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The Wailing Ghost Garlic Trinket Quest

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The Wailing Ghost Garlic Trinket Quest Empty The Wailing Ghost Garlic Trinket Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:59 pm

Quest Name: The Wailing Ghost
Level: 55
Class: Any
NPC: The Wailing Ghost
Location: Zaoran Plateau

Note: If you are doing the Broken Blade mystery you can log the Wailing Ghost-Broken Blade quest at the same time you log this quest. You will eventually need to complete both the Garlic Trinket and the the Wailing Ghost-bb quest to advance. While you're up in zp, farm yourself the blood vial from the bolash bats now. You will need it later when you go to log the Unnamed Champion.

Note: Especially if you're evil, getting to some of these locations can be a pain. If you have a wiz, you will find the Desert Hate portal very handy when getting to Dshinns (run west from wiz port spot), and to Box Canyons. Use Melton to get to Druid's Watch, Aviak Village, and Crethley Manor. Use Baga Village to get to Merry-by-Water, and off course Rathe Lake to get to zp.

1. Head up to Zaoran Plateau and speak with The Wailing Ghost. He is straight north of where you port in wandering through the cemetary.

2. Wailing Ghost sends you to speak with Lerod Damonus of the Council of Watchmen in Dshinn's Redoubt (c). In the undead village by the river, in a small open roofed tower.

3. Lerod sends you to confront the danger in Druids Watch. On a hill, in Druids Watch (s) (s/e of the wiz port-melton) you will find Bolash Daemons (Con red@60), red faced. Kill and loot 5 skulls.
Genorok says: Bolash Daemons have SoW, Lots of Hps, Low recast bloodwasps, and quad for 350-500 per it at 2970 Ac
Note: they are not rootable, but can be single pulled with low level ability pull spell without getting adds.

4. Return to Lerod. He takes your skulls and then sends you to see Grizwald. Grizwald can be found in Merry-by-Water (c) by a tree near the south tower on the road leading into town. He explains that an unnamed champion has driven all the forces from ZP - the Akessans, followers of Mar, even the Rallosians. He sends you back to the elders in the Council of Watchmen.

5. Speak with Osrad Martanius (same room as Lerod). You will now be sent to confront the danger in Elephant Graveyard. Head to EG (c) and find more Bolash Daemons under the big white arch. Kill and loot 8 daeman hearts.

6. Return to Osrad Martanius in Dshinn's. You are now sent to Aviak Village to speak with an Aviak named Nelytu. He's located on the TOP of a very high peak n/e of the village in Aviak Village (c). Nelytu will take your demon hearts and send you back to the Council of Watchmen in Dshinn's.

7. Speak with Ustelum Devoy (in the same room as Lerod & Osrad). He gives you a letter to take to an elf named Lenwe Nenharma in Box Canyons (you receive the Seal of the Watchman). Lenwe can be found by entering the northern most gully of box canyon - if there are majorkahn giants roaming nearby then you have the right entrance.
Access the entrance to box canyons by going through the NORTH/WESTish part of the zone, the actual entrance itself is located in Box Canyon [w] (TY Shorte).
xcobainx says: in box canyons west, in a cave-same canyon as arios skyhir not the real one (random spawn one)

Follow the gully along and stay to the right till the very end, you'll find Lenwe in a cave guarded by two Majorkahn Giants posted outside.

Lenwe is not happy with the Council and not particularily worried about an unnamed champion or the bolash. Return to the Council of Watchmen in Dshinn's.

8. Speak again with Ustelum Devoy. He sends you to find and slay a spirit located in Crethly Manor, a Tormented Eidolon. The spirit roams directly south of the actual "crethly manor" on a hill in Crethly Manor (s). (N/E of Swineherd Sully or S of the Brewster farm). Cons red@60 and drops FOUR garlic trinket plans (NTL)
Note: As pointed out by Edge, you must be in the kill group to successfully be flagged as having completed this part of the quest.

9. Return to the Council of Watchmen and speak with Mecei Lostaud for your reward.


Mecei gives you some xp, a congratulations ("All hail the hero") and:
Garlic Trinket:
Lvl 55
170 HPs

Note: do NOT delete or merchant this item as it is required to complete the Broken Blade mystery.


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