous" and you can spawn him.
DIFFICULTY: Hard, full guild needed
*NOTE* Because the soul dust is the hardest item to get, if you return to Yarfsnoogle with all your items (7), he will give you a token in return. This will save you inventory space while you try and obtain the dust.

POD Loot Table
PRIMARY DROP: fetid rotting eyeball
SECONDARY DROP(S): fetid rotting gland, skin, soul dust
LOCATION: inside whirling portal within the lake in entrance area

  • Log stinger quest from Witchdoctor Muglchlur, clear mobs in lake, speak to whirling portal
DIFFICULTY: guild or multiple groups needed; but easier than Nox or twins.

For the easiest farming, we suggest the following:
Skulls, skin - FLESHRIPPER
Organs, glands, eyeballs, tibia - GLUBOXIOUS THE FETID
These mobs are the easiest to spawn/farm for the drops they give.


Upon returning to Yarfsnoogle with the 8 items, you receive your class specific PoD ability that is NO TRADE LORE. Also, an NPC named Grum spawns and attacks you. Grum will drop an item specific to the class of the questor.
Many of these items have DR based DS.

Fetid Flesh Robe - dark green SM style
caster/healer/mnk equippable
Cha10 Sta10 Int10 AC50 HP150 FR-10 CR-10 DR30

Fetid Scaled Flesh Helm
Ran Rge Brd Sha
Str10 Dex10 Agi10 AC82 HPMax150 DR45 FR-10 CR-10

Fetid Flesh Scaled Helm
Mnk Drd Alc HP:14100 Dur65
Agi10 Dex10 Wis10 HPMax150 AC70 DR30 FR-10 CR-10

Fetid Flesh Shield (protector graphic: tanned/wooden)
War Pal Sk Dur75
STr10 Sta10 Int10 Cha10 Wis10 HPMax150 AC455 DR30 FR-10 CR-10 Pow75
22 heal ds (apparently only has DS now, no heal proc)

Fetid Flesh Tunic (not sure what classes, but stats seems melee-ish)
HP:14100 Dur65
Str10 Dex10 Agi10 HPMax150 AC330 DR30 FR-10 CR-10

Fetid Flesh Tunic (these two seem similar...maybe same one, one has wrong stats?)
HP:14100 Dur65 44 DR based dmg proc
Str10 Dex10 Sta10 HPMax150 AC310 DR30 FR-10 CR-10

Fetid Flesh Boots (very dark green color)
Monk Druid Alc 60 Dur
Dex10 Wis10, 150HPMax AC70 DR30 FR-10 CR-10


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