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Vallon Zek

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Vallon Zek

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:00 pm

Quest Name: Vallon Zek
Level: 60
Class: All

First, there are some concerns that the raid is not playing out as intended. This just in, from Kekoo:
I created this raid and can assure you that I am doing everything within my power to correct this issue. I intended this raid to be difficult, but not in this way. You are correct, this is a bug. Please allow me time to come up with an adequate solution to this problem so that you all can enjoy taking down Vallon Zek once again!

1. Head to Salt Mine (c). To find the location, head directly east of Siloth Mines, run over the hill and you'll find a camp of Zek Scouts walking around a campfire on the east side of the mountain. They are little goblins, con white@60, and are white-faced.

2. Farm the Zek Scouts until one drops a Portal Rune, No Rent. I had one drop after I'd killed about 10 scouts. While they were quadding my alch for 547ish per swing, they were solo-able by kiting (tank will take mins).

3. As soon as a Zek Scout drops a Portal Rune, the portal will spawn by the campfire. Speak with the portal, it will need to verify you have a portal rune in your inventory. Touch the portal, once it sees you have the rune on you, it 'breaks' your Portal Rune of Zek and replaces it with 20 Portal Shards (no rent)

4. Hand out the portal shards to those in your raid party, con yourself to use the portal. You are ported to an island in Zaoran Plateau (w). You'll see Vallon Zek standing at the far side of the isle, at this point he is white faced.

5. Have your raid party set up, and then speak with Vallon.
He drops Sapphyra's Sword also and he will equip it. He doesn't even look like his old self, he is the orc graphic that Tallon was, the fat short Orc. He still wears plate armor but he is no longer a deathfist and no longer has that plate helm.

Vallon will tell you that you've found his training grounds and you are not welcome there. Don't bother reading all the text, in the middle of it he respawns kos along with some friends (just x through the dialogue real fast).

6. Comments on fighting Vallon: Monoxxide tells us that you have 90 minutes from spawn time in order to kill him.
Gonzales: As for Vallon Zek himself, well, from my own experience, hes just another melee raid mob with no other things but his quad to kill with. Nukes do close to nothing on him, kinda like Rallos Zek. However, debuffs work and will make the nukes kill him. His resists are similar (..to the old Vallon..). He quads hard, that is it. That is basically all his damage, he has a aoe nuke but it doesn't even do much damage.

Note: One problem noted is that Rage of Zek's appear to spawn mid-fight, and quad for 150k. See note above, Kekoo is looking into this problem.
Right now you can get lucky and port up and actually be able to fully kill him before the Rage of Zek(s) spawn but most of the time they will spawn and join you and your party, which will result in failure and once people die the raid is pretty much over as they will proceed to kill people who res back over and over.


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