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Uzrathixius and Poxathixius

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Uzrathixius and Poxathixius

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:30 pm

The Twins, are twin dragons, Uzrathixius and Poxathixius. They are Bertoxxulous' pets in Plane of Disease. See map here for location. They are random spawns, not quest spawned.

They are farmed primarily for the PoD drop spells they occassionally drop.

You can only get through to the Twins by having Noroxus' blood. You get this by killing Noroxus (see quest here). So do Noroxus first, then twins.

If the twins are up, get to PoD and head all the way around the circle past Honcho Ulgurglch to the Closed Portal (sometimes referred to as the bloody portal). Do not open the portal until all your raiders are assembled and ready to pass through (portal will only stay open for about 15 min). The respawn on the portal is random, anywhere from 45 min-3 hours.

Stay away from the edges of the area you port through to, there are death touch wisps (unconnable, but visible) along the sides and across the moat where Bertoxxulous spawns.

Tactics: Make sure your shaman uses Wind/Primal Malady/Umbral Curse to debuff them to ensure they melee for less (cast every time it's up). Note: Shammy debuffs are said to be DR-based, and consequently they may be less effective in PoD, which is high in DR. However, the AC debuff of the 60 shammy epic spell is reportedly non-resistable with DR.
The twins spawn to the left and the right, above the rocks, near the moat. Have necs stack behind big round boulder (on moat side), tank stands to left in between the tall rock and round boulder. Get LOS on tank, stay out of AoE.

Twins spawn every 2 days generally, and nearly always respawn after a server crash/reset.


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