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Lion Were Quest

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Lion Were Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:08 pm

Quest Name: Lion Were Quest
Level: 30
Class: ALL
Quest NPC: Burgomaster Delvin
Location: Sondereel Village, Forkwatch (E), on river
Tail NPC: Corindas in Forkwatch (E), Sondereel Village.

Borgomaster Delvin asks you to escort Lionell Redrick safely through the Salt Mines. Travel to the Salt Mines (W) and locate Ridrick in the mine. Enter the mine and descend the spiraling stairwell. Redrick is in the first adjacent room. After you have spoken with him, he will be begin to ascend the stairwell. When he reaches the top you should receive a pop-up. There have been issues where other players with the quest logged have accidentally received it, so it's recommended they keep back. Once Ridrick walks into the main entrance three mobs will spawn and engage him. The level of the mobs varies and depends on what level the person who triggered the quest. One mob is a nec, the other two melee. Concentrate on the nec first. After the mobs have been defeated Redrick will continue on his way.

When he reaches the courtyard he will again be ambushed by the same types of mobs. Defeat the mobs and accompany Redrick to the tree. Once there, have the person who triggered him speak with him. This will update their quest log. Return to the Burgomaster for the second part of the quest.

Travel north from GM into Kelinar (SW). There you will find Herman Forrestor just outside the main city in a small tent. After you have spoken with him back-up quickly to avoid aggroing the mobs as they spawn. Three hunters will spawn to assist Herman. They will con dark blue to the person who has triggered the quest. Herman will con white. Engage each mob individually and assure the person with the quest logged is in-group when Herman is defeated. Their quest log should then be update. Return to the Burgomaster and collect your reward.

You will now be required to log the tail quest with Corindas. Do so and begin farming the appropriate lionwere. If your faction is not high enough to log the quest ( 150) (Villagers of Sonderal) then head to Centaur Valley and kill werelions for faction first. Lionwere is the easiest of all the weres because obtaining your faction is simple. In Centaur Valley, just up the river from Blackwater is a small valley you enter into. There you find lots of Werelions which give faction for both Villagers of Sonderal and for Sunmanes). Killing these will not infect you but is a great way to obtain your faction. Ultimately you will need 1000 faction with Sunmanes to complete this quest.

For infection, killing weres that con YELLOW to you is key. Yellow conned weres give you the greatest chance of infection. Check your level against the zone information below and then ensure the are you are hunting Yellow Conned were's, otherwise you will only benefit from faction. If you are already infected, and faction is all you need, it is obviously easier to hunt in a lower level zone.

On having a level 60 in a group of lvl 30's: There was always a rumour that having a higher level toon in your group to help with the killing would mean your chances of infection would drop almost to nil. Well here's come good information:
Dustyspheres tells us: The rumor that having a level 60 in your low level group affects your chance of infection just isn't true in my experience. The last 9 infections I've gotten or helped get were all with the toons in one group, invised and on Auto-follow. These toons range from 33-39 and were on AF with a 60 bard that did all of the killing. All they did was loot tails and they still got infected. Some were in just a few kills and most were infected before anyone even had the required 1k faction to accept the infection.

"Were" to get infected

level 30-34
Centaur Valley (hunt for lionwere, not werelion)
Forkwatch (At this level, best place to get infected: S, S/E - that small spit of land between the rivers-the land across the river from Sonderal village)
Widow's Peak

level 35-39


As killing yellows is so important, at level 37, in FW near the arches on the river is the identified PERFECT spot. Kill wildlife in that area and you'll spawn YELLOW lionweres. In CS' experience, killng a yellow con lionwere@37 at the arches = INFECTION. Numerous guildees have been infected on just ONE yellow Were near the arches. This theory holds true for any wishing infection on Wolf also.
-Find any area in FW where the wildlife cons yellow to you at whatever level you are; kill the wildlife to spawn your were and you will be infected fast.
*TY for the tip Pelldaar, and for all those in CS that have proven this theory correct.

