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Sarek or Black Lotus Quest

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Sarek or Black Lotus Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:04 pm

Quest Name: Sarek or Black Lotus Quest
Level: 59
Class: All
Quest NPC: Rudro
Location: Qeynos, by Blacksmith

This really isn't so much a quest, as a recipe. The recipe, when completed will port you to Sarek's tower in Geomancer's Citadel (c). In this recipe, Sarek is a random spawn, not a quest spawn like the Arios 59. You must be level 59 to complete this recipe. See notes below on actually logging the quest, if you choose to (it's not necessary to do so to complete the recipe). When you port to Sarek with the the talisman this recipe makes, Sarek may or may not be up. Also you don't port to him in the same place you do for the Arios 59, you port to the Tower in the Water. Sarek, in this tower, is much tougher than the Arios Sarek!

You will need the following to create the lotus talisman:

Item: Drops off: Where:
1. TWO Dryad hearts Dryad's Dryad's spawn in Geomancer's Citadel,
farm them until they drop hearts. The dryads spawns in specific locations within GC.
2. Geode Talisman Sarek's Keeper He spawns on the bridge in Geoomancer' Citadel at the constructs gate between the 2 normal camp spots.
3. Fire Archon Heart Archon Vetash Spawns in the towers at constructs in Geomancer's Citadel; "talk" to the orbs on either side of the bridge, and get teleported up to their
rooms). Loot his heart.
4. Earth Archon Heart Archon Aereth see above; spawns in other tower
5. Elemental Smelter Merchant Gilgash Can be bought for 10k in Freeport at the Merchan House Slaerin, located by the dock with the waysender.
6. Black Lotus Merchant Gilgash Can be bought for 250k in Freeport at the Merchan House Slaerin, located by the dock with the waysender

Steps for creating the lotus talisman:

  • A. Do not con anything (hit 'triangle' to release your con).

  • B. Use the elemental smelter. This fuses the two dryad hearts together into one white ball.

  • C. Use the geode talisman (under magic in inventory). This puts the fused dryad hearts into the geode talisman (they will disappear from your inventory-don't panic).

  • D. Use the geode talisman once more. This will combine the fused dryad hearts and the archon hearts together into one ball (called Geode Talisman under Misc in your inventory).

  • E. Use the black lotus. In your inventory (magic) you will now have a Lotus Talisman with one charge! The talisman is a NTL with one reusable charge. USE your new Lotus Talisman to teleport to where Sarek spawns. Using your Lotus Talisman the first time changes it into a wand of unlimited charges (note: mine just stayed as a white ball, called Lotus Talisman-it says I only have 1 charge, but it is re-useable).
Also, the item disappears from inventory for a couple of seconds while using it so do not use the talisman if you are in a combat situation - if it is "out" of your inventory and you die, you will lose the talisman completely.

Note on porting:

So it's a self port, what are you going to do solo Sarek? There are several options:

  • get several people to complete this quest and port together (min 15). This is the number one preference

  • get only the mages in your guild to complete have them port there and if sarek is up start coh'ing in the reinforcement

  • Main Tank/or petter does quest, ports to Sarek. If Sarek is up, the rest of your party coaches and runs from Envar and assembles outside the tower. Run your cothing mage up the side of the hill as high as you can get. Then have your mt long range agro saerk with a bow... get immediately cothed to the mage on the hill then RUN to your assembled group to take him down. Or have petter send pet against Sarek, then get coh'd (pets goes with u). This way you can use a lot of peeps to kill him, as well as you only need to make one of these 250,000 T ports.

  • Have an Enchanter run to Envar and charm a servant then return to the tower. Get a coh in, pet cohs with you and have the servant tank.

He has 8,000 crit (allegedly non-resistable) and he uses very often, max DR to minimize this as much as possible.

This is also called the Black Lotus Quest. You can speak to the NPC in Qeynos to start, but he gives you hints as to what to do and where to go and you were suppose to figure out all this information for yourself. It doesn't matter if you actually log the quest or not as obaining the
items for the recipe works just the same. NPC Rudro Balenthorpe spawns (rare) right outside the blacksmith in Qeynos. Rudro logs a quest in your questlog to see NPC Dalius, in Qeynos, at the mage guild right next to the guild master. When you talk to Dalius after getting the quest he tells you the information/hints to make this recipe. He explains about teleportation alteration, dryads, a Geode Talisman of at least 40 carets, and a fortress in Rathe Mountains.

Sarek the Betrayer Loot Table:





Serpant’s Heart (Summoning Gem)

Summons three level 60 draughts


Earthshard (1hs Sec)

664Dmg 15Dex 15Agi 15Sta 8Ac 70Dur


Tears of the Rathe (Held)

125Hp 30Cha 15Wis 15Sta 35Ac


Communion Stone (Held)

125Hp -85Int 25PoT 41Ac 50Dur


Robe of the Chasm (Robe)

150Pow 25Cha 15Sta 14Ac 50Dur


Robe of Geomancy (Robe)

150Pow 25Agi 15Sta 14Ac 50Dur


Lodestone of Sarek (1hb Sec)

675Dmg 20Sta 9Dex 75dur


Heartsblood Robe (Robe)

150Pow 25Wis 15Sta 14Ac 50Dur


Earthgaurd Trident (2hs 2h)

812Dmg 100Hp 30Dex 20Str 70Dur (Mana tap)


Quicksilver Longbow (Bow)

754Dmg 40RNG -100Str 25poT 50Dur


Mountain Spine (1hp Sec)

700Dmg 15Str 15Dex


Tower of Woe (Shield)

95Hp 484Ac 70Dur (50DS 25HS)


Claws of the Beast (1hs? Pri)

690Dmg 75Hp 15Str 15Sta


Earthbound Kanata (1hs Sec)

667Dmg 105Hp 20Sta 20Agi


Starless Night Robe (Robe)

150Pow 25Dex 15Sta 14Ac 50Dur


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