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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:35 am

Grobb Troll Warrior Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Level 1
Quest NPC Warlord Jurglash
Warlord Jurglash sends you to buy a no cost basher shirt from Merchant Trilip.

Level 2
Quest NPC Warlord Jurglash
Vist Spirtmaster Gugzug and get bound he he will send you to see the coachman. Remember to sign his book before leaving. Return to Spirtmaster Gugzug. Return to Warloard Jurglash

Level 3
Quest NPC Underlord Krullik
Go to the swamp and kill snakes. Bring 3 runined python scales to Krullik.

Level 4
Quest NPC Underlord Krullik
Kill blood flies or mosquitos for 2 fractured thoraxes then buy iron ore from Beldok and leather strip from Grott. Bring stuff to Gulkot. Return to Krullik.

Level 5
Starting NPC: Underlord Krullik
Krullik wants you to kill Froglok Novitiates(CONs Wht) and return to him with a casting stone. To find; head northwest, you'll find them in a swamp area (Grobb(NW).

Level 7
Starting NPC: Warlord Jurglash
1. Talk to Jurglash, he sends you to kill Froglok Tactician, who spawns between the raider camps north of Grobb. Kill, loot, return to Jurglash.

2. Jurglash, he sends you to kill the Froglok raiding party that is forming near God Hand. Kill, loot, return belt to Jurglash.

Level 10
Starting NPC: Warlord Jurglash
1. Talk to Jurglash, he sends you to talk to a Crazed Troll, go the tower to the NE. Return Jurglash.

2. Jurglash sends you back to the tower to find out why the trolls do not return. Talk to the Crazed Troll again and slap him. Then, go in tower at night and kill Vengeful dead til it drops a scroll and necklace. Return to Jurglash.

3. Jurglash sends you to Heirophant Koligo.

4. Koligo sends you to drunk Kuthrak in the Drink Place. He tells you he wants a starcrab glog and sends you to the Swillmaster nearby to get the drink.

5. Swillmaster sends you to kill Starcrabs for 3 starcrab shells. Kill, loot, return to Swillmaster. Return drink to Kuthrak. Return to Koligo.

6. Koligo sends you to froglok prison. A Froglok prisoner tells you a story about a froglak named Grothmal. Return to Koligo.

7. Koligo sends you to kill Grothmal (CONs Yel) and get ruby pendant. He comes out at night in the mushroom patch west of the war camp. Kill, loot necklace, return to Koligo. Return Jurglash.

Level 13
Starting NPC: Underlord Bugrish
1. Talk to Underlord Burgish, he is in a camp just past the coachman. He seds you to Scornblade D'Eleth in Neriak. Use the Waysender Zapgit, who is near the exit tunnel of Grobb.

2. Scornblade D'Eleth, he is in the area with the Arena, the place marked 13 on the city map of Neriak. He sends you to Dragoon X'Talin. You find X'Talin; head out of Neriak, and go west to the river, follow the river north and then west. The tower is on the northside of the river (Collenridge Cemetary (N)).

3. Dragoon X'Talin sends you to kill Shadow Cubs(CONs DB to Wht) for three (3) pelts. The Shadow Cubs can be found east of Dragoon X'Talin's tower. Head east, from the tower, and follow along the mountain Collenridge Cemetary (NE). Kill, loot 3 pelts, return to Dragoon X'Talin.

4. Dragoon X'Talin sends you back to Scornblade D'Eleth.

5. Scornblade D'Eleth sends you to fight a troll (CONs yel) in the arena. Kill, loot, and return D'Eleth.

6. To return to Grobb, pay 225 Tunare to that D'elf Waysender. Return to Underlord Bugrish.

7. Underlord Burgish rewards you.

Level 15
Starting NPC: Underlord Bugrish
1. Talk to Underlord Bugrish, he sends you to Smithy Cragis, in Clagga village for some weapons. To find Clagga village, go out the north end of the war camp, run north and slight west.

2. Smithy Cragis sends you to kill Bogscraper (CONs WHT), an alligator just outside of Clagga in any one of the three swamps. Kill, loot, return Cragis.

3. Smithy Cragis sends you to Turgot in Bashers Enclave, which is South/West from Grobb, along the Southern shoreline.

4. Turgot sends you to kill a Lizardman Fanatic (CONs yel) for his drum. To find him, go west out of the Enclave, and head south. When you see Lizardmen Caitiffs that's the spot. If you can't find any fanatic in the circle kill the stationary Caitiffs and soon a fanatic will spawn. You may need to kill a few fanatics before you get the drum. Kill loot return to Turgot.

5. Turgot sends you back to Cragis.

6. Cragis sends you to Scornblade J' Narus in Hazinak. Go Northeast from Clagga until you reach the coast line and follow it north to Hazinak. Return to Cragis.

Level 20
Starting NPC: Warlord Juglash
1. Talk to Warlord Juglash, he sends you to Hagley to talk to a Seer(name?). Use the Waysender to send you to Hagley. Find the only Seer there.

2. The Seer sends you to kill Farmers (CONs LB to DB) for three (3) Bags of Grain.. To find the farmers; Head south to the road then head west and you should be able to target "farmer" from the road. You want to kill Farmers not Odd Farmers.

More Directions to find the Farmers; Head south from Honjour until you see a farm, you will start conning some odd farmers and a guy named john, go past this farm and look for a road nearby, follow that road and you should see a windmill ahead, go to that windmill.

Kill, loot till you have three Bags of Grain, return to Seer.

3. Seer he sends you to kill a Froglok Ton(CONs Wht), in the caves nearby the town. Kill, loot sword, return to Seer.

4. Seer will teleport you back to Grobb. Go talk to Scornblade in Hazinak.

5. Scornblade sends you to someone(Name??? Read the dialog for it) in Freeport. Take the ferry from Hazinak to Freeport. The NPC is located in the house directly NE of the dock you land on. He tells you how to get to the Wilting Tree.

6. Coach to Neriak and head SW from the gate to the zone "The Green Rift". Get in the NE corner of the zone then head directly SW and eventually you will see a huge tree on the horizon, this is your destination. Around the tree you'll see a entrance to underneath the tree. You need to kill a mob "Root Spirit"(CONs Yel) and loot the roots off of him.

7. Return the roots to Juglash for your quest reward.

Bellow, Increase Maximum HP by 350, Increase Hitpoints by 350 OR
Pillar of Might, Increase Hate by 750, Increase AC by 500 for 12 seconds Self Only


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