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Tallon Zek

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Tallon Zek Empty Tallon Zek

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:56 pm

Quest Name: Tallon
Level: 60
Class: Any
NPC: Zek Sergeant
Location: Deathfist Citadel (N)

1. Start from MTG, head NW. Once you get to the old DFC camp, the Zek Troops are N/W over the mountains, by the palm trees. Technically the camp is in Deathfist Citadel (N), but it's right on the border with NW. Map

2. Kill the Zek Troops (con red@60) until you spawn a Zek Sergeant. Kill the Sergeant, and he drops one "Tallon's Key" No Trade No Rent LORE. At this point the portal spawns, it cons blank but you can talk to it.

3. The person with the key should go through last. When you talk to the portal, this is the dialog:
(The energy of the portal is waning, use it quickly)
CHOOSE: (use portal)
Next dialog:

Yes, I am the last
No, there are more that need to use it
CHOOSE: No, there are more that need to use it

You do not need to be flagged for zp to pass through this portal. As the one with the key passes through last, and chooses "Yes, I am the last", the portal will port the questor and close. You are ported to Zaoran Plateau (S) - right near where you kill the headstones to turn in your zp armour.
Note: some have noticed glitches with the portal. Go slow, one at a time so as not to spam it. If it closes before all are through the rest will have to get a druid/wiz port to zp, and meet up with their raid.

4. Run south up the mountain and you'll see a huge fortress guarded by a large red dragon (con red@60) called Zek Sentry. The first floor is suppose to be filled with Tallon Rage's (that DT), but they are suppose to die once you defeat the dragon.

As you approach the ramp, guarded by the sentry, the person with the key will now get a popup that states you have given away the key, and received "Tallon's Bent Key" in exchange, and that the fortress is now attackable.

The dragon has a huge 4k aoe nuke and uses it frequently but cannot be pulled out of position nor can you get by him and run up the ramp. He's sees through invis. You can engage him, and if you must can run away out of los to heal up, he will not move nor cast if you are out of sight. Kill the dragon and proceed into the fortress.

5. Once inside the fortress, you'll see huge black widow spiders to your left and right (they seem to be a very common mob throughout the fortress). Just ignore them, you can safely pass to the back of this room and you'll find a ramp to go down one floor.

Once you reach the bottom of ramp #1 you will spawn golems (6-8); initially they were unconnable, but reaching the bottom of the ramp makes them spawn KOS. They can be tanked by one tank.
Warning: At the back of this room, to the left, is an empty-con post, if you talk to it, you will spawn approximately 15 Assasins that pour out from the room on the left that you passed to get to the post. There appears to be no benefit to doing this, so avoid it.

Go to the back of the golem room and go to the right (post is to the left, ramp to the right) and proceed to the next ramp down, Ramp #2. At the bottom of this ramp are more golems that spawn on you. Kill and proceed to Ramp #3

Ramp #3
At the back of the room to the left, you'll find another ramp down, Ramp #3. At the bottom of this ramp, there are 4 pillars to the ceiling, and there are 6 or 8 things in the room that look like coffins or benches or something, you will find captains, about 10-15, roaming all over.

There are 6 more halls, each with roamers. You can see some have the Black Widow Spiders which means “Dead End”. There are no more mobs that pop on you from here on, the mobs you see in the halls are what you got. Hallway C is the correct choice to make here.

6. Getting to Talon
Between Hallway C and Tallon, you will go down at least 2 more ramps (I think 3). You just run the hallway; it turns left and right, just keep running. Eventually you come to an area where the hall opens up to a square room, it looks like you MIGHT be able to go forward a bit and too the right, but there is clearly a hallway to your left…Take that hallway left. At the end of that hallway is another ramp going down. Just keep running the hall and it will eventually get to another ramp.

When you get to the bottom of the last ramp, there are a few mobs, there are at least 2 that walk the square outline from the hall by the ramp, you can clearly see the hall going left or you can turn right. It all wraps around to the same area. (the brown squares are table-like objects).

6. Tallon:
Wickedlyrics (Cosa Nostra, CLW): Kill Strategy for Tallon
If you look on the map of his room that Black Pearl provided the red object farthest to the right is a crypt. You can stack your raid behind this to avoid any more mobs aggro'ing and the Archers that pop when you spawn TZ himself. Have a suicide toon go up with the spawner with their only job being to get TZs con, everyone assist off them when he/she Hails it then its a simple pet zerge. 16-20 petters make short work of him, his health is really low. No way known yet for a MT to survive his bow shots but I wouldn't rule out MTn him yet, nothing is ever impossible.
defdoolb says: Everything worked just fine when we did tests on him.He is unattackable if not engaged in 5 minutes i noticed. Once pulled he camped the last one killed for about 5 minutes then reset for for 5 minutes before going to unattackable version/despawn. Considering on spawn his room pops a bunch of archers,after all the work of getting past his guards to have 5 minutes on him is not realistic at all.With all the people needed to do this it takes a fair amount of time to coordinate everyone.Hate to see all the effort invested in this go to waste over a despawn thats just way to quick


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