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Solusek's Eye Broken Balde Quest

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Solusek's Eye Broken Balde Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:54 pm

Quest Name: Broken Balde
Level: high end quest content
Class: All
Quest NPC: starts with farming
Location: Solusek's Eye

This quest was years in the finishing, but this last update finally saw the finale and the reward is in place. An earring, with 90 training points, power, and more hp and ac than the Earring of Fortitude. Was it worth it? We think it's a pretty awesome reward...and finally we can write the final chapter to this quest and lay the "mystery" to rest:

Intro: Many years ago, adventurers encountered a Cave Hydra in the depths the caverns of Solusek’s Eye. After a long battle with this mystical three headed creature the adventurers discovered that it was protecting a secret. The Hydra possessed a magical Broken Blade with an inscription that provided little information as to the true destiny of this item. Hoping to decipher the words written on the blade they sought out many races throughout Tunaria for translation, but to no avail. Hop online and see if you can be the first to decipher the mystery of the broken blade that has eluded puzzle experts for years! View a re-enactment of this encounter with Graknare here:

1. Farm Graknar (formerly Cave Hydra) in Solusek's Eye. He was replaced by a drachnid placeholder to make spawning him easier. You're hoping for a Broken Blade to drop:
Description: LORE An ancient language is inscirbed upon the hilt:
"Ith na elem kabar. Resilan bolash ith na elem. Gra lisa embek." Later in the quest, you will learn this translates as: "With the lava blade. Oil from a bolash in the lava. I will embark/appear."

The blade resides in the tradeskills section of your inventory (vs. misc). Having the blade in your inventory will create new text messages in HP, FP, and near Grimm Brellhand (having the crafted soul in your inventory will also allow you to see the whispers). See the Broken Blade Whispers for more information.

2. Don't stop farming Graknar because you're going to need a bunch more rares in order to create an "archetypal" soul (tank, caster, melee, healer). As mentionned before, the broken blade now appears in the tradeskills section of your inventory. Similar to the Black Lotus/Sarek quest, it seems you must combine different ingredients - you must be a Weapons master crafter to craft the items or get someone to craft the ingredients for you (um, someone that you trust obviously!).

Note: The items do not have to be crafted into the soul until step 6 of this quest; either before you speak to Mecei Lostaud in Dshinn's to log the wolverine part of this quest, OR it can even be done AFTER you've looted the wolverine blood and return to speak with Mecei (but save yourself the extra trip to Dshinn's if you can). [TY killalota]

Per soul (tradeable/lore), you need one of each of the following:

*BROKEN BLADE (see #1 above)

Equip: held HP: 13005 DUR: 50 Race: HUM ELF DELF GNO OGR ERU Class: ALC MAG ENC NEC WIZ Level: 60 LORE INT: 40 Power: 150 FR: 65
Description: A gem with incredible power, legends say it is the unblinking eye of Solusek Ro. Appearance: Monk knuckles.
Drops of Cave Hydra

twinkling amulet Equip: forearm HP: 13005 DUR: 50 Race: ALL Class: ALC MAG ENC NEC WIZ Level: 60 LORE STR: -50 Power: 225 Description: The amulet sparkles with captured power
Drops off Cave Hydra

Either Mge/Rge ring, Enc, or Rge ring, Graknar drops 4 different rings; Which SOUL you get (tradeable/LORE), depends on which SE ring you use:
Ring of Everglow: Grrkill:
TANK Soul of Grrkill: This poses great power from Grrkill.
Equip: ring HP: 13005 DUR: 50 Race: HUM ELF DELF GNO DWF BAR HLF ERU Class: RGE MAG Level: 60 LORE AGI: 38 INT: 9 Power: 175 CR: -50
Description: A cold draft can douse this ring of its great powers
Ring of Everflame: Grryvw:
HEALER Soul of Grryvw: This poses great power from Grryvw.
Equip: ring HP: 13005 DUR: 50 Race: HUM ELF DELF GNO DWF BAR HLF ERU Class: RGE MAG Level: 60 LORE STA: 9 AGI: 38 Power: 175 CR: -50
Description: A cold draft can douse this ring of its great powers.
Ring of Animation: Firesnot:
CASTER Soul of Firesnot: This poses great power from Firesnot.
Equip: ring HP: 13005 DUR: 50 Race: HUM ELF DELF GNO ERU Class: ENC Level: 60 LORE INT: 10 CHA: 35 Power: 100 AR: 30
Description: One of many enchanted by a long forgotten animator, this ring will sometimes move
Lucky Dice: Grrva:
MELEE Soul of Grrva: This poses great power from Grvva.
Equip: ring HP: 13005 DUR: 50 Race: ALL Class: RGE Level: 60 LORE AGI: 11 DEX: 45 HPMax: 100
Description: Some thieves carry dice for luck.

3. Do the Wailing Ghost Garlic Trinket quest and keep the Garlic Trinket safe (will need in step 5). You can log this quest, and the one below in Step 4 at the same time.

4. Do the Wailing Ghost Broken Blade quest and ensure you keep your etchings & the blood safe (will need the resilan blood in step 5 & the etching in step 6).
Note: You will need the blood vial dropped by Bolash Bats in ZP in order to do the Unnamed Champion quest. Farm it now while you are up there.

Note from Daemaas (nov 6/08): Even though the quest specifically said to keep the etching, for those of you that deleted it, please send a ticket into CS. They are looking into seeing if they can tell whether or not you've had the etching previously, and whether or not you got the reward. For those that have not received the reward yet, you "should be able to get your etching back. However, I say "should" because it is CS that makes policy for reimbursement. It will ultimately be their decision on whether to reimburse or not.

5. The Unnamed Champion continues the broken blade storyline, and it's important you run the quest all the way through to the point where your quest log says "find a way to get Razeal off the wall". Once your questlog says that you then stop the unnamed chamion quest and can move onto step 6 below (TY Yado).
On this quest (TY Toss) you will turn in your Garlic Trinket and Resilan Blood.

6. Now take your etching and archetypal soul and speak to Mecei Lostaud in Dshinn's. He takes your etching and asks you to kill an "Infected Wolverine" from the surrounding area to get a sample of its blood. Farm the wolverines (CON db@60) which can be found very close to the undead camp, a 15 sec run from the council, to the east (TY Nanes). Continue farming the db wolverines in order to spawn the Infected one (CONs white@60); this can take about 30 min or more. Kill the "Infected Wolverine", loot its blood (drops 4 ntl bloods), and return to Mercei Lostaud. You are then sent to speak to Osrad Martanius for your reward!
Nanes further notes: The wolves are neutral, and they all drop rares, 2-4 rares each, usually the earthstrider stuff with some orb of the void and "of the god" items. They con db@60 but are very easy kills, even the white con infected one.

REWARD: Earring
Tank (TY xcobainx):
Ricasso Earring 15 str, sta, agi, int, wis,cha 160 ac 200 hp 200 power no scale 70 durability 25000 hp

Melee (TY Iwright):
Annulet Earring 15 Str/Sta/Agi/Dex/Wis/Cha 200 HP200 Pow AC160

Caster (inc alch) (TY letskill, authentic):
Ferrule Earring 15 Sta/Agi/Dex/Wis/Int/Cha HP200 Pow200 AC160

Healer (TY missbuffer)
Pommel Earring 15 Str/Cha/Wis/Sta/Agi/Dex HP200 Pow200 AC160


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