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Were-Hunter Ability Quest

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Were-Hunter Ability Quest Empty Were-Hunter Ability Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:13 pm

Quest Name: Were-Hunter Ability Quest
Level: 46+
Class: All
Quest NPC: Djivan Mertshak
Location: Oasis

Note: to log this quest you need a minimum of +500 faction with the Gypsies of Tunaria (not the Tunarian Gypsies). To get faction, head to siloths and farm. The easier mobs at the top give +1 faction per kill, as get lower down, mobs give +5, while at the very bottom - each kill will give you +10 faction.

Talk to Djivan Mertshak in Oasis. Djivan tells you a long story about Mayong Mistmoore, a vampire who seeks control of the siloths. He asks for your help in defeating Mistmoore. Djivan tells you to see Enrique Revnold by the crossroads at Forkwatch.

Enrique talks about his ancestor, Vedel Revnold, a famous bard. Vedel crafted a song to rouse Mistmoore from his coffin, but Vedel was defeated and became the Maestro of Rancor. Enrique will give you a tome of Vedel's songs but in exchange wants a Writ of the Wild from the Unkempt Druids. Farm rangers and druids in the Unkempt Village (where levandius is) [Unkempt North SW] to find your writ of the wild. Usually drops in about 15 minutes of farming.

Return to Enrique with the Writ of the Wild and receive Vedel's songs in exchange. He tells you the Maestro can only be summoned by playing the songs on an intrument crafted by a vampire.

You are to look for the instrument in the vampire's lair. Head to Saltmines (SW) - not the castle, the mines - find you way down the ramps several levels. Find Colen Ilbeth and enter the tunnel where he stands, go down some more ramps. Eventually, you find yourself entering a small room with 3 drachnids, clear them. Beyond that is a circular room with drachnids and a red spider graphic on the floor. Go to the second room on your right, clear the room, keep mobs down.

Approach the organ and get a popup, and Maestro of Rancor spawns in the middle of the carpet (CONs yel@lvl50). Kill the Maestro and loot a song page.
If more than one questor needs to kill the Maestro, you will have to wait on the respawn time, which can be more than 30 min (ie. this is not a group flag).

Now it's time to find Mayong Mistmoore. Head back out to the central room, and again head to the second tunnel on your right. You'll come across the room with the 'drachnid body snatcher'; clear this room. Pass through this room and down a tunnel, turn right at the brick lined hallway, and STAY right. Follow the hall to the end, there will be a small room with two glyph familiars and a drachnid, clear the room and take the ramp down. In the large cavern down below you can clear mobs. You will be able to con 'stone coffin'; there are several down there. Con around and see if you con the coffin of Mayong Mistmoore. He is a rare spawn and you won't catch him here very often. If he is 'up', the assemble your team to take him down.
Note: you MUST be in the ks (kill group) group to advance your quest. Be in a group with 3 other DD's and have everyone else ungroup (this mob is easily one groupable though). DON'T DIE - if you die you have to restart the quest.
2nd note: If more than one questor is at this exact spot in the quest (ie kill mayong), as long as all questors are in the killgroup, all will have their quest advanced.

Mistmoore has a AoE lifetap, so only the tank should face him head on; everyone else should hide from the AoE and pop out quickly to cast/melee etc. If he lifetaps you, it heals him and keeps the fight going longer. Kill Mayong Mistmoore, get the xp for the kill, and your quest log will advance.

Return to Djivan Mertshak in Oasis to get 1.4 million in xp and a reward (see below).


Note on ability rewards: The ..stat buff for 80 and 40 is always the odd stat for that archtype that werehunter is trying to promote, or simply both tanks and melees get 80 int and both healers and casters get 80 str.

Melee: A necklace and a scroll.
*Troka's Blessing (spell scroll, use it to put into your spell book)
The necklace (the talisman of Troka) must be in your inventory or bank for the ability to function. It is a +80 intel/+40 dex, stacks with other buffs.
*Talisman of Troka, necklace, NTL, Lvl50, Dex30, Int15

Tank: A necklace and a scroll.
*Blessing of Valentina (spell scroll, use it to put into your spell book)
Cast: 6 Recast: 60 Power: 25
Description: By invoking the spirit of the gypsy heroine Valentina your body and mind are strengthened.
This is a strength and intelligence buff +40 intel/+80 str
*Talisman of Valentina, necklace, NTL, Lvl50 str30 int15

Caster: A necklace and a scroll.
*Blessