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Plane of Sky Snow Chain

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Plane of Sky Snow Chain

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:49 pm

Quest Name: Snow Chain, POS
Level: 50+
Class: All
Quest NPC: Ryini, Isle1
Location: Plane of Sky

Aeyinar is both a random spawn on Snow Chain 4, AND there is a quest spawned version of Aeyinar via the POS Snow Chain.

UPDATED TO INCLUDE NEW POS MOBS. Mobs now drops shards, and new mobs spawn that drop shards. Read the All About Shards at the bottom of this walkthrough prior to starting quest.

To gain access to Snow Chain isle 1, you must first have been in the kill group for King Rhutra from the Night Chain Quest. Ensure a healer is in the Kill Group for King Rhutra so that all in your party can get to Snow1 later via a line of sight rez or you have to kill King Rhutra multiple times. This flags you for access to Snow Chain. Being in the kill group for Aeyinar flags you for snow chain completion and opens the final chain in the Plane of Sky: Desolation.
Note: there are four isles in snow chain, and the questor has some back and forth between them with no obvious way to do so. It's kinda odd for a quest, but to help your questor, it is recommended you ensure someone has a los rezzer to: Snow1 and Snow4.

1. To see if you are flagged for Snow Chain, Isle 1, head up to the Plane of Sky and pass through to the Isle of Wonder. Speak to the Mark of the Majestic and he will give you a snow key (if he won't then you need to find a los rezzer for snow 1, or goto the Night Chain and kill King Rhutra). Then go back to the main isle on PoS and find the Snow Essence Portal.

On using the portal (TY Tossinpots): Ensure you've purchase the right key. The portal has a tendancy to glitch and work very slowly if everyone crowds around it, so one at a time, approach the portal (any others with you should stand back). Do NOT con/talk to the portal. As you get within a range of 3-5 it will automatically give you a pop up offering for you to place key into hole-read the text carefully and chose the correct option. The popup will happen automatically if you have the right key in your inventory. Each person should approach no sooner than 1-2 second since the last person has vanished. I even found, while db'in, the toon on a/f would still get the popup just fine even though they were very close (on auto follow) But conning it and talking had a tendency to make the light not work properly for a short time (couple mins).

If con and speak to the essence, you'll get a popup that tells you you are missing something. You MUST wait for the popup to be given to you.

2. On isle 1, where you port in, is an npc named Ryini (if you los rezzed in then you have to follow the mnt corridor all the way up the mnt - gargoyles don't see through invis). When you speak with her you start a quest much like the one where you protect Lionel for the Lionwere. You must escort her down the mountain and keep her safe from the Icebound Gargolyes. She wishes to return to her town to see Tamis again. If she dies, you fail, and must wait one hour for the npc to respawn in order to try again. Don't speak to her until you're ready - speaking with her begins the quest.
Note: on the second isle, you'll be given a quest where you'll need a gargolye eye - farm it on isle1 prior to moving onto isle 2! Either farm the eye prior to starting the Ryini quest or after the quest is done don't jump down to isle 2 yet, farm a garg eye first.
Note2: Would recommend clearing the corridor of all gargolyes first. Ryini may aggro on the healer if she senses a heal tick, or an AoE is cast around her. It's best to avoid all fighting while she is making her way down the mountain. Keep one group with her, and have the rest of your raid party clearing the way far far ahead. If she starts attacking someone in your party, have that person log out quickly. Also, gargoyles are mostly empty, so don't open boxes - you must move quickly and hope boxes don't pop and spawn gargoyles behind you. I think the garg's all spawn out in the flats and then roam towards the corridor so as long as the advance raid party is doing their job Ryini should be safe.

3. When she gets to the stone bridge, her presence there will spawn a Wind Mephit, kill it and continue. Questor should get a popup here, talk to her again to keep her moving.

4. She follows the mountain corridor down, and where it opens she makes a sharp left and walks to the end of the road. Questor should get another popup here as well. She thanks you and advises you to speak with Tamis in the town. Everyone now jumps off the cliff/waterfall to the village below.
Note: on the second isle, you'll be given a quest where you'll need a gargolye eye - farm it on isle1 prior to moving onto isle 2! Either farm the eye prior to starting the Ryini quest or after the quest is done don't jump down to isle 2 yet, farm a garg eye first.

5. Welcome to snow2! Beware being near the ice, as it can nuke you for 6k.
Speak with Tamis in one of the igloos. He'll tell you to kill a mob for him. The mob is called Whirlwind, and will drop Shard of Shivers (Shard1). It whirls around on the outskirts of the little igloo village.
(what is a shard? See notes below on shards).
Note: the collector of the shards, and the questor do not need to be the same person.

6. Once you've done this, the questor should speak with Guenzi in one of the igloo's to log the stew part of the quest. You can chose to collect the stew items or the stew items and herb. Chose the stew items and herb: You will be required to collect:
*Apes heart (from snow3) - glacial behemoths
*drakes foot (from snow4) - celestial drakes
*gargoyle eye (from snow1) - icebound gargoyles
*herb (random drop off any mob)

7. You may have to return to snow1 to farm for the gargoyle eye if you didn't get it the first time through (via los rez), otherwise proceed to isle3 by speaking with the Essence of Icicles. Once there immediately head east up the mountain...the apes (glacial behemoths) will spawn almost directly on top of your party as you port in and you need to get safe; they tend to spawn in pairs. Farm the apes until you get a heart.
Note: there are caves to the south; you can park your party on top of a mnt and have your tank pull the Snow Brutes from the cave to you. There are glacial behemoths (huge aggro range) that wander up and down the valley, you can farm them as well. You are seeking the Apes Heart. Far to the south on the other side of the mnt, a Glacial Champion will spawn, he will have the Shard of Glaciers (Shard2). Killing him will activate the Essence of the Snowfall portal to the n/e.

