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Zaoran Plateau Entry Quest

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Zaoran Plateau Entry Quest Empty Zaoran Plateau Entry Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:00 pm

Quest Name: Agent Quests
Level: 60
Class: All
NPC: Varies, see below
Location: Varies, see below

In order to gain access to Zaoran Plateau, you'll need all your agent quests done (walk-throughs below) and collect their runes:

Note: it's easy to do both the Agent of Tranquility and Agent of Spite quests at the same time as both require running back and forth to the same two mobs. So log Tranquility first, then Spite and progress both quests as you advance. I would recommend doing Honor next, then War, and last Growth (War and Growth are both near the ZP portal and so when you're done you can turn in your five runes and port through).

Level 60s wishing to gain access to ZP - remember!! After completing each quest speak again with the Agent to get your rune.

Once you have all five runes, return to Lake Rathe (c) and speak with the portal guardian. Bring 1 tunar for passage each time!

*NOTE old info* He tells you that once you've ported through, you'll have to pick a side. Lieutenant Jenakvs (ZP east, beside a campfire) is recruiting for the Honor Guard and Lieutenant Ugmar (again, ZP east) is recruiting for soldiers of Zek. It is rumoured some have tried to ally with the Akessans but many have died trying.

*NOTE old info* Don't bother trying to cross the second Akessan bridge, or try to enter the castle guarded by giants, until you have allies (ie. picking a side). If you fail, you get ported out to your spiritmaster. Same goes for trying to gain access to any of the islands, without first being asked to venture there. Do not be coerced to do Syla of Marr, Dublog of Zek, or the Akessan Collectors biding unless you must. Should you tread the wrong path, and have no choice, fine, but your much better served working for the lieutenants.

*NOTE old info* Last, don't bother trying to coth someone that hasn't done their ZP portal quests, they'll just end up ported off the island by unconnable invisible wisps that are all over the place.


I recommend logging this quest, then Agent of Spite and advancing both quests at the same time)

You will find the Agent of Tranquility located in Shon-To Monastery (C), on the east side of the lake (north of the tunnel entrance). Speak with her to begin the meditation process. Say NO when asked if you have any more fears, sadness, or hate/anger as you'll have to start the meditation over again.

She will tell you to go settle the dispute between Bobble-by-Water and Merry-By-Water.

Begin by speaking first with Kayle in Bobble-by-Water. Kayle spawns in BBW (SW), across the river from the coachman, near the south wall (not the spot where Kayle spawned for the Agent of Spite quest). She doesn't think anyone can get into MBW to convince them to talk things out.

Now you must head to Merry-by-Water (C) and speak with Hayle - on west side of town by wall. Hayle will agree to meet Kayle in Rivervale, but you must convince Kayle first.

Head back to BBW and speak with Kayle again, and convince her to also head to Rivervale to meet Hayle. Once you've resolved the conflict between the two towns you can head back to the Agent of Tranquility for your reward:
Stone of Enlightened Physique
No Trade Lore - Level 1
"This stone allows you to clear your mind and harness tranquility, allowing you to gain a bit more experience than normal."
(30% extra XP, 1 hour, 5 charges)
Important! Level 60's - Speak to the Agent of Tranquility again to recieve your rune. All five needed to enter enter zp.


Start this quest by talking to the Agent of Spite located south west of the coachman in Bobble-by-Water (cross the river, head south BBW SW.

He will direct you to listen in on Kayle's conversation to Bobloe regarding how she won the pie baking contest, in the hopes of hearing something surprising. Kayle is located north of the Agent of Spite, near the river, in an open area under a tarp (if you see a Kayle near the south wall, this Kayle is for the Agent of Tranquility's quest, wrong kayle!). Near the tent, get a popup, listen to the conversation and return to report to the Agent. Sometimes the popup can be tricky to get, just move around the area. Return to the Agent of Spite with your news.

He advises you the best thing to do is tell Hayle what happened, in Merry-by-Water (C) on the west side of town, by wall. Go slowly through the conversation, stirring the gossip, until she tells you she will take action.

Returning to BBW and speaking again with the Agent of Spite will get you an XP gem:
No Trade Lore - Level 1
"This stone allows you to harness the darkness inside, allowing you to gain a bit more experience than normal."
(30% extra XP, 1 hour, 5 charges)
Important!! Level 60's - Speak to the Agent of Spite again to recieve your rune. All five needed to enter enter zp.


The Agent of Honor can be found in Halas, head outside through the tunned and aim towards the lone tower south of the tunnel (Halas (c)). Speak to the Agent of Honor, and then the Scribe of Marr. The Scribe tasks you with taking out three key targets in the opposition. These three items may require a lot of farming. This is the longest Agent quest!
*NOTE* If your evil and to save alot of time you can pre-loot these items before you run to Halas.

  • *Sticky Finger Sword: white/db con Orc Sapper's, Siegmaster's, & Commander's in fp (exit fp out of north gate, by blacksmith). Along the road, to the east and west is the camp. Sometimes they despawn. You can note which Orc's are holding the sword as you can see the graphic.

  • *Rallosian Rune from the sand giant siegemaster in Hazinak. Again, this item just requires farming, the Siegemaster will spawn near the portal. Pull Siegemaster far away from the portal, or when you loot the rune the portal will eat it. If this happens, stay near the portal, as it will spit it back out.

