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Plane of Sky Sun Chain

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Plane of Sky Sun Chain

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:50 pm

Quest Name: Sun Chain
Class: All
Quest NPC:
Location: Plane of Sky

UPDATED TO INCLUDE NEW POS MOBS. Mobs now drops shards, and new mobs spawn that drop shards. Read the All About Shards at the bottom of this walkthrough prior to starting quest.

Note: This chain is harder than the Rain Chain, particularily because the Imerzan Sycophants wander in groups and most see through invis.
Bring 2,000 to cover the cost of the key BEFORE you port to PoS.
Port up to Plane of Sky (druid or wiz port). From that main island, head n/w to a windmill; buy a sun key from Liztin Misseliania (fairy), outside a hut for 2000 tunar. From the Isle of Wonder port, facing Sarthet, the Essence of Day is behind you and to your left.

On using the portal (TY Tossinpots): Ensure you've purchase the right key. The portal has a tendancy to glitch and work very slowly if everyone crowds around it, so one at a time, approach the portal (any others with you should stand back). Do NOT con/talk to the portal. As you get within a range of 3-5 it will automatically give you a pop up offering for you to place key into hole-read the text carefully and chose the correct option. The popup will happen automatically if you have the right key in your inventory. Each person should approach no sooner than 1-2 second since the last person has vanished. I even found, while db'in, the toon on a/f would still get the popup just fine even though they were very close (on auto follow) But conning it and talking had a tendency to make the light not work properly for a short time (couple mins).

If con and speak to the essence, you'll get a popup that tells you you are missing something. You MUST wait for the popup to be given to you.

Kill the Brightstar Fairies (CONs yel@60) until the Brightstar Princess spawns (CONs red@60). The spawn rate on the Princess is fairly quick, and they spawn on top of the little walled areas. The Princess will drop only two keys so you will have to continue to kill the fairies to keep spawning the princess until all in your party have keys (or send a mage over and start cohing). Princess keys can also be purchased on auction.
Shard1: The Brightstar Princess will also drop one shard. ONE person should collect all 4 shards.

This island has a huge castle surrounded by a moat. Run up the ramp, and then up one of the towers to find Master Fiharaz, who is a giant efreeti. He will happy to open the secret door for you but first you must kill 3 imps, and return with ONE talisman. Only one person is required to log the quest.

Go back out down the ramp, and a little ways off you will con 3 Imerzan Sycophants. Slay all three and loot one talisman and return to Master Fiharaz.
(Note: If you are working on the level 59 Lava Storm quest, the Priestess is in the tower in Master Fiharaz's castle)

After speaking again with Master Fiharaz, he will open an invisible wall for you to pass through. Go down to the bottom of his tower and cross the courtyard to another tower, there is a small ramp there that goes no where - that is the invisible wall. Work your way down thru the ramps and bridges.

The Imerzan Sycophants mostly see through invis, so it is best to kill your way in. Don't open boxes as most are empty. Slay them, and slowly keep moving forward so if they spawn they'll spawn behind you. Clear the room where they congregate, and move in and clear some more (this was tricky, we did with 2 groups, one tank). In the room with parallel bridges, stay away from the edges as it will crit you for 6k.

After the bridges, turn down the hallway on your right and you will see your end mob named Imerzan (CONs red@60). Keep clearing the room and moving forward and kill and loot Imerzan. It will drop 8 keys which will allow you to advance to the next island.
Shard2: Imerzan will drop one shard, the Shard of Beaming. Make sure the SAME person loots all shards.

The mobs on Sun3 have wicked AoE mana taps, so bard/enc helpful, and/or ensure group is hidden from AoE. Kill Whispering Winds (CONs wht@60) to spawn Whistling Winds (CONs yel@60). Kill Whistling Winds to spawn Wailing Winds (CONs red@60).

The Wailing Wind will drop FOUR keys. Repeat process for as many keys as you need.
Shard3: Torrential Wind will spawn after Wailing Wind is killed - he drops the Shard of Glimmers.

Per Mob Resists ensure you have max AR/PR. The mobs have a nasty DoT and the resistances will help.
Note: If you are working on the level 59 Lava Storm quest, the Pristine Drake can be found here.

Rapacious Drakes serve as a place holder for the Rancorous drake. Farm the drakes until it appears. Killing the Rancorous Drake will trigger an astral essence on the other side of the island. The Rancorous drake will drop one key, farm it as many times as you need for people to port over through the astral essence.
Shard4: Randarin the Relentless will spawn after you kill Rancorous Drake. Kill him to loot one Shard.

Once everyone has their keys and ports through the astral essence, speak with the Manifestation of Dreams to ensure that you have been flagged. Congratulations you have successfully completed the Chain of Sun!


Make sure the SAME person loots all 4 shards that drop on the Sun chain!! ONE person will need all the shards to spawn the Construct of Radiance later.

Now, what about those 4 shards you looted? When your raid group is ready, you take your four shards to the main Island (where you originally bought your sun key). Head east towards the edge, and you should be able to con the Astral Light (if its up) which cons red. Don't speak to the orb until everyone is ready! Once you speak with it, and turn in all your shards from sun chain (yellow shards), it will conduct an AOE port and everyone there will be ported to a NEW PoS island. Don't cast pets before hand as each pet counts as a person and the port will only take 16 people.

Once on the island, get set up. Once ready, speak to the Astral entity to spawn the Construct of Radiance. It looks like a huge fire elemental, and there is an AoE to beware of. CS did this with 2 groups very easily.

Now to explain about the shards. While ONE person has to collect all the shards as you progress through Sun chain (in order to spawn the end mob), a different person can loot the big boss named Construct mobs. But again, ONE person has to loot all the big boss end mobs in order to spawn Veeshan's twins Bulwark and Talon.

Once the mob is dead, have your designated looter loot the shard. If there are any rares, be quick about determining who loots, after five minutes you are automatically ported off this island.

Check out this page for more pos updates and shard information.

For completing the Sun Chain, and/or being in the kill group for the Contruct of Storms, head to The Storyteller in Baga Village NE to obtain faction points


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