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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:33 am

Grobb Troll Shadowknight Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Level 1
Quest NPC Underlord Solthe
Speak to Underlord Solthe.
Purchase Nightkeep Gloves from Merchant Horgus. Return to Underlord Solthe.

Level 2
Quest NPC Underlord Solthe
Speak to Underlord Solthe. Go speak to Spiritmaster Griffnik.
Go speak to Coachman Zuggug.

Level 3
Starting NPC: Crusader Tursk
Tursk asks you to kill Froglok Fishermen and return to him with two Froglok Fishing Nets. Fishermen can be found just north a small ways, they roam around in the swamps.

Level 4
Starting NPC: Smithy Gulkot
Smithy Gulkot will make you a weapon. He needs you to bring him the following items:
Leather Strip - Merchant Grott
Iron Ore - Merchant Beldok
2 Froglok Tongues - Random Frogloks (the ones on the hills seems to drop tongues more often!)

Level 5
Starting NPC: Crusader Tursk
Tursk wants you to kill Froglok Novitiates(CONs Wht) and return to him with a casting stone. To find; head northwest, you'll find them in a swamp area(Grobb)NW).

Level 7
Starting NPC: Underlord Solthe
1 Talk to Underlord Solthe, he will send you to kill a Froglok Page(CONs DB). The page can be found in between the Godhand and the North Crossroads sign post. Loot the Royal Tikat and bring it back to Underlord Solthe

2. Underlord Solthe sends you back to Godhand to kill a Froglok Squire(CONs Wht) for its Token of Marr. The squires spawn at night. If you go in the day only apprentices and raiders will be atop the godhand. Bring the token back to Solthe. If you are very carful, you can pull apprentices(CONs LB to DB) away one at a time, maybe. Kill, loot, return to Solthe.

Level 10
Starting NPC: Underlord Solthe
1. Talk to Underlord Solthe, he sends you to Grumgra. To find Grumgra; Head out Grobb, and follow the mountains west, at the first chance you get, head south to the shore. Follow the shore, you want to be in Grobb(sw), Grumgra is in one of the shelters.

2. Grumgra sends you to find a trigger-popup, which is right on the shore line! The popup can happen at random locations on the shoreline, run along the shoreline, not too far from Grumgra. Return to Grumgra.

3. Grumgra sends you back to Underlord Solthe.

4. Underlord Solthe sends you to kill a Froglok Knight(CONs Wht), he has two Squires(CONs DB) with him. He spawns at the northern crossroads (Grobb(nw), right beside a sign post telling you it's the Northern crossroads. Kill, loot the Hand of Thule, return to Underlord Solthe. After you kill them, move away from the area or they will spawn on you again!

5. Underlord Solthe sends you to kill the Traitor(a troll named ??? CONs Yel)). Go to the Mushroom patch. To find the Mushroom patch; Head out Grobb, and follow the mountains west, you'll run into it. When you get to the patch, find a rock in the middle of it and climb up on top of it. Now, just wait for the traitor to come walking towards the patch, wont take long. Kill, loot, return to Underlord Solthe.

6. Underlord Solthe rewards you.

Level 13
Quest NPC Underlord Burgish
1. Talk to Underlord Burgish, he is in a camp just past the coachman. He seds you to Scornblade D'Eleth in Neriak. Use the Waysender Zapit, who is near the exit tunnel of Grobb.

2. Scornblade D'Eleth, he is in the area with the Arena, the place marked 13 on the city map of Neriak. He sends you to Dragoon X'Talin. You find X'Talin; head out of Neriak, and go west to the river, follow the river north and then west. The tower is on the northside of the river (Collenridge Cemetary (N)).

3. Dragoon X'Talin sends you to kill Shadow Cubs(CONs DB to Wht) for three (3) pelts. The Shadow Cubs can be found east of Dragoon X'Talin's tower. Head east, from the tower, and follow along the mountain Collenridge Cemetary (NE). Kill, loot 3 pelts, return to Dragoon X'Talin.

