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Envaric Ascension Portal Quest

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Envaric Ascension Portal Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:02 pm

Quest Name: Envaric Ascension Portal Quest
Level: 50+
Class: Drd, Nec, Wiz
Quest NPC: Altars in Basement (NE, SW)
Location: Envar

Envaric Ascension is a group teleport spell, which teleports your group into the tower of the Prophet Envar. Only druids, wizards and necromancers can complete this quest.

The quest is in two parts, the Envaric Ascension spell and the Prophet of Envar end mob.

Part 1

If you descend into the basement libraries of Envar, in the back room of each there is an altar(NE Tower and SW Tower). At this altar the quest capable classes will recieve popups to retrieve the items (4 Brooches, 2 Essences, 2 Breathes) from the named mobs around envar and to return them to the altar. It doesnt matter which order you complete them in, but you must retrieve a specific 4 items for each tower.

For one altar, you must defeat the 4 Grave Ushers from atop the four towers. Grave Ushers are guarded by 2 gargoyle servants each which melee hard and have an AR lifetap (can be easily one grouped). Each will drop a brooch: Iron, Copper, Brass, Bronze. If you bring these four items down to the altar, they will fuse into the Envaric Talisman (with room for two diamonds).

The next altar has a task abit more demanding. You must defeat the 4 named mobs from each of the basements of Envar.

* Tal'Thir (NW tower)
* High Priest Vorin (SE tower bsmt)
* Jael'Raeth Bishop (NE tower bsmnt)
* Jael'Raeth Patriarch (SW library).

Each are challenging fights:

Tal'Thir drops the Astral Essence. He is guarded by three types of enemies:
Accursed MAggot 1000pt AoE Root
Accursed Rat
Accursed Zombie 1000-1500pt DoT
(Note that all of Envar's status abnormalities can be cured by a level 50 dropped spell called Envaric Salve {Druid, Shaman, Cleric, Necromancer, Alchemist}, which can drop off anything in the 4 Envar tower basements. Rumor has it that Envaric Salves only drop twice every 24 hours.)
He will completely mana tap you, make sure you have a battery in your group; he has an unresistable nuke for 6k every couple of rounds.

The Jal'raeth Bishop drops the Ethereal Essence. He is easy to reach but difficult to kill. Has a 3500 tick.

High Priest Vorin drops the Astral Breath. He is surrounded by Anointed Skeletons, which frequently tap mana; Anointed Mummies, which debuff your strength to one point; and tomb serpents which have a very potent poison. When engaging Vorin, kill his construct first. Otherwise, the Construct of Vorin will heal its master several times during the battle and, depending on your raid force, you will be unable to defeat them.

Jal'raeth Patriarch drops the Ethereal Breath. He is weaker than the Jal'raeth Bishop. He is located in the Southwest Library, and is easily accessed.

They are not easy to find spawns either, but they will usually drop nice pieces of etheric armor as well as the essences/breath you need for the port quest.

Return these 8 items to the respective altar to fuse them. Brooches are turned in to the NE Tower basement alter (they are fused and made into the evaric talisman), and the breath's/essences are returned to the SW tower bsmnt alter. The breaths/essences will be made into two diamonds that will show in your inventory, plus you should now have a single-charged talisman in your inventory.

You can only use the Envaric Talisman if you also happen to possess the two diamonds. Once you use the charge, the diamonds and the talisman are consumed and will be replaced by the Holy Symbol of Envar. Using that symbol will kill you immediately (23k nuke, Hail Spiritmaster!), but after doing so, the Envaric Ascention spell will replace it in your inventory. You paid for it with your life, but you now hold Envaric Ascension-use it to memorize and it's now added to your spell book as an ability port.


Envaric Ascention, LORE
Druid, Necromancer, Wizard
Level: 50
Target: Group
Effect: Ports to the first chamber of PoE's tower.
Recast: 3600 (One Hour)

Part 2

Pic by Truluvr
Now, the port isn't the end. This isn't like the good ole Sarek the Betrayer port, where ya end up right in his livingroom looking for a fight. Nope, now you must slay your way up to the prophet. And, to kill the PoE, you must do this mini-quest each and every time. Resist Cleric is vital, don't even attempt without one! This part of the quest can be done with 3 necs and resist cl.

Farm the Jal'Raeth Nobles until EACH member of your party loots a single-charged Noble's Gem (UC, NO RENT LORE). Once each party member has one, use them simultaneously and port up to the next level. You will now have a cracked gem in your inventory. Do not destroy it! It is needed in your inventory to use the next stone.

So, in this second chamber, Farm Jal'Raeth Champions and Jal'Raeth Knights for the Champion's Gem (again, one per party member) and port up again at the same time. This will use the first cracked stone, and will crack the knight's stone in turn.

The third chamber requires at least two resist buffed pets, as the Channelers have a high-damage, usually unresistable AoE nuke, which can hit up to 5000.

(NOTE: Each time a gem is used, its "cracked" version appears in your inventory. If you do not have that cracked version of the gem, you will not be allowed to use the gem in the next chamber. Thus people may not simply coth into the tower. If you wish to bring more than four people with you, however, bloodgate the gems from the first chamber to your force. After using, each of them will be ported to the second chamber.)

Do again with the big mean channelers to go up to the top of the prophets tower... but before that, be sure to speak to the orb (unnamed con)... this will summon the prophet to the top of his tower. If there is no orb up in the channelers room, then the prophet isn't home right now, please come again later. (You may find it is actually pretty tough to find this guy at home, seems there are always folks around demanding a lot of his time.)

If it is up, have everyone, except one person, port up before PoE is spawned, so as to engage without having to wipe the entire party unnecessarily.

Throughout the whole battle, PoE will Full-Heal several times; sometimes when he's only a sliver away from death. Do not be alarmed. The best strategy would be to tank PoE with resist buffed pets, while everyone else stays out of line of sight. As a reminder, PoE's DoT can be cured with the Envaric Salve, otherwise you're dead. Rez back recast pet, resist buff pet and send in again.

CS has found it very doable to just one group PoE: 3 necs and a resist cleric.


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