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Plane of Sky Night Chain

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Plane of Sky Night Chain

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:47 pm

Quest Name: Night Chain
Level: 50+
Class: All
Quest NPC:
Location: Plane of Sky

UPDATED TO INCLUDE NEW POS MOBS. Mobs now drops shards, and new mobs spawn that drop shards. Read the All About Shards at the bottom of this walkthrough prior to starting quest.

Note: bring 3k with you PRIOR to porting up to the Plane of Sky.

Night Isle 1:

Port up to Plane of Sky (druid or wiz port). From that main island, head n/w to a windmill; buy a key of the ancients from Liztin Misseliania (fairy), outside a hut for 3000 tunar.

Approach the Essence of Night; essence is located directly south of where you bought the key.
On using the portal (TY Tossinpots): Ensure you've purchase the right key. The portal has a tendancy to glitch and work very slowly if everyone crowds around it, so one at a time, approach the portal (any others with you should stand back). Do NOT con/talk to the portal. As you get within a range of 3-5 it will automatically give you a pop up offering for you to place key into hole-read the text carefully and chose the correct option. The popup will happen automatically if you have the right key in your inventory. Each person should approach no sooner than 1-2 second since the last person has vanished. I even found, while db'in, the toon on a/f would still get the popup just fine even though they were very close (on auto follow) But conning it and talking had a tendency to make the light not work properly for a short time (couple mins).

If con and speak to the essence, you'll get a popup that tells you you are missing something. You MUST wait for the popup to be given to you.

Note: there is no pre-requirement for doing the night chain.

Upon your arrival have everyone in the raiding party run to the opposite side of the island with out speaking to with the Voice of the Ancients. Have the raiding party set up camp on either side of the two rows of columns, not in the center. Ensure a tank with high HPs will be the one to speak with the Voice of the Ancients. Doing so will start several waves of mobs to kill:
1. "Ancient Peasant" x 4. Stand far back when speaking with the voice, then only two of the mobs will aggro onto the tank. Kill the four Ancient Peasants. 5 minutes later....
2. "Ancient Vassal" x 3. Kill them and wait a few more minutes for.....
3. "Ancient Denizen" x 3. Kill them and then five minutes after this....
4. "Ancient Squire" will spawn by the exit portal. Kill him. Finally, ...
5. the SHARD mob will spawn, Ancient Jester. SHARD1

Kill the Ancient Jester, ensuring the SAME person each time will loot the shards going forward. Defeating that mob spawns a portal to the next island. Begin sending your troops through. Have the kill-group go last.

Night Isle 2:

You have two choices on this island: You can either attempt to fight your way through the Golems, or you can death-gate. If you choose to fight, you will have to progress slowly. The mobs do not drop loot, nor are they easy to fight in multiplies. They also spawn within close proximity of each other. Basically, you'll just be traversing a long corridor with four sets of golems each section.

At the far end of the island is an invisible wall which can be bypassed by creeping along the edge. Position your war party outside of the LoS of the Iron Knight and prepare for battle. CS didn't encounter an invisible wall at this point.

The Iron Knight has a 2,000 Ac debuff and spawns every 30-60 minutes. High Agi is recommended for this particular mob. The Iron Knight does drop some decent rares, so you're war party may consider setting up camp here and farming him for awhile. After you have defeated have the SHARD looter take his Shard2. A portal appears which will allow you to advance to the next island. Again, have the kill-group go through last.

Night Isle 3:

When you arrive on the island you will receive a pop-up. Your objective is to save the maiden from almost certain death. To accomplish this you most prevent the mobs from slaughtering her. Invis past the servants and position your war party in the towers to defeat the Bishops. There is a slight chance the servants will see through your invis, so move quickly. With Ar equipped even a single 60 can solo a Bishop.
From Yado: For night 3 you only need to kill Arch Bishop Millian and Arch Bishop Lancel. The way I do this is stage your bishop killers 1st. Have the player who is doing the quest wait away from the entrance where they get the pop up to begin. When the bishop killers are set the person doing the quest run to the entrance get the pop up and tells the killers to kill the bishops. The bishops must die before the dukes reach the maiden, if done correctly the invisible wall should drop shortly allowing the player doing the quest to talk to the maiden get the shard while everyone ports to the next island.
Note from CS: Alcymist has his own way of doing this. First, you may all see the text chat in say about the maiden, but only ONE of you will log the quest. Whoever logged the quest at this point, delete it, have the entire raid move away from the popup location. Now, battle your way to the tops of the towers killing everything, but letting the bishops wack you (the don't hit very hard). Do NOT kill the bishops (and see Yado's note above, you only need to kill 2 of the bishops (Millian and Lancel). Once you the two bishops hitting the tank (or alch), then have the SHARD looter return to the location where the popup is and get the popup (double check to ensure quest is in log "protect the maiden"). Once the SHARD looter has the popup, all bishops may be killed. Now, all head up to the top where the portal is, via the western location, and the SHARD looter must speak with the maiden. Doing so will net them SHARD3 and will open a portal behind you.

