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Rallos Zek

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Rallos Zek

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:55 pm

Quest Name: Rallos Zek
Level: 60
Class: All
Location: 1st Akessan Bridge

1. Head up to ZP, and approach the first Akessan bridge. As you approach, you'll get a popup that tells you that you must find some way to distract the guards on the bridge.

2. Immediately do a 180, and you'll see behind you a green con 'catapult'. Approach the catapult and talk to it. You can chose to light the fuse, or leave it alone. Light the fuse; this causes the guards on the bridge to scurry over to the flaming catapult and allows your raid force the opportunity to get over the bridge unmolested.

3. On the other side of the bridge you'll see Initiates. Kill these until a Captain spawns. Kill the Captain and a Commander will spawn. Kill and loot the Commander; he'll drop a 'Mark of Rallos'.

4. Now head to the next bridge and cross it. You'll see more Initiates and a Zek Trainer along with his unattackable pet (Mograthar? spelling). He's a giant minotaur-looking pet. Kill the Trainer - this will then make the pet attackable.

5. Attack the pet, at some point it will run across the next bridge and the guards will chase him. Follow him across the bridge and once on the other side you will see a portal over in the back corner.

6. You'll see a signpost. The person with the 'Mark of Rallos' in their inventory interacts with the post, and this makes the portal active. The raid party must pass through the portal FIRST, the person with the Mark in their inventory goes LAST.

7. There's Rallos. Have at it and good luck.


First off, Rallos Zek is a hard mob there is no denying that. Only 2(?) guild have downed him to date correct me if I'm wrong... I think this number can be drastically more. Our game can't seriously be that far onto its last legs can it? It took us 5 weeks(one try per week) of trial and error to get him down with some glitches blowing up 2 of those weeks as well. So basically we thought we could give some tactical advice to the community on how to kill him. If you want to figure it out on your own then don't read on...

Lets start by talking RZs dmg output on your Main Tank. It's decent but nothing to be scared about, 8 clerics with mana batterys will keep them up easily. Less clerics can do it probably but 8 is a good safe number especially when dealing with a very long fight. His 3rd form(if he doesn't equip a 1hander from his loot table) will also only double hit for 3600ish dmg instead of quading 2200 4 times a round so its easier to keep the MT alive through that.

That's the easy part, the hard part is killing him fast enough. The 3 form gauntlet will seem near impossible, but once you got it down you the fight really seems far easier then people think. The key isn't in having 10 combined ZPed sorcerers, in fact we don't even use a single one. My enchanter was the only caster with combined ZP. The best wizard possible for him is a channeler, with mana blast and full fury line. Combined zp's slash resist isn't a good source of damage on him, there will be rare spurts where you can get his slash resist low and it will hit full but for the most part he resists slash pretty good by over 50%. His AR on the other hand is in shambles... and Mana Blast is a gauranteed 5500 damage every cast. This is all done by the enchanter ar debuff cm line basically, Im not sure if that stacks with sk ar debuff too but we have those as well...

First 2.5 reds our wizards basically do nothing, there is no need for them too. Debuffs we use are: Alc ac debuff, Bard ac debuff, Strategic Blow, Rakish 5, Misery, Brawler's Aegis, Expose, SK ac taps, and the Bolash Bat's ac debuff. Also melees should use high dmg pierce weapons if possible for best results. With all of these are quads are over 1k a hit and possibly more, we even got the debuffs to proc so high once I was quading 2500 2500 2500 2500 on my bard. We haven't used a pally shield bash but that would help damage even more. To start the fight we have our melee own the pet- it dies in 1-2 mins easy as pie, it won't respawn as long as you don't wipe and you don't want it going attack mode on you with the first form dies. Then attention is turned to RZ. Your petters and melee need to be aware of the heal shield going active because at this point... RZ gets to half life fast and I mean real fast. Alc lvl 55 ar pots also do good damage during this time, with ar debuffs up but they aren't usable once his heal shield is active.

The second half of the fight is where the wizards are needed, there is no need for them to waste mana/aggro at all when he gets to half life in under 2 mins with the sick quad dmg. They need to unload... with no aggro worries at all. Chained furys/mana blast. Its also not like melees are done for this part of the fight, pierce damage owns him. Rogues really shine with Poisoned Blade, Agony, and backstabs all doing significant damage. If you have a monk, ninja mca will rock him, if you have a ranger true shot will rock him. Don't bother with Bravo at all its gimp slash dmg on him much like combined caster zp.

You don't need some ridiculous amount of DDs to pull it off, the key is in the debuffs. Have 1-2 good shaman-druids dedicated to keeping your melee alive and its GG... The fight seems a lot easier once you actually do it once. Its not wise to bring all channelers as your only damage, and its not wise to have all of your damage be melee you want a decent mix between the 2. 4 melee 4 channelers is easily enough damage to pull it off. Good luck to any guilds out there still trying to kill him.


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