Kelinar is another zone you can try

level 40-50
Fort Alliance
Desert Hate
Elephant Graveyard
South Crossroads
Wktaan's 4th Talon
Deathfist Horde
South Barren Coast (high lvl 40's, lionwere's spawn wht/yel)
Note: Find the part of these zones where the wildlife cons yellow to you at whatever level you are (between 40-50); kill the wildlife to spawn your were and you will be infected fast.

level 50-55
Abysmal Sea (level 51-60 - confirmed. Lionwere's spawn yellow@51-55; lb@60-hard to get infected in Abysmal Sea@60, but possible)
South Barren Coast (con lb@60, but so lb as to be almost green;
hard to get infected in SBC@50-60, but it is possible)
Toxxulia South
Sylhilthis' Dwell
Area near Kappa Guards, where elder elephant spawns for 53 quest (white to lvl 60)

level 60
Abysmal Sea (level 51-60 - confirmed. Lionwere's spawn yellow@51-55; lb@60-hard to get infected in Abysmal Sea@60, but possible)
Toxxulia South
Sylhilthis' Dwell
Area near Kappa Guards, where elder elephant spawns for 53 quest (white to lvl 60)

You will know you are infected when, on your approach to Corindas to turn in tails, you recieve a popup that says he must 'urgently' speak to you. (See the note below for clarifications).
Note: you can also check for infection in Oasis. Go to the campfire near the water, severl npc's stand around it. Advisor Gerahl checks for general infection (ie. have you been infected by ANY were whatsoever). Advisor Sanne checks specifically for lion infection.

After you have received the infection pop-up you (see note below), assuming you have the correct faction etc, Corindas will ask you to hunt down and defeat Jensen in the South Crossroads zone (N). If he is not standing stationary on the hill, he may be roaming around the zone. He will con neutral prior to being triggered. He will then respawn and be red to the person whom triggers him. Bring assistance. If he's not spawning, re-speak with Corindas to try and trigger him again.

Note: If you get the popup that Corindas has something urgent to tell you a couple notes:
-First, if all he'll do is give you the tail quest again, check first-is your faction with Sunmanes 1000 or more? If not, get more faction (head to Centaur Valley to kill those werelions). Second-if your faction is good, delete the tail quest in your quest log, re-speak to Corindas who will now give you the final part of your were infection quest.
-Next, when Corindas does give you his speech Do NOT take the antidote, or you lose your infection. Do NOT continue to hunt tails.

The following stats are at level 60. The first form is a quest reward and is level 30. The second form costs 50 cms and is a level 40 spell. The third form costs 25 and is a level 50 spell.

Lionwere Feral Lion
Dire Lion
Sta 45 80 120
Agi 45 80 120
HPs 0 300 350
Int -16 -25 -50
Int resistable with Max AR

Level 40 Spell Quest

Warning: It is my general belief now that the level 40 spell quest mobs are triggered and not on spawn timers. If this assumption is correct, that means if someone happens to defeat the mob before you reach it, you will not be able to complete the quest unless you re-talk to your quest npc! It is recommended that you scout the location where the mob spawns before triggering it to assure no one is camping your spawn.

Speak with Katerina Suncharmer in Sondereel Village (standing in same hut as Burgomaster Delvin). She will ask you to speak with a two NPCs and engage two mobs.

1. Your first task is to kill the undead slave that spawns in Oasis. Coach to Oasis, and head up the road away from the town. The first flag you see on the left, your mob will spawn down there in a little valley. He does not roam, but can take a while to spawn. He will spawn red to you (ten levels higher than you), but at 60 he spawns white.

2. Return to Katerina and she will then send you to speak with Trizzia Newmane in Fort Alliance (SE) in the big fortress. Go inside to the interior courtyard, she is standing in the SE corner near a well, next to the tent with the bank. Speak with her, say the right thing, and she will give you the collar of power. Return to Katarina in Sondereel.

