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Queen Qy'tha Portal Quest

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Queen Qy'tha Portal Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:29 pm

Quest Name: Queen Qy'tha Portal Quest
Level: 50+
Class: All
Quest NPC: Witchdoctor Muglchlur
Location: Plane of Disease

1. From the port spot you should be able to con Witchdoctor Muglchlur, talk to him to log the quest for the queen's stinger. Just past him is a lake.

2. In the center of the lake is a portal called "whirling portal", clear the mobs in the area and talk to it. The portal will talk to you and advance your quest.

3. After you talk to the portal go to the north side of the lake and talk to Bonefisher Chklurgl inside the tent to advance your quest.

4. NEXT PART REQUIRES A SACRIFICE BY A PLAYER WITH QUEST LOGGED. Someone must swim over the portal on the surface of the water who has the quest in right spot. You will get a pop up that asks if you want to "inspect the mud", say yes. At this point 4 Filth Squids will spawn and all mob you, you must zerg your way back to shore (having max debt ahead of time is less frustrating). Everytime you rez face south and press the controller forward durring the loading screen. Since the squids root it takes 3-6 tries to escape their aggro and make it to safety. They can be nicely single pulled with low level nec life tap.

5. While you are waiting for the named kracken to spawn, Sthlumchoxius, kill all the mobs around the portal.

6. Sthlumchoxius spawns about 10 minutes after you trigger the Filth Squids. He can be single pulled easily if you decide not to kill the mobs around the portal. He conns red to a 60 and is fairly doable by a group of 4 with tank and healer if high enough level.

7. THIS IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT! ONLY THE "KILL" GROUP GETS FLAGGED FOR KILLING IT. The best way to work this is to have everyone who needs flagged form a group (if more than 4 need it you have to do this process multiple times), anyone else there who does not need flagged should stay alone, this will ensure that the kill group gets credit.
Note: Everyone in the KS group needs to be on the part of the quest where the Bonefisher tells you to kill whatever is in the lake killing the puslings. If you're not on this part of the quest it won't work. Also, although this is a KS group flag, the Aoe for it is very small. When Sthlum runs, everyone in the group needs to stick to him like glue or you'll miss your flag. If you got the flag, your quest log should update and tell you to see the bonefisher again.
Whe get flagged: At the end of the quest, you get the queen chitin, this allows you to always pass through the portal to the queen without having to do the quest again (you must have the chitin in your inventory (not in bank) each time you wish to pass through and kill the queen).

8. Once you are flagged as killing it, return to the Bonefisher and he will reward you with 500xp and a chitin. The item he gives you allows you to speak to the portal and be ported to the wasp hive. Keep the Chitin, you can use it again the next time you wish to do the Queen.
WARNING: it is likely you will port into a red conn mob (Tormented wasps), or worse yet the queen! Make sure everyone is going before you take the trip. Once you are there there are two ways back, one is to RH and the other is killing the queen to open a portal. Run yourself south to a safe spot.

9. Now you want to farm the Tormented Cadis until the Queen spawns (loot your kills for faster respawns). Takes about a half hour of farming, or sooner if you're lucky, for the Queen to spawn and object to you killing her children.

The Queen can be easily 2 grouped. Last time we did had DK, resist ff cleric, druid, 1xnec, 2xmage, bard, and alch. She has an AoE, so ensure your party is shielded so they don't get wiped. Once you've killed her, you can wait on the inside for the portal to despawn and begin farming again, or leave through the portal and porta back inside to reset the zone.
Youtube video of the Arbitrators of Genicode killing Queen Qy'tha.

10. Return to Witchdoctor Muglchlur with the queens stinger and he will give you a totem to spawn Bertoxxulous.

She drops ONE stinger for the witchdoctor quest. Taking the stinger back to Witchdoctor Muglchlur will allow you to get a totem that can spawn Bertoxxulous when his throne is 'up'. She'll drop an eye for the PoD ability quest.
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