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Dead Hills Portal Quest

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Dead Hills Portal Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:03 pm

Quest Name: Dead Hills Portal Quest
Level: 55
Class: Wiz/Drd
Quest NPC: Fendren the Forgotten
Location: Dead Hills SE surrounded by treants

NOTE: This is a much easier way for a wiz/drd to get a DH port, rather than doing the much tougher and longer DH53. If you're a NEC, it's still the DH53 for you :(

Sends you to Envar to get 4 green soulstone gems (NTL) that drop off of Jal'Raeths in Envar. It's fairly easy to set up safely and farm the Jal'Raeth Commoners in the basement of Envar (Map). All four can be farmed in a couple of hours.

After you have farmed for the 4 stones, return to Fendren for the DH's port.
Note: the Jal'Raeths also drop NTL energy stones, thanks to xcobainx we now know that they were for the old plague that is no longer in game.

Dead Hills Port
Druid, Wizard
Level: 55
Target: Group
Effect: Ports to Dead Hills SE (where Fendren is)

Completing this quest doesn't mean you can't still do the Dead Hill 53 quest, and get your port to Dead Hills west!


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