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Were-Hunter Quest

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Were-Hunter Quest Empty Were-Hunter Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:11 pm

Quest Name: Were-Hunter Quest
Level: All
Quest NPC: Djivan Mertshak
Location: Oasis

PART 1-Mandatory

Speak with Djivan Mertshak in Oasis. He will give you a silver needle and ask you to search for a suspicious character with a pet rat in Hodstock.

In a small farming village in Hodstock (NW) you will find Slick Svenson and his pet rat, Bucktooth. When you poke Slick with the needle he and his pet turn into lycanthropes!

Their levels will be determined by the level of the person doing the quest. Both will con red and are not solable. Be prepared for a fight. The spawn time on the mob is about 10 minutes.

Loot the NTL item and return to Dijivan. He will then ask you to find a women named Lynda Elmquist in Jethro's Pike.

Jethro's Pike is located in Jethro's Cast (S). There you will find Lynda standing in a small building. When you speak with her, she too turns into a lycanthrope! She, like Slick cons red. Her respawn is about 5-15 minutes. Defeat the foul abomination and return to Dijivan.

After you have spoken with Dijivan he will ask you to speak with Marona Jofranka in Freeport.

Marona is located north of the coach near the dueling arena. She tells you to go speak with Dravin Slaerin in the Merchant House east of her. He is in the same building as Kradish Du'Klot from the Dead Hills quest.

Dravin gives you a pouch and tells you to go speak with Necrologist Ipstock in Hazinak.

Ipstock can be found standing by the river in Hazinak (C). When you speak with him, he too turns into a lycanthrope! He cons red and has a pet named "swarming minion." He, unlike the previous lycanthropes does not drop a NTL. Assure that the person with the quest logged is in the kill-group when he is defeated in order to be "flagged." If accomplished, their quest-log should be updated. Return to Dravin.

Dravin then sends you back to Marona.

Marona warns you of a plot being conceived by an infamous vampire to summon undead beasts for what can only be assumed to be evil purposes. She tells you to return to the Oasis and alert Djivan.

In the Oasis, Dijvan gives you 2,000,000 XP. If you speak with him again, he asks if you want to join the Were Hunters.
Note: to complete this quest and be offered the werehunters brand you need a minimum of +500 faction with the Gypsies of Tunaria (not the Tunarian Gypsies). To get faction, head to siloths and farm. The easier mobs at the top give +1 faction per kill, as get lower down, mobs give +5, while at the very bottom - each kill will give you +10 faction.

If you select "yes," he will put a "brand" on you preventing you from ever becoming infected by a lycanthropy. You will also recieve a level 30 ring and now have access to the general were hunter cms.

Congratulations, you are now an official Were Hunter!

Melee: Gypsy Honour Ring lvl30 str15 intel15
Tank: Gypsy Honor Ring lvl30 str15 int15
Healer: Gypsy Honor Ring, lvl30 str15 int15
Caster: Gypsy Honor Ring, lvl30 str15 int15

Keep this ring. Eventually, as you progress your quest to becoming a werehunter, you'll be required to show the ring to have it upgraded. Tank one gets upgraded like this:
*Gypsy Honor Insignia Lvl55 str25 int25 necklace

PART 2-Optional
By gokukicks, Yaeadane, edited by Singz (from Questmasters)

1. Get your Tunaria Gypsies fact to 500+ and speak again with Djivan Mertshak in Oasis.

2. Djivan sends you to intercept shipment on Siloth docks (located south of the cave, next to the river). On the docks, kill the blackscourge smugglers/siloth knights until you can loot a folded parchment and siloth coin purse.

3. Now go to the magically locked chest they were standing next to and open it. It basically says the folded parchment had some words you recite and it opens the box. Return to Djivan in Oasis.

4. Tell Djivan what the contents of the chest were and show him the coinpurse. He will then tell you to take the coinpurse to Marona Jofranka in Freeport.

5. Jofranka sends you to the Klick'Anon Necro guild to see Necrologist Quenka [located near were the books are for the Highbourne Storyteller quest]. Quenka will take the coin purse from you and release a free spirit. Talk to the spirit and he tells you of a vampire called Tserrina. Return to Oasis to talk to Djivan.
Note: the spirit is not around for long, talk fast; if it despawns before you've finished it won't hurt the quest.

6. Djivan will now send you to kill Tserrina who resides NW of the salt mine on a hill with a castle on it. You'll see battlebones fighting siloths (Salt Mines NW). Her coffin is on the 3rd floor. you're to kill her and return to Djivan. Ensure all questers are in the kill group as this is a kg flag.
Note: In order to open her coffin, you need an uncommon/rare drop called an "incantation" to open it; kill siloths on the various floors or kill a named arch-necro to get one.
Tserrina has some decent level appropriate drops:
Mistmoore Betrothal Gown Equip: robe HP: 9300 DUR: 65 Race: ALL Class: MNK DRD SHA CL ALC MAG ENC NEC WIZ Level:45 STA:8 AGI:8 CHA:15 AC:35 Colour: Indigo
Description: An elaborate and enchanted gown given by Mayong Mistmoore to his vampiric brides.
Harnessed Soul Gem HP: 9100 DUR: 50 Race: ALL Class: ALC MAG ENC NEC WIZ Level: 40 INT:30 Power:125 Description: A magical gem powered by a soul trapped within it. Effect: none Appearance: Glowing Hand
And various other drops: Staff, mistmoore betrothal ring

7. Djivan will reward you with 8.3million xp (un-booned) and:
Charm of Gemile (neck lvl 40 str15 wis30 healer item)
Rewards will vary by class.


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