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Plane of Disease Weapon Quest

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Plane of Disease Weapon Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:28 pm

Quest Name: Plane of Disease Weapon Quest
Class: All
Quest NPC: Witchdoctor Yurplag
Location: Plane of Disease

Tanks max DR/PR

The Plane of Disease Weapon quest is not that complicated. First, you log the quest with Witchdoctor Yurplag. To find him, once you port to PoD from the Last Home, go north and take the first tunnel on your left. Follow that tunnel through to the end and go left. Follow the mountain around and stay high on the mnt to avoid aggro'ing the wildlife. Not too far ahead, on the other side is another tunnel you must get to. Head into that tunnel and follow it through, head right out the tunnel and stay high on the mnt. Follow the mnt for a long time, eventually crossing to the other side. Stay high up on that side until you reach the tunnel that leads to the area of the PoD Weapon Quest. See Map for details.

After exiting this tunnel, right below is the NPC Witchdoctor Yurplag. Log the quest. He asks you to bring him:
*Wax Dust from Moth Monarch wings;
*Acidic Blood bile from Locust Monarch;
*Front Legs of Mantis Matriarch; and
*Mandibles of Millipede Matriarch.

Note on the map, there are specific quadrants to farm for each of the four mobs. First, you start off killing the Larvae (con db and lb at 60). Contine killing larvae until the mid-level mob spawns (bigger, and con white/yellow/red to 60). Eventually the Matriarch/Monarch will spawn. All mobs are one groupable at level 60. The entire spawn cycle from larvae to boss is variable. CS found it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to work your way through cycle. Each mob drops only 2 items. So the quest involves a commitment to a lot of farming until everyone gets their required four drops.

It seems things would go smoothly if we started with locust, proceeded clockwise to the millipedes, then moths, then mantis. However, if one of our party just needed moths, and we started killing larvae there, sometimes the quest would proceed through the different mobs, sometimes the larvae would stop spawning completely and wouldn't spawn back for over half an hour. Relogging the quest didn't seem to help much.

Sometimes getting the big bosses to spawn can seem tricky. CS noted, that if you regularily only pull the same one - two mid level mobs, at some point one will NOT spawn back. This is your sign that the boss has spawned somewhere nearby, take a careful con and you'll find him. He's on a timer, so don't wait too long to engage him or he despawns. Sometimes, where you are farming can be quite aways away from where the boss will spawn. This is why containing your farming of the mid-level mobs to the same one to two is the best way to alert you when it's spawned. The boss always spawns in the same location (for that type).

Also, if you get to the mid-level mob point, and take a break (say tank deathgates to repair), they will despawn and put you back at the larvae stage. So when your group needs to break, do it after killing a boss. After you've killed a boss, that area seems to tire out and larvae won't spawn back for a while. Best to move onto a different mob, and rotate among the four areas. We tried logging/relogging quest but that never made a difference for us.

Returning the four pieces back to the Witchdoctor grants you some small xp and the following rewards. Most who did this quest felt the caster item was great, and worth all the trouble, but for other classes our 60 epic wep's were better.

PoD Quest Rewards:

Tank: Gory Cleaver of Mavis Lvl 60 1hs, primary +200 HP 720 dmg

Caster: Totem of Avhi Lvl 60 Held HP: 14250 Dur 70 1h 225 power, 25 int, 15 DR 55AC

Melee (Rge Brd Ran): The Bloodsabre 1HS, Secondary, HP 14250 Dur 70 720dmg 120hp 80pow

Monk: (Monk only) Thorn of Deatharn (Katar graphic) !HS, Secondary, Damage 720, Durability 70, Hit Points 160, AC 80 (HP 14250, assumed, not reported.)

Healer: Totem of Tolawon: Lvl 60 Held HP: 14250 Dur: 70, WIS: 25 power 225 15dr 55ac(NTL)


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