4. Dragoon X'Talin sends you back to Scornblade D'Eleth.

5. Scornblade D'Eleth sends you to kill the Elf Paladin(CONs Yel), who at the other end of the Area. Easy to kill. Kill, loot, return to Scornblade D'Eleth.

6. Scornblade D'Eleth sends you back to Underlord Burgish. Use the Waysender in Neriak to return to Grubb.

7. Underlord Burgish rewards you.

Level 15
Starting NPC: Underlord Burgrish
1. Talk to Underlord Burgrish, he sends you to Smithy Cragis in Clagga Village. To find Clagga village; just take the northern road out of the Troll camp and follow it northwest until you reach Clagga village in Guk.

2. Smithy Cragis sends you to kill a named alligator called Bogwater(CONs Red), who spawns in one of the three swamps surrounding the village. Kill, loot tooth, return to Smithy Cragis.

3. Smithy Cragis sends you to Torgot in Basher Enclave. To find the Basher Enclave; from the troll camp outside Grobb, head west along the mountains. Keep going west until you come to a break in the mountain range that let's you go south. Go through the valley, and then continue west along the shore and you'll come to the Basher Enclave.

4. Torgot sends you to kill a Lizardman Fanatic(CONs Yel) for his pendant. To find the Lizardman Fanatic; from the Basher Enclave, go north and slightly west. You may have to kill a few lizardmen caitiffs to get the fanatic to spawn. And, you may need to kill a few fanatics for the drop. Kill, loot pendant, return to Torgot.

5. Torgot rewards you with a scroll! He also sends you back to Smithy Cragis in Clagga village.

6. Smithy Cragis sends you to Scornblade J'Naris in Hazinak. Follow road north out of Clagga village to Haz. Scornblade J'Naris can be found on top of a tower in the small fort in Hazinak.

7. Scornblade J'Naris agrees to send the weapons. Return to Smith Cragis.

8. Smith Cragis rewards you with a tunic.

Level 20
Starting NPC: Underlord Solthe
1. Talk to Underlord Solthe, he sends you to Crelga in Fog Marsh, aka Honjour. To get to Honjour talk to Waysender Zapgit, who is close by the entrance tunnel.

2. Crelga has three tasks for you.

2.1 Crelga sends you to kill Farmers for 3 Pitchforks. Head south to Bear Cave(C). Its easy to tell which farmers have them. They carry them around and you can see them. Kill, loot, return to Crelga.

2.2 Crelga sends you to kill a Froglock Baz for his wand. From Honjour, go southwest to a blue lighted cave surrounded by undead. Kill scouts first, do not loot. Kill, loot, return to Crelga.

2.3 Crelga sends you back to Grobb, now coach or run to Hazinak, and talk to Scornblade J'Narus, who is in one of the towers close by the Docks.

2.3.1 J'Narus sends you to Freeport to talk to Natzih P'Thek, who is on one of the Docks. He informs you where the Wailing Tree is.

2.3.2 You need to kill a Root Spirit(CONs YEL) at the Wailing Tree. Go to Neriak, run west to Dueler's Crest (where the Maundering Soul and Ghostly Mage are found). From here go south until you see a very large tree on a hill (The Green Rift zone) in the distance. Search the hill for an entrance. Enter and make way towards the right-hand hallway, kill all mobs around the Root Spirit. The Root Spirit drops a Festering Root.

The Wailing Tree is in the Green Rift zone! When you come upon the rift canyon head north, soon in the distance you will a very large tree (the Wailing Tree). At the bottom of the tree is a tunnel entrance, enter it. Inside the tunnels are lots of undead mobs (CONs from LB to yellow at 20), most don't see invis, but one does! As you enter the tunnel make a left turn, make your way past two or three large rooms, in the second or third room you will see a Root Spirit. FYI; festering roots from the Root Spirit IS what you want! You may need to bring help. The mobs swarm, and has large argo ranges. Inside the tunnels, there are no safe places to die and rez back to.

Kill, loot, return to Crelga, or Underlord Solthe, I forget which.

Bloodwasp, Decrease Drain HP by 300 ; Increase 20% based on INT OR
Shadow Tower, Increase Hate by 750, Increase AC by 500 for 12 seconds Self Only


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