  • *Titanium key from the Superior Head Jailor in Runneyeye. check this walk-through on the jailor from the pickclaws. That walkthrough details where in Runnyeye to find the pickclaw guards. Farm the superior guards, a superior jailor will spawn, kill him, and the superior head jailor should spawn shortly. Kill him and loot his key (drops four).

Once you have the sword, ore, and key, head to Yalie Keylotta in HP and log the Lord Pickclaw quest (link on this quest provided below in next paragraph) in order to kill him and get yourself a Sceptre. Agent of Honor will ask you for it after turn in your three items so might as well save yourself the run to Halas and get it in advance.

Now you should have the sword, ore, key and sceptre. Return these 3 items to the Scribe of Marr and you will receive 40k tunar and 4.5 million xp. Then speak with the Agent of Honor and ask for your rune. Before he will give it to you, he wants you to speak with Yalie Keylotta in HP in order to obtain:

Turn in the Sceptre to the Agent of Honor, then speak with him again to obtain your Rune.


Do this quest at the same time you do the Agent of Growth, as both Agents are on the same island in Lake Rathe.
Start this quest by heading to Lake Rathe (on the island that has the good water cave to farm; second island heading north-west into the lake C and speaking with the Agent of War. You will be ported to a spot in Lake Rathe E and you will have to speak to Coach Rubgar.

After a short wait, he'll chat with you about your upcoming trial and then port to a bubble where you will have to defeat three sets of mobs (1 on the first, 2 on the second set and 4 mobs on the last set). The first mob is easy, the second set include a cleric so be sure to kill the cleric first or he keeps healing the brawler. The third set has four casters with pets. Ignore the pets, kill the casters first. Strategy below

After defeating EACH set of mobs, loot, and speak to Coach Rubgar again to spawn the subsequent set.

Completing this quest gets some minor tunar and a:
Gem of Battle
No Trade Lore - Level 1
(30% extra XP, 1 hour, 5 charges)
Important!! Level 60's - Speak to the Agent of Spite again to recieve your rune. All five needed to enter enter zp.

Strategy: As we've seen a Nec get owned on just the second part of the war quest (brawler, cleric) we thought we'd post some tips that CS members have found helpful.

  • It's really hard for a wiz to do, as they can deal the damage but can't take the hits on the last part with the four casters. It's hard for a defensively built tank to do, as they can take the hits but find it hard to kill in the alloted time. To help, have a friend log in the exact spot the bubble will appear. Wait one minute for friends toon to clear bubble, then questor logs quest. The friend waits 2 minutes and logs back in and forms group with questor, questor now has a buddy to help kill inside the bubble.

  • Apparently, it's possible for groupmates to get close enough to their questor in the bubble for pets to aggro, just make sure those groupmates on the outside of the bubble are standing on the same side as the questor, or you're too far apart. Don't get too close to the bubble or you'll be ported out.

  • If you can't seem to get the log on/off trick to work, then log close to the bubble while the questor is inside (log facing the bubble). Then log back on while holding your control stick forward. This will pass you through the bubble barrier before it has time to 'pop' into place.

  • If you're a petter, and alone, on the last part with with four mages, Speak with rugbar and quickly invis (leave your pet uninvised). When the mages spawn, nothing aggro's on you. Send in your pet to attack a mage, the mage's pet will do nothing; as soon as the mage dies, his pet disappears. Repeat for other 3 mages. On the last mob, you may have to break invis to heal your pet, but by then it's almost over.

  • To try and solo, get ava, have your root up if you have it, particularily aoe root if you have the lion ability, take an ogre pill, have mystical reinforcements prepared on your toolbar (they won't stack with ava but count as an 800 point heal) or bitter roots/herbs. Do NOT kill the pets, the mages just recast them instantly, concentrate on killing the mages only.
*NOTE* Tips 1 and 3 are cheats, and considered illegal, and if caught your account could be banned! If you decide to try one of these tactics, you do so at your own risk!!

Good Luck! Have another tip for your fellow tunarians? Send me a pm!


Do this quest at the same time you do the Agent of War, as both Agents are on the same island in Lake Rathe)
I would recommend saving this quest for the last because the Agent of Growth stands beside the ZP portal. When you're done with this quest, have 5k on you, all the other runes, the LP sceptre, and port through! Read ahead and PRE-FARM the three items you are going to turn in to reduce running around.

Speak to the Agent of Growth, she can be found on top of the same hill as the Agent of War, Lake Rathe C. She'll send you to chat briefly with her gnomish intern. Then back to Agent of Growth who will ask you to speak with her Assistant.

The Assistant gives you a quest to bring back 3 of the same thing (this is level dependent, the list here is for lvl 60):
* 3 bitter herbs or roots (from white con orcs in FP); OR
* 3 golden iron ore (sand giants in Haz); or
* Elder Pickclaw orbs/totems farmed from HP.

Once you have these three items, speak again with the Assistant who will give you a Rallosian Healing Device to use on the portal. Con the portal and press square, the device heals the portal and you are given an Empty Rallosian Healing Device back. Speak again with the Associate who will reward you with 500k xp, and 1500 tunar. Choose NOT NOW when asked if you wish to gather more items.

Note: as a Hunt and Gather quest, you can farm for weak herbs/roots and get 1million (w/o luck) for every three you turn in (they stack to 99). As a Hunt and Gather (H&G) quest you can farm weak roots and herbs and turn them in for 500k (w/o luck) for 3.

Speak with the Agent of Growth to obtain your rune.


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