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Bear Were Quest

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Bear Were Quest Empty Bear Were Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:06 pm

Quest Name: Bear Were Quest
Level: 30
Class: ALL
Quest NPC: Keiv Bearclaw
Location: Keiv is in the village south of CLW, North Wilderlands
Tail NPC: Dorandas in the Unkemp Village, Unkempt North (S)

Speak with Keiv Bearclaw in the village south of CLW (North Wilderlands (S)). He is found in the same village where Sissy Harper is for the 30 class quest, just north of Sissy's door, by a well. He will send you north to roam the area around CLW (NE) until you receive a pop-up (run past clw like ur going towards goblins). Doing so triggers two bears [Barbiedolls Paw & Flurry], each of whom con the same level as the person who triggers them. The pop-up is on a 30 minuter timer. Defeat the bears and return to Keiv.

Keiv will then send you to the Anu Village to seek out a similar pop-up. Locate the observatory in the north and right before it is a hill that glows blue with stones on top - roam around the area until you receive a pop-up. You will again be fighting mobs similar to the first pop-up triggered event. Defeat the bears and return to Kiev.

Kiev will now ask you to speak with Dorandas in Unkempt North (S). Log the tail quest and begin farming the appropriate bearweres until you receive the infection pop-up. If Dorandas will not speak with you, you'll need to hunt bearweres first to raise your faction with Wards of the Dawn to 0 (maybe 150?)

Killing weres that con YELLOW to you is key. Yellow conned weres give you the greatest chance of infection. Check your level against the zone information below and then ensure the are you are hunting Yellow Conned were's, otherwise you will only benefit from faction. If you are already infected, and faction is all you need, it is obviously easier to hunt in a lower level zone.

On having a level 60 in a group of lvl 30's: There was always a rumour that having a higher level toon in your group to help with the killing would mean your chances of infection would drop almost to nil. Well here's come good information:
Dustyspheres tells us: The rumor that having a level 60 in your low level group affects your chance of infection just isn't true in my experience. The last 9 infections I've gotten or helped get were all with the toons in one group, invised and on Auto-follow. These toons range from 33-39 and were on AF with a 60 bard that did all of the killing. All they did was loot tails and they still got infected. Some were in just a few kills and most were infected before anyone even had the required 1k faction to accept the infection.

"Were" to get infected

level 30-40
Fort Alliance
North Wilderlands
Unkempt Glade
Unkempt North

level 40-50
Elephant Graveyard

level 50-60
Stoneburnt Mountains (lvl 60 - confirmed)
The Warrens (lvl 51 - confirmed)
*see note below on doing bear at 60

After you have become infectected you will be asked to defeat Mirin in the Unkempt North (see note below). The mob cons the same level as the person who triggers him, so bring assistance. Orphanmaker1 says: Mirin spawns in Unkempt North (SW) just a bit east of the bandit village (at night time they are bearweres)

Note: you can also check for infection in Oasis. Go to the campfire near the water, severl npc's stand around it. Advisor Gerahl checks for general infection (ie. have you been infected by ANY were whatsoever). Advisor Wanda checks specifically for bear infection.

Note: If you get the popup that Dorandas has something urgent to tell you a couple notes:
-First, if all he'll do is give you the tail quest again, check first-is your faction with Wards of the Dawn 1000 or more? If not, get more faction by killing the weres. Second-if your faction is good, delete the tail quest in your quest log, re-speak to Dorandas who will now give you the final part of your were infection quest.
-Next, when Dorandas does give you his speech Do NOT take the antidote, or you lose your infection. Do NOT continue to hunt tails.

The following stats are at level 60. The first form is a quest reward and is level 30. The second form costs 50 cms and is a level 40 spell. The third form costs 25 and is a level 50 spell.

Bearwere Feral Bearwere Dire Bearwere
Str 45 80 120
Sta 45 80 120
HPs 0 300 350
Int -16 -25 -50
Int resistable with Max AR

Level 40 Spell Quest

Warning: It is my general belief now that many of the level 40 spell quest mobs are triggered and not on spawn timers. If this assumption is correct, that means if someone happens to defeat the mobs before you reach it you will not be able to complete the quest unless you relog your quest with the NPC quest giver. It is recommended that you scout the spawn location before triggering the mob to assure no one is camping your spawn.

Talk to the appropriate class specific NPC in the Umkempt North (S). They will ask you to defeat a Golden Gnoll found in the Crethley Manor. It can be found SE of the undead house. It cons white, casts and heals.

After you have defeated it the NPC will send you to the Marial village (c) north of Wynd to speak with a NPC (Kierra). You can find her just a bit south of the road that runs from murnf to mariel village coast; there is a tree village, she spawns as a faerie at the bottom of a ramp leading into a treehouse.

You will then be asked to defeat a green racer snake in the Unkempt Glade. Traveling south from the NPC, look for a tree near a small body of water surrounded by unkempt druids. Travel east of that and you should locate the mob on a hill.
Alternate directions (from orhpanmaker1): The racer snake is fairly ez to locate using the 2 landmarks in C unkempt south, if u find the lake in C first run east and u come to a road, follow the road south to a quarry in C that has 5 caves in it. just north of the road from the quarry ( yes going bk on yourself but its a good landmark) there is a large rock on the west side of the road. On top of the next hill to the north ( the hill right next to the road) the snake should spawn .

The NPC will send you to the Salt Mines to speak with Briggs. Briggs is located on the road between the Slioth dock camp and the cave entrance in Salt Mine (c).

Return to the Unkempt Glade and collect your reward.


Cave Bear Strength
Rge Brd Ran Mnk
98 Str buff which stacks with the first bear form and shaman buffs.

Growl of Battle
War Sk Pal
67 Str/Sta grp buff.

Bear Nobility
Cl Sha Drd
122 cha self-buff

Summon Blessed Fish
Mage Nec Wiz Enc Alc
Summon a level 33 PoT/HoT drink item.

Note: On doing Bearwere at 60, Qnsprincess had this to say:
Mirin conned deep red (with a light blue pet)to a level 60- he's a caster mob and was found in Unkempt North (S) it's right West (I believe it was west) of Dorindas- not far run from him. He's on a hill where you can still see Dorindas' hut still so if you can't see the hut you went too far. He also insta respawns after you trigger him so two can kill at the same time one after another. Me on my alch and a necro easily pwned Mirin twice.

My friend and I got infection in literally two days at level 60- was very easy- we went to Murnf and killed till we had 1k faction after doing the initial bearwere qst (took us about 3 hrs total to do qst 2 times and then farm 1k faction for each of us). Over by Grimm Brellhand (the 47 qst guy) there are lots of werebears, werewolfs, bearweres, ratweres (yes we saw like three there), and wolfweres all over the place. If you just go and AoE the place they spawn like crazy. Then we hit up SBM just today for two hours and killed bearweres and primortal bears (to get bearweres to spawn) right after a server reset too.

We killed about 20 bears total conning white, dark blue, and light blue. At least three of the bearweres we killed were white conned to a 60- rest were mostly dark blue. We went to Dorindas and bingo we're infected -both at the same time at 60. I think bearwere after level 55 is very easy to get as is wolfwere after 55 is easy too since there are so many greater mobs in SBM.


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