This island also tends to be a very popular farming location. It is not uncommon to find many of the towers occupied by pet casters farming the Bishops. If this is the case, give them fair warning and progress to the next island.

At this point, you might want to arrange for a rezzing alt to be brought into Night3. That way, you can get back any time you like to farm for your POS Armour. You can rez to get to this island by dying before you port, port to PoS, run to the edge of the main island, and get a los rez from the rezzing alt standing on this island.

Night Isle 4:

The mobs here have a 3,000 Ac debuff. CS had everyone remain at the port-in location. The tank ran along the edges of the island and pulled Dark Barons (can only be hurt by melee) and the Essences (can only be hurt by casting) back to the raid party to be killed. Going along the edges avoids the holes in the middle (if you fall through a holl, the only recourse is CoH). If a mob has keys on them, this means the boss mob has spawned.

The Dark Baroness is the boss mob, kill this mob and have the designated looter take SHARD4. Now have the entire raid party head to the other side of the isle along the edges. When you encounter the invisible wall, use the log-out/log-in trick to bypass it. Make your way towards the portal and everyone head through to the next, and last isle.

Night Isle 5:

Welcome to King Ruthra's personal temple of doom! For the Squires, Bishops and King equip AR. The Mages are FR, CC and AR Based.

From where you port in, turn right and you'll need to jump off this island, to reach the pyramid of the king (make sure you are far enough left or you'll jump into space). Run along the ground parallel to the pyramid, then cross the sand and have your raid party all run to the very top of the pyramid, where it is safe to wait. The tank can then head to the entrance, grab a squire (or 2) and bring them back to the raid party to kill. Squires are tough mobs, beware and be buffed.

Once the entrance is clear, have your raid party move down to the entrance, keep all members against the walls. Tank should pull the Squire roamer first, you'll have to be patient and wait for him to roam near your group. Once he's dead, one by one kill the Mages. It's tricky; there is a lot of lag and it's hard to con the mobs in advance of them aggro'ing on you. Clear the first first floor then run to the back of this floor to the ramp down.

King Ruhtra has four bishops guarding him, kill these first. Now it's time for King Ruhtra. He does port, which can be tricky.

Send in a pet to attack the King first, better a pet get ported than your tank. If the pet is ported, DISMISS it or it will come running back to rejoin it's owner with a train of mobs. CS noted that King Ruhtra ported the intial pet that attacked, but no one else was ported.

Note: King Ruhtra has a tendency of porting whomever his aggro is on. Once you are all ready to kill Ruhtra, you must set an 'order of tanks'. One of two keys to beating Ruhtra is being sure the tanks pick up aggro as soon as he ports the previous tank. Having an order of tanks allows the healers to know who to switch to once their tank gets ported. First send a few pets, then the MT. The more tanks there, the more Ruhtra has to port, giving the dd's longer to do their damage. The offensive abilities of Ruhtra are no more than the squire's. Dealing with Ruhtra's ability to port people is the most important.

Defeat Ruthra and ensure your designated looter takes SHARD5. Loot King Ruhtra entirely, and the portal essence will then spawn on the second floor of the temple.

Congratulations, you have completed the Night chain. Have the kill-group speak with the Mark of the Majestic in POS-Isle of Wonder to verify they have been flagged. You will now be able to return to Night1 at any time for free and you are now flagged for SNOW chain.

Note: only the kill group for King Ruhtra gets flagged! Make sure a rezzer is in the kill group to ensure the rest of your raid party will be able to rez over to Snow 1 OR kill King Ruhtra multiple times to flag everyone.


Make sure the SAME person loots all 5 shards that drop on the Night chain!! ONE person will need all the shards to spawn the Construct of Shadows later.

Now, what about those 5 shards you looted? When your raid group is ready, you take your five shards to the main Island (where you originally bought your rain key). Head east towards the edge, and you should be able to con the Astral Light (if its up) which cons red. Don't speak to the orb until everyone is ready! Once you speak with it, and turn in all your shards from night chain (black shards), it will conduct an AOE port and everyone there will be ported to a NEW PoS island (ports 16 ppl, pets count so don't have them out).

Once on the island, get set up. Once ready, speak to the Astral entity to spawn the Construct of Storms. It looks like a huge ancient death, and there is an AoE to beware of.

Now to explain about the shards. While ONE person has to collect all the shards as you progress through night chain (in order to spawn the end mob), a different person can loot the big boss named contruct mobs. But again, ONE person has to loot all the big boss end mobs in order to spawn Veeshan's twins Bulwark and Talon.

Once the mob is dead, have your designated looter loot the shard. If there are any rares, be quick about determining who loots, after five minutes you are automatically ported off this island.

Check out this page for more pos updates and shard information.

For completing the Night Chain, and/or being in the kill group for the Contruct of Shadows, head to The Storyteller in Baga Village NE to obtain faction points.


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