7. Proceed to isle 4 and farm the celestial drakes until you obtain a foot. If Aeyinar is up kill her and hope for a BPoA. Once you have the foot, the questor will need to return to Snow2 with all the stew items (heart, foot, eye, & hearb) in preparation of speaking with Guenzi - but don't talk yet:
*have your raid party stay on snow4. Only the questor needs to return to snow2 (and can do so via your los rezzer from snow1 (just invis and run and jump off waterfall to snow2);
*If Aeyinar is currently up, she must be killed prior to activating the quest for Enraged Aeyinar or you will end up facing both at once;
*Once your party is set up (and take note, Enraged Aeyinar is much tougher than the random spawn and has about five times the amount of hit points - you only have 15 min in which to kill her) have the questor turn in the stew to Guenzi and get coh'd to your party (don't coh too close to the Aeyinar spawn spot or the Enraged mob might spawn on top of your party).
*Once the questor is on snow4, ensure everyone is set, and then have questor slowly walk towards the Aeyinar spawn spot with the stew in their inventory. They will get a popup and Enraged Aeyinar will spawn. Questor should be in the kill group in order to finish quest. Raam comments that Enraged Aeyinar will also LH twice, not once like the normal one - so expect 2 complete heals. She is about 100% melee immune as well, so ensure you damage is Caster dependant (TY Raam).

Kill Enraged Aeyinar, loot Shard of Icy Depths (Shard3). Everyone can then return to the Isle of Wonder by accessing the portal: Essence of the Brood.

If you are in the kill group, you will be flagged for Deslolation Chain Isle 1. You can verify this by speaking with the Mark of the Majestic in PoS - Isle of Wonder.
Note: if you make sure a healer is in the KS group, when you go to do Deso, the flagged healer can get to deso1 and then los rez everyone over.

On killing Aeyinar:
Randalflag says: Aeyinar is an 8 hour spawn, if you want to try farming her for it, every 8 hours she is up.

Aeyinar has a wicked AoE, make sure tank has max CR. Tank should pull Aeyinar to a tree where the rest of your group can hide, pop out to cast spell/patch, then hide again. Aeyinar has one heal. Watch out for the Celestial Drakes, which can add. The drakes are tough to take down, but don't AoE, so can be done one at a time to clear before tank pulls Aeyinar. Aeyinar will also debuff MT's stamina to below 200 (erases a LOT of your hps), so overmaxing stamina is a good idea; she'll also debuff agility.

Note on debuffs (TY gokukicks): Aeyinar debuffs STA by 200, just did regular aeyinar and enraged aeyinar tonight... Noticed the debuff was 200 seeing my sham has 600 wis and that adds 210 sta... Enraged also hits alot harder as well as having 5 X the hp.. noticed quads were about 3 times harder then regular one and was getting a 4500 dmg off along with a 1k aoe....not sure if that was consistant seeing I had to jump in menus alot or it could be resists failed.. I did only need 1 FF resist for main tick and 1 stack cleric on regular aeyinar but then for enraged I swapped out resist FF after buff for a stack diviner cleric and a nec..so required 2 extra stackers.

Get a rezzing alt to Snow4 so that you can get back here and farm Aeyinar (as mentionned earlier she is also a random spawn, good for farming). Some good loot drops, like Breastplate of the Annointed (very rare). You can rez to get to this island by dying before you port, running to the nw edge of the main island, and getting a los rez from someone standing on this island. If you are in the kill group that kills Aeyinar, you are now flagged for Deso chain and can speak to the four Manifestations on the Isle of Wonder to get your stones and port there. Whether or not you did all the isles in snow chain, being in KS group for Aeyinar flags you for Deso.

Note on farming: if your guild plans to farm Aeyinar, and your spy tells you she is up, always take a look on the who. If there are a large amount of people there it is possible they are going through the Snow Chain quest and will need to spawn and kill Aeyinar to get flagged for Deso. Its best to send a tell and determine what is going on rather than have a guild conflict. Progressing through the Snow Chain takes a lot of time and effort and CS believes the guild doing the quest has priority.

**Note: It is possible to bypass Night and Snow Chains entirely by being rezzed over to Snow Chain and be in kill group that kills Aeyinar. Being flagged lets you advance to Deso. Of course you are then completely bypassing all the content and missing the point of the game :/


Make sure the SAME person loots all 3 shards that drop on the Snow chain!! ONE person will need all the shards to spawn the Construct of Frost later.

Now, what about those 3 shards you looted? When your raid group is ready, you take your shards to the main Island (where you originally port up to). Head east towards the edge, and you should be able to con the Astral Light (if its up) which cons red. Don't speak to the orb until everyone is ready! Once you speak with it, and turn in all your shards from deso chain, it will conduct an AOE port and everyone there will be ported to a NEW PoS island. Don't have pets out, it only ports 16 ppl and pets count as 1.

Once on the island, get set up. Once ready, speak to the Astral entity to spawn the Construct of Frost.

Now to explain about the shards. While ONE person has to collect all the shards as you progress through snow chain (in order to spawn the end mob), a different person can loot the big boss construct shards. But again, ONE person has to loot all the big boss end mobs from every chain (5 construct shards) in order to spawn Veeshan's twins Bulwark and Talon.

Position your raid party, and once you're set to tackle the Construct, speak with the light to begin. Once the mob is dead, have your designated looter loot the shard. If there are any rares, be quick about determining who loots, after five minutes you are automatically ported off this island.

Check out this page for more pos updates and more information about shards.

For completing snow chain, and/or being in the kill group for the Contruct, head to The Storyteller in Baga Village NE to obtain faction points.


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