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Plane of Sky Rain Chain

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Plane of Sky Rain Chain

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:49 pm

Quest Name: Rain Chain
Level: 50+
Class: All
Quest NPC:
Location: Plane of Sky

Tank needs Max AR

UPDATED TO INCLUDE NEW POS MOBS. Mobs now drops shards, and new mobs spawn that drop shards. Read the All About Shards at the bottom of this walkthrough prior to starting quest.

Note: bring 2k with you PRIOR to porting, to buy a key (there is no bank up there).

This is the easiest PoS chain to do, and a good one to start with. This chain is one groupable, we did with a DK, Resist Cl, Lich, and Pyro. Time - 4 hours. The mobs you will encounter don't hit too hard, and with max AR, your AC should still be good, but the mobs do take a long time to kill due to their high hitpoints.

Port up to Plane of Sky (druid or wiz port). From that main island, head n/w to a windmill; buy a rain key from Liztin Misseliania (fairy), outside a hut for 2000 tunar.

Now head n/w and cross a bridge to a little island. Take the key to the essence of rain. Creatur Tamer Ani is available to provide creatures for charming, if needed. You'll see the portal at then end of the island.
On using the portal (TY Tossinpots): Ensure you've purchase the right key. The portal has a tendancy to glitch and work very slowly if everyone crowds around it, so one at a time, approach the portal (any others with you should stand back). Do NOT con/talk to the portal. As you get within a range of 3-5 it will automatically give you a pop up offering for you to place key into hole-read the text carefully and chose the correct option. The popup will happen automatically if you have the right key in your inventory. Each person should approach no sooner than 1-2 second since the last person has vanished. I even found, while db'in, the toon on a/f would still get the popup just fine even though they were very close (on auto follow) But conning it and talking had a tendency to make the light not work properly for a short time (couple mins).

If con and speak to the essence, you'll get a popup that tells you you are missing something. You MUST wait for the popup to be given to you.

All mobs in the rain chain may con lb or db, but all have a significant amount of hps and take time to kill. Be aware of adds while killing the mob you're on.

Rain 1
The mobs on this island are LB to a lvl 60 and are fairly weak. They nuke with AR and have no AoE. Hunt around the island killing these mobs until you find a named mob (Artiokanis?). Killing the named mob will drop 8 keys AND LOOT SHARD1. The same person must loot all the ntl shards from the mobs as you progress through the island.

If you have more than 8 people, you will need to find another named mob and get 8 more keys. Each person uses the key on the portal in the center of the island. These are tradable keys. The portal takes a while to port everyone through, it may make you wait a while. The portal will spawn in the center of the island, so assure you have a clear path to it. Take the portal to Rain 2

Rain 2
Talk to Trixie Longwings and she gives you a quest. You need to have -99 faction to log the quest, and only one person can do it at a time. She will tell you that Sterie Glitterlight is missing on the other side of the maze, and will you help her?

OK, the maze is quite simple. Map of maze. Start by going left, then str8 (ignoring next right), from this point on, HUG the right wall and follow it everywhere, it will lead you out. Kill the guardian gargoyes you encounter along the way, don't loot. (DB to lvl 60, lots of hps)

Once you get out the other side, you'll con Sterie. Buff up, then the questor must speak with her. At this point a white con spirit (kaglanor) spawns behind you near the maze wall ruins.
Kill and loot the spirit and have the same person LOOT SHARD2 (Again, looted by the same person that looted Shard1). Now sow and buff the questor. They alone can run through the maze out the other side (hugging the LEFT wall all the way, see map). Run to a safe spot out other side, die, get rez back, after rez affects are over, speak with Trixie again to get the wand.

At this point, we coh'd the questor back to the rest of the group, where the essence of rain port was, but if you don't have coh, the questor can just deathgate through the maze again (make sure groupmates are hidden on other side so you don't train them).

Use the wand, which makes 8 keys to use on the essence of rain portal. Repeat the quest if you have more than 8 friends with you. Use the Key of downpour. Pass through the portal onto the next island.

Rain 3
Log your PoS armor quest here if you want to from one of the bird people in the aviak village. Each class must speak to a different NPC. See PoS Armour Quest. Not a bad idea for a guild to leave a rezzer here, so that future questors have direct access to log their pos quest armour.

Singe Burntfeathers is the quest npc for this island, he is in the lower hut (he's also the pos caster armour quest giver).

But before you log the quest, farm the forest qex's that roam around in the trees, Singe is going to ask you for 4 wings. If you need more than 8 keys you will need to collect 4 wings on 2 people. Be forewarned, the wings are a rare drop. You will kill at least 10 qex's for each wing, and the qex's take a few minutes to kill because they have a lot of hps.

Now, have the person with the four 4 feathers turn them in to get the next part. Singe requires further help; go into the cave on the island with the flesh maggots. Make your way down the tunnel - just a straight path - kill the flesh maggots along the way (don't even open the box or you'll pop it); there are two drops off a high cliff where you can just drop down, the third one drops you into the big cavern with your boss mob. For this drop, jump from the right side of the ledge and run all the way to the right - its safe there.

Clear the surrounding maggots, and then pull Ghizilanve behind a pillar and kill, she takes a while. Loot her black gem of narciliisisin. Immediately after she is dead, the portal to leave will spawn, but you're not done yet. Behind the pillar you'll see Granavik the bugbeast has now spawned (new mob), rebuff everyone, make sure the area is clear of flesh maggots and pull him to a safe spot to kill. With one group he took about 10-15 minutes to kill. If you have more damage, it will go faster. Kill him and LOOT HIS SHARD OF TORRENTS SHARD3 (looted by the same person that looted shard1 and shard2).
NOTE: Ghizilanve will spawn again at the back of the cave. If you are doing this quest for more than 8 people, you will need to kill Ghizilanve again and have the second questor loot her black gem.

