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Lord Nagafen Portal Quest

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Lord Nagafen Portal Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:53 pm

Quest Name: Lord Nagafen Portal Quest
Level: 55+
Class: All
NPC: Fire Giant Magus
Location: Solusekseye

Located within the great volcano of the Lavastorm Mountains, Solusek's Eye is a set of caverns with molten lava and dangerous enemies. Those that dare to trek too deeply through Solusek's Eye are advised to be wary of stumbling into the lair of Lord Nagafen, a greedy fiery red dragon in Solusek' Eye. Created by Veeshan, Lord Nagafen was long ago banished to his lair beneath the molten lava of Solusek's Eye for daring to profess his love for Lady Vox, an ice dragon. LORE

April 9th/2008: Fire Giant Magus should now spawn more often than once a week

In order to be ported into his lair, you must complete these steps:

First you need to obtain 3 signet rings, which drop off many mobs in Solusek. These are tradeable signets and you can buy them off auction as well:

1. Goblins (Twisted Goblinkind Signet) Drops off of any Goblin-type boss or rare spawn in Solusek's Eye - Gimha the Stunted, Davoh the Dark, Singe, Kindel, King Grog, Inquisitor Zak, Wrag the Unclean.
2. Fire Giants (Signet of Giantkind)
This signet indicates those who bear it wield the authority and power of the ranking fire giants within Nagafen's domain. Dropped by King Daran, Reaver Thoran, Orim Flamestone, or any other Giant boss.
3. Kobolds (Kobold Blood Signet) Kill any Kobold-type boss or rarespawn in Solusek's Eye for this drop - Enrager Grrlok, Chief Growlnar, Arch Slayer Grrdan, Elder Flayer Grrva.

Once you have all three signets, you will need a Giant Guardian Shroud. It is obtainable by farming the Fire Giant Guards or Orim Flamestone; it apparently drops off the wandering Fire Giant guard near the magus. Only Barbarians, Ogres and Trolls can use this NTL item that has one charge (so don't waste it)!

Ensure the Barb/Ogre/Troll that looted the shroud has all three signets in his inventory, then have him/her log the quest with the Fire Giant Magus when he is 'up' (ie. spawned)(but read note below).

After obtaining the items speak with Fire Giant Magus (the person to speak must be the one with the shroud and 3 signets in their inventory). He is located near the north bridge.

USE (ie. put it on) the shroud and turn into a giant, and then speak with the Magus. He gives you the quest to obtain the 3 signets (noted above). Speak to the Magus again to turn in the 3 signets. You then must kill the Magus, and he'll respawn as Subdued, speak to the Subdued Magus and he'll give you a pouch containing 50 charges with which you can create port tokens.

USE the pouch to make a charge and then trade it to someone, handing out to mages first. The person with the pouch will port last. Once you have your port gem, speak to the Subdued Magus and he will port you through to Lord Nagafen. The Subdued Magus is on a timer, so don't waste time handing out the tokens.

If Nagafen is not up, and you complete this part of the quest, ensure the questor is the LAST to spawn over, apparently when the questor spawns in, Naggy will spawn. (per eqoa update March 05)

See all the notes below on how to fight Nagafen. The hardest part isn't so much killing Nagafen as figuring out where on the island to set up in order to kill him-95% of the island will lavasplash (10k unresistable) and kill your party. The most traditional spot is near the two rocks to the North-East of the port in location.

Leave a spy behind to see when the Fire Giant Magus/naggy is up.

Essential Tips:
*Nagafen has a huge Damage Shield (up to +1500 per hit), so tanks/ melees disengage auto attack!
*Mystic Debuff is essential. Don't even try Nagafen without one there
*Resist Cleric! Naggy debuffs FR
* If your a NEC and your pet dies, don't recast. You can't stop patching the tank long enough to recast pet. Mages and Enc can recast pets
*Stout tank with Agi at 500+ unbuffed
*Rat debuff


MynukersbestFH says:
Many think that Naggy has a CH but truth be known it heals 3 bubs of health and has a 10 minute recast. If you can manage to keep the MT alive for it the lowest dmg you can kill naggy with is approximately 1 wizard and a 550 dex SB with a lava pede. The wizard will average 7000 dmg a round and the ench/lava pede will manage 9700 every 6 secs. Lava Centiede will do 500 dmg from proc 500 dmg from DoT 1k dmg from quad 2k dmg from DS 1750 from nuke for 5750 total dmg every 6 secs. A 550 dex SB with the ZP nuke does appx 4k dmg. This is based off of testing on Hagley as reference and it is possible....The wiz will never peel if u use deagro abils or give pet a 30 sec headstart, or till naggy CH then just chain nuke that one works best

By Beowoulf:

In order for your tank to MT Naggy, you will need a Mystic Shaman. No mystic and its impossible, triple 4k proc after enrage... Can be done with 1 mystic if you have a lot of damage (casters esp), easier with 2 mystics. Mystic debuff just makes his proc happen a ton less, along with lowers his quads some.

Also, if you have some melee's with very high HPs, and they can get a good druid in group (tick and grp heals), melee's can quad Naggy. I've personally quaded Naggy on 2 of our kills (last 2), and hit for 700s, his AC is very low, and Enrage lowers his defense (kind of like Berserker's 5k heal lowers defense) and you can hit harder.

Word of advice on quading naggy as a melee, over max FR in case you get the debuff, do NOT put urself on auto attack, so if you get under half HPs you don't accidentally kill yourself, and watch your HPs more than your damage numbers.

Get 3 melees and a druid in one grp like this, and if the melee's are smart enough to watch their HPs, they can actually KS a wiz/mage group (done it) because you quad Naggy almost as hard as regular mobs.

His AC sucks, but no one quads him because of his huge (up to 1500 a hit) damage shield. Do NOT touch him at all with a quad if you have been debuffed and your FR is even 1 point below 315, 1 quad of bad resists will kill you.

From Sings

If you and your allies are able to finish the quest required to port to the island where Lord nagafen roams, be sure everyone un-equips all weapons before doing so. This includes shields and helds by all classes. By doing this, Lord Nagafen will not bother to attack you off the bat, if you fail to do this he will immediately attack, leaving your raid with no time to prepare at all.

A Tank Rotation system works best against Nagafen. Tank #1 will begin, followed by Tank #2, etc. It is difficult to control which tank will have aggro beyond the second tank's death, but if you can predict who Nagafen will be attacking, it is to the advantage of your healers'.

In this case, you will want to have your stronger tank play the Tank #2 role. Once everyone is ready to engage, send Tank #1 to pull him. He should be sure to face nagafen in the opposite direction of everyone else. If this is done correctly, nobody else besides Tank #1 will be infected by his AE debuff because it is only a frontal/side AE. This will save a lot of mana on everyones part.

While the fighting is going on, its VERY important that every other tank there, most importantly Tank #2 is taunting as much as possible. I say this because once Nagafen reaches half-life, he will rampage; which means a full heal and a vicious proc buff. There is a 99.9% chance Tank #1 will be wiped out due to his new proc. Hopefully Tank #2 will have full aggro and full health after Tank #1 drops. Tank #2 and the rest of the tanks won't last long face-to-face with a rampaging Nagafen, but knowing which tank has the aggro each time a tank dies will help your raid go very smoothly.

by Yizelana

If Naggy owns you, he no longer walks back to his spawn spot, he camps the last person killed. This effectively prevents anyone from rezzing successfully. So, to counteract this, one person will have to constantly deathgate and keep leading Naggy back to his spawn spot and away from where everyone died thereby giving them all the chance to rez back and re-group.

The person doing this will not be able to rez back till after naggy is dead.

Note: when Naggy gets under half he starts quadding the tank alot harder.

By Merlin

Here is a strat that works like a charm.

1. Have every1 run in between the rocks in the NE(i think) corner of his isle, you should be to his left in between 2 rocks. Here you won't get hit with lava splashes cause the rocks block it.
2. Next Have all the DD's stack on top eachother by putting eachother on ignore till every1 is ontop of eachother then you can take ignore off. Do this on the southern part between the 2 rocks. Do the same with the healers but place their stack slightly to the east of the DD stack.
3. Buff up tank.
4. Pull naggy, this is the important part. His AoE is directional so the tank has to pull him in between the rocks north of the other players with naggys back facing the players.
5. Then you just kill him dead, when he gets below half he will LoH and enrage. At this point your tank may or may not die. 1st time I killed him our tank died but since then he has lived the whole fight. If he does die just keep up the damage he will go down with enough people. Key is just to keep the MT alive as long as possible of coarse.
6. Congrats you just killed Lord Nagafen. The stacking of players mainly is just because of the lack of room between the rocks in the "safe" area and it helps players from gettin in MT way on pull and keeps then out of AoE if the MT places Naggy correctly.

Forum Post: Guilds zerg Naggy because almost every tank goes into naggy thinking you need over maxed fr and you dont. FR is not needed for naggy at all. Agi is the key for naggy, get agi to 500+ unbuffed and its cake.

Forum Post: ever wonder why not only does Mystic debuff kill the frequency of the proc (the int debuff) but rat debuff also knocks down the actual amount (not 4k anymore with rat debuff)? Its because the amount is mod'd by dex, if thats the case, then the amount can be "resisted" by agi. Ever wonder why Naggy debuffs a tanks agi? Makes it harder to survive his procs if your agi is debuffed.

Note: There is some confusion as to whether Lord Nagen is a random spawn (as he used to be) or whether he will spawn when the Fire Giant Magus quest is completed.

On 11th & 17th March 2005, on an EQOA Update, Sony had this to say:
***Lord Nagafen is now ready to fight each and every time the access quest is completed.
***Lord Nagafen Access Quest changes: The Fire Giant Magus has assumed Nagafens old spawn time and requires that you complete his tasks before engaging the great Nagafen.

I am assuming if FGM is on Nagafen's spawn time, when the FGM spawns, Naggy will spawn. Those that then race to FGM, turn in the items, can port through first?


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