3. Katerina's next task is to head to Merry-By-Water (C) and speak with Branty. She is located right at the south entrance, across from the spiritmaster, she stands nexts to some grocers. Again, say the right thing (the sun, etc) and she will give you the claw of the ancients. Return to Katerina again.

4. And lastly, Katerina will send you to kill Zipnick, who can be found beside Zenter's Keep. He is located behind the castle near the fisherman. Look for a series of stones arranged in a circle surrounded by mist. Like the undead slave, she will con ten levels higher than the person who triggered him, she will con white if a lvl 60 is spawning. Due to the distance between Forkwatch and ZK and the popularity of the zone, it is recommended that you have someone wait in ZK while when you trigger it too assure no one steals you spawn.

Return to Katerina in Sondereel village and collect your reward.


Lion's Nobility
Cl Sha Drd
115 cha self-buff at 60

Accelerated Folliage
Nec Mage Wis Enc Alc
Aoe root

Growl of Battle
War Sk Pal
67 Str/Sta Grp buff at lvl 60

Agility of Kehrahn
Rge Ran Brd
80 Agi & SoW at lvl 50


In Centaur Valley ( SE ) there are tons of Lionweres which are good for a 35ish toons. To get there, coach to blackwater then run north along road. Before reaching the first guard tower, go NW across river

Before turning in the item from Merry-By-Water, read the following scenarios which will help you get the last mob everytime. Zipnik is a Quest Triggered Mob...and only spawns within about 10 minutes of someone logging the final part of the abiltity quest. I wasted several hours there and would have wasted many more had it not been for Elysium and Ortez. I couldn't bear to let any more people get shafted or "unwillingly" steal Zipnik from someone else. Also, if you have had it logged and didn't get your mob right away, you have to start the ENTIRE QUEST over. (Devs should at least make it so you just have to relog the last part IMO)

a.) If you can't coach there and are solo, you should go grab a mob, drag him back to the spawn point of Zipnik (between to stone walls near Zentar Lake to the left of the entrance to Zentar's Keep), and let him kill you. Go log the quest and rez yourself back, buff and kill Zipnik.

b.) If you can coach to Zentar and you are solo, turn in the piece to the QG in Sondereel Village, then hurry and coach safetly to Zentars. Go to the spawn point, it should spawn between 1 to 5 minutes after you arrive. I recommend FW, Qeynos, Wyndhaven, Zentar's Keep route. (going to other cities could get you "marked" and you won't make it in time)

c.) If you are in a group, send group to Zentar before you log final part of quest. Once they are there, log the quest and coach or rez back to Zentar and get your mob.

In Abysmal Sea, I noticed about 5 different spots where they seemed to show up. 2 of em were against the mountain wall very close to the Hunt border. 1 was a 30 sec run north and almost all the way west to the coast, and another 1 was just past the northern kerran village with the boat out front near a large rock. The other one or two was pretty much anywhere in between those spots. The trick here is to run a large loop and murder everything, specifically man-hunters, welahi-nai serpents, and welahi-nai jaguars. Much like the swampfire cobra, farm the reg. mobs to get the ones you want to spawn.

Undead Slave, North of Oasis of Marr, conned red to a 40 necromancer who triggered him. Conned lightblue to a 56 Paladin. Assuming level 50 as well as Zipnick. Probably the minimum level of the spawn, where 60 is the Max.

I was working on the second part of the lion quest in Kelinar, tried soloing at first and got owned. I tried rezzing back and got owned again before the screen came off the now loading. But anyways, I went back and tried logging the quest off of Hernan when he was neutral faced again and he would just tell me whatever it is about one being strong to hunt what they hunt. The quest to kill forresters and return to Burgo whatever was still in log so I returned to the Burgo guy and he accepted the quest as is without me killing the lion hunters and I proceeded to log the tail quest.

So, it doesn't matter if you kill the hunters or not, as long as you log the new quest from Hernan in Kelinar, you're set


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