Once you're all done in the cavern everyone port, by conning the essence of rain and talking to it, (approach it carefully so as not to agg the resapwned Ghizilanve). Now the questor must go speak with Singe Burntfeathers again. He is shocked by the gem you found off Ghizilanve and begs you to help him kill this evil necrologist. You agree, and he will give you another wand, to make 8 keys.

Head down the road from this aviak village, and you find the port there, the essence of rain. Use the keys from the wand on this portal. Sometimes it's picky and it will take awhile to get everyone through the portal.

Rain 4
You will appear on an island inhabited by small demions. Circle around the right side of the island to the other side and roam around the area where the portal is until you acquire a pop-up which will spawn a warlock (Necrologist) Narciliisisin (the popup is sometimes near the portal, or sometimes on opposite side of Isle, it roams). Get the popup and the Necrologist will spawn. Kill the Necrologist (only body pull him, the aggro on the demions is tied to him) and the portal is activated. But wait! Now a Spirit of Narciliisisin has spawned (although undead nukes don't work on the spirit, go figure). Kill the spirit and LOOT HIS SHARD4 (By same person that looted 1,2,3). Now you're all clear to go through the portal, to Rain 5 and kill Chimeran (he spawns fairly far ahead of the group, so it's safe to buff and assemble before pulling). Chimera is the only mob that spawns on Rain 5.

*Chimera only spawns on Rain 5, when someone on Rain 4 gets the popup and kills the necrologist to spawn the portal. So if you wish to farm chimera for loot, you must leave a group with the necrologist to continue getting the popup etc. Get a rezzing alt to Rain 4 so that you can get back here. You can rez to get to this island by dying before you port, running to the nw edge of the main island, and getting a los rez from someone standing on this island. You will need to come back for lava 57 and lava 59.

*Note on farming: if your guild plans to farm Chimera, always take a look on the who. If there are a large amount of people there it is possible they are going through the Rain Chain quest and will need to spawn and kill Chimera to get complete their quest. It's best to send a tell and determine what is going on rather than have a guild conflict. Progressing through the Rain Chain takes a lot of time and effort and CS believes the guild doing the quest has priority over mere farming.

Rain 5
- nothing here but the boss (Chimerean the Tyrant).

If you have lava 57 logged, run to the right to get a pop up.

If you have lava 59 logged, run to the left near some lava on the way to the chimerean.

Chimareon the Tyranist will spawn far ahead of where you ported in. Only those in KS group will be flagged as completing the Rain Chain. If you are doing this with more than four ppl, Chim will need to be killed twice (by leaving a group behind to get the popup to spawn the aviak, killing him, killing his spirit, then porting through for their turn at Chim).

This mob can be one grouped. The tank rh'd and coh'd back at this point because both sets of his armour were X'd. Chimareon uses an arcane based debuff to lower the AC of your tank. Ensure tank has max AR and they'll only lose about 3-400 AC. He has no AoE, so there are no worries with hiding or stacking. Have tank pull back to the group, and kill him. LOOT SHARD5(yup, by the same person who already looted 1,2,3&4).

If you have more than four ppl needing the flag, have the group you left on Rain 4 get the popup to spawn Chimareon again. They will have to kill the necrologist again, and then they can port through and take their turn; make sure these four form the KS group by having everyone else ungroup. Repeat till everyone is flagged.

Repeat kill on CtT with another 4 people grouped. Repeat till everyone is flagged.

To finish, port through the portal to the isle of wonder and talk to the manifestation of rain. The Manifestation of Rain will give you the NO TRADE key that allows you to return to Rain 1 for free at any time. If the MoR speaks with you, you will know you have successfully be flagged. Congratulations you have now completed the Chain of Rain! Anytime you wish to redo the Rain Chain, just speak with the MoR who will give you a key for free.

See below to learn what to do with your five shards!


Make sure the SAME person loots all 5 shards that drop on the Rain chain!! ONE person will need all the shards to spawn the Construct of Storms later.

Now, what about those 5 shards you looted? When your raid group is ready, you take your five shards to the main Island (where you originally bought your rain key). Head east towards the edge, and you should be able to con the Astral Light (if its up) which cons red. Don't speak to the orb until everyone is ready! Once you speak with it, and turn in all your shards from rain chain (blue shards), it will conduct an AOE port and everyone there will be ported to a NEW PoS island. Don't have pets out, it only ports 16 ppl and pets count as 1.

Once on the island, get set up. Once ready, speak to the Astral entity to spawn the Construct of Storms. It looks like a huge water elemental, and there is an AoE to beware of. CS did this with 2 groups very easily.

Now to explain about the shards. While ONE person has to collect all the shards as you progress through Rain chain (in order to spawn the end mob), a different person can loot the big boss named construct mobs. But again, ONE person has to loot all the big boss end mobs in order to spawn Veeshan's twins Bulwark and Talon.

Once the mob is dead, have your designated looter loot the shard. If there are any rares, be quick about determining who loots, after five minutes you are automatically ported off this island.

Check out this page for more pos updates and information about shards.

For completing the Rain Chain, and/or being in the kill group for the Contruct of Storms, head to The Storyteller in Baga Village NE to obtain faction points.


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