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Wolf Were Quest

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Wolf Were Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:10 pm

Quest Name: Wolf Were Quest
Class: ALL
Quest NPC: Fryda Lightwolf in CLW
Location: Fryda is in the castle in North Wilderlands
Tail NPC: Levandius in the Unkempt Village, Unkempt North (S)

Speak with Fryda Lightwolf in Castle LightWolf. She will ask you to search for Brother Norton. To locate him, follow the road south from CLW. He is just past the Inn. Speaking with him triggers three mobs. One casts, the other two are melee. Their level is determined by the person who triggers them. After you have defeated them return to Fryda.

Fryda will now send you to speak with John Lightwolf in the Freezeblood village (N). Run south from Halas into the wilderness and search the terrain for him. He can be found at the base of a small hill in the ice planes. Speaking with him triggers three mobs similar to the first part of the quest. Return to Fryda after you have defeated them.

Fryda will now ask you to speak with Levandius in the Unkempt North (S) to log the tail quest. He is can be found in one of the suspended huts in the druid village. Log that quest and begin farming the appropriate wolfweres until you acquire an infection pop-up. If Levandius will not speak with you (ie. you can't even log the tail quest), you'll need to hunt wolfweres first to raise your faction with Night Reapers to 0 ( 150?).

For infection, killing weres that con YELLOW to you is key. Yellow conned weres give you the greatest chance of infection. Check your level against the zone information below and then ensure the are you are hunting Yellow Conned were's, otherwise you will only benefit from faction. If you are already infected, and faction is all you need, it is obviously easier to hunt in a lower level zone.

On having a level 60 in a group of lvl 30's: There was always a rumour that having a higher level toon in your group to help with the killing would mean your chances of infection would drop almost to nil. Well here's come good information:
Dustyspheres tells us: The rumor that having a level 60 in your low level group affects your chance of infection just isn't true in my experience. The last 9 infections I've gotten or helped get were all with the toons in one group, invised and on Auto-follow. These toons range from 33-39 and were on AF with a 60 bard that did all of the killing. All they did was loot tails and they still got infected. Some were in just a few kills and most were infected before anyone even had the required 1k faction to accept the infection.

"Were" to get infected

level 30-40
North Wilderlands (lvl 34 confirmed)
Unkempt North
Unkempt Glade
At level 37, in FW near the arches on the river is the identified PERFECT spot. Kill wildlife in that area and you'll spawn wolfweres. Better, you'll spawn a YELLOW wolfwere. In CS' experience, being level 37 and killing a yellow wolfwere at the arches = infection. Numerous guildees have been infected on just ONE yellow were near the arches. This theory holds true for any wishing infection on lion also.

level 40-50
Salisearaneen (46-47) [C] but more to the north end of centre, if you find yellow dire worgs, you're in the right spot -TY Kemuell
Forkwatch (lvl 40 - confirmed)

level 50-60
Stoneburnt Mountains (lvl 52-60 - confirmed)
*note SBM is crawling with wolfweres!
The Hunt

You will know you are infected when, on your approach to Levandius to turn in tails, you receive a popup that states he has something 'urgent' to speak with you about (see note below for clarification on this).
Note: you can also check for infection in Oasis. Go to the campfire near the water, severl npc's stand around it. Advisor Gerahl checks for general infection (ie. have you been infected by ANY were whatsoever). Advisor Nitarha checks specifically for wolf infection.

After you have become infected, Levandius (see note below) will ask you to defeat Zaran in the Unkempt North (C). You can find Zaran by running west along the road from CLW, pass the inn, there'll be a tower on your right hand side, he spawns just past that. The mob cons the same level as the person who triggers him, so bring assistance.

Note: If you get the popup that Levandius has something urgent to tell you a couple notes:
-First, if all he'll do is give you the tail quest again, check first-is your faction with Night Reapers 1000 or more? If not, get more faction by killing the weres. Second-if your faction is good, delete the tail quest in your quest log, re-speak to Levandius who will now give you the final part of your were infection quest.
-Next, when Levandius does give you his speech Do NOT take the antidote, or you lose your infection. Do NOT continue to hunt tails.

The following stats are at level 60. The first form is a quest reward and is level 30. The second form costs 50 cms and is a level 40 spell. The third form costs 25 and is a level 50 spell.

Wolfwere Feral Wolfwere Dire Wolfwere
Str 45 80 120
Sta 45 80 120
HPs 250 300 350
Int -16 -25 -50
resistable with Max AR
*pls note: the above stats scale. So at lvl 30 you may not get 45 str/sta in wolfwere form, but you will eventually as you level.

Level 40 Spell Quest

Warning: It is my general belief now that many of the level 40 spell quest mobs are triggered and not on spawn timers. If this assumption is correct, that means if someone happens to defeat the mobs before you reach it you will not be able to complete the quest unless you relog your quest with the npc quest giver. It is recommended that you scout the spawn location before triggering the mob to assure no one is camping your spawn. Or have a guildee camp the spot where your mob will spawn, THEN log the quest. This way, your guildee can "protect" your spawn until you can run there to kill it.

Speak with Edward Duskrender (TY Pixie_FH) in the druid village in the Unkempt North (S) (on the ground near the tree with Levanidus). You will be asked to defeat Martin Flicker. He can be found in the Mayfly Glade (E), near the river. There is a huge rock, and a smaller nearby. Standing on the rock, facing the forest, you will see a log lying on the ground to your right. Martin spawns just ahead, in the trees. He is a caster and will con white. He spawns TEN levels higher than you, it is recommended you were high AR.

Next you will be asked to speak with Dawn Raylight in Muriel Village (C) and John Dewey in Misty Thicket (NE)

Your final task is to defeat Jasmine, a bear found within Surefall Glade (NE). The mob is located within the city walls, which may be of concern to evil aligned characters who cannot coach in. Evils will have to run from Honjour, then invis to get into SfG. Jasmine cons red and is a triggered mob (again, have a guildee camp the spawn location to make sure someone else does not kill your mob. Jasmine is melee only, not a caster, much easier to kill than Martin). She will spawn on the far side of the lake. Should someone else kill Jasmine, you will need to re-log your quest (do NOT delete it from quest log, just speak to the quest NPC in the druid village in the Unkempt North again).

Return to Edward Duskrender and collect your reward


Growl of Battle
War Pal Sk
Str/Sta group buff, scales with lvl. At lvl 60 is 67.

Rage of Drinal
Ran Brd Rge
self-buff. 75 base to str/sta with mods: 100% int mod on str, 100% wis mod on sta.
185 power cost, 2 min buff stacks with forms
You get debuffed 50%in/wis but this is resistable with AR.
(w/max AR you should only lose about 5-10% of your int/wis.

Howl of Terror
Wiz Nec Enc Mag Alc
Similar to a Nec pact spell. Raise the groups power at the expense of your own. Costs 240 pow with a 60 sec recast. Sacrifices about 220 mana to give the group about 240 mana.

Howl of Doom
Cl Sha Drd
A group life-tap. At level 40 does 166 dmg and drains 83 Hp.


The three mobs for the first two parts don't necessarily spawn at the same level as the person who triggers them. At 60 they were white, but at 52 they were red (I'm guessing level 55). The final mob, Zaren, still spawns red to a 60 even when triggered by a 52 though.

Jasmine spawns on the NE end of the lake in Surefall, quite close to the shore in a triangle of trees where one of them has roots, it looks a lil different, it would appear that the spawn isn't that long, not even a 5 minute turnaround between me and the monk I did this last part with, tough mob though.


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