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The Unnamed Champion (Razeal Moloch)

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The Unnamed Champion (Razeal Moloch)

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:57 pm

Quest Name: The Unnamed Champion
Level: 60
Class: All
NPC: Council member in Dshinn's
Location: Dshinn's Redoubt

1. Council member in Dshinn's tells you to bring blood vial, resilan, and garlic trinket to him. Then tells you to go see Salin in Highbourne.
You get these items in the following ways:
-Garlick Trinket: This is a reward from The Wailing Ghost-Garlic Trinket Quest
-The blood vial can be found by farming Bolash Bats in zp
-The resilan (Elem Kabar Resilan) is a reward for completing The Wailing Ghost-Broken Blade Quest

2. Salin sends you to get a scroll from Torgias in murnf. Take scroll back to Salin in Highbourne. He partially translates the scroll. Be warned, he takes the vial, resilan, and your garlic trinket(booo, nice necklace). Salin tells you to go back to the council in Dshinns to get help with one symbol on the scroll he isn't familiar with translated.

3. Council member tells you a little background info on Razael. Quest log now says to summon and kill Razeal. Razeal can be found wandering on the top of the castle to the left of the port in spot (he used to the the unnameable mob roaming up there) - the same castle where undead stallion is. Speak with Razeal Moloch and get your popup.

4. Razeal does NOT require the four souls from the broken blade quest.

After you get pop up from Razeal, he disappears. Once you do this, there's a Gravestone that spawns at a post near the wailing ghost. Basically, just like what happened in the past, your going to use 4 archtypes in order to summon him. The first Gravestone is the grave of the tank, have a tank speak w/it. After that, a stone spawns down at the pillar across from it. Have a healer speak w/this one. Next one spawns across from this one, and have a caster speak w/this one. Last one spawns across from that, have a melee speak with this one. After this is done, they all disappear and a post spawns in the center. Speak w/it and he is summoned to the isle; you recieve Razeal Raid Teleporter. Port up and own.

When you port up...The mists that are already up don't multiply on death. Kill them and make way to set up in a spot South. The Spawner can spawn from any set up point on the South Side The spawner talks to Razeal and then moves out of LoS before he spawns KoS(Using the Pillars nearby him).. Doing so will only aggro the mists...And they will multiply on death until you kill Razeal or the party is overwhelmed... They only initially aggro the spawner...And when the spawner dies (Or Raid Force attempting to kill Mists and Razeal at Once)... They will roam the other side of the island clearly out of the way of your raid force leaving your guild and Razeal (Does not Camp). Beware you are on a 20 minute timer.

The con-able "Mist of Razeal" are supposed to be up during the encounter (they are not so bad) but that the Death Mists should not be up during your Razeal engagement, only after.
The death mists are to clear the island after raid is over. i logged..on the island "b4 death mists spawned" when i woke up i logged in and they're still there. the mist of razeal (sp) are the ones during fight and they're ez. U have to have ur grps made b4 summoning have e1 ready to start cause of that timer. today we did summoning and within 15 mins it despawned. but its so ez to spawn not that big of a deal. just a quick port back to zp and regroup. The death mist seem to spawn on a timer starting at the summoning. so idk if ur in battle if they will spawn during it. didnt take us that long to kill.

5. What you can expect damage wise, from Razeal:
1500-2600 per hit of his quad
900 AoE Life tap
Minor Stat debuff (Sta Agi that I've noticed)
2000 Cast

Resistances: Tank should have AR and FR. The 2k cast is actually two tiers of damage.

6. He drops zp armour gems; and:
Pendant of Razeal Necklace
6DR 6CR 6AR 6LR 6FR 6PR -10Hot +10PoT
70AC Lv55


If you want to kill Razeal again the smartest thing to do after Loot is dealt with is to have the raid party stay where they are..Let the Death Mists do their thing...Take your 4 Archetypes back to zp, resummon him, and res back. (Do not LoS Your fellow group members) As soon as Res affects drop, rinse and repeat and it's your kill again. He's Tankable with 14 toons.

To respawn Razeal:
Once you have the quest completed, the "Teleport your group to Razeal and destroy him!" will stay in your log. Each time you want to kill, you just need to walk up to Razeal and get the pop up, that spawns the first gravestone. And just go from there.

The ZP items from the original ZP should be dropping off of Razeal now. Original ZP as in... hmm... what was called Tier 2 item drops. Tier 3 will be coming in a later update. And next update will be the method to turn the gems into the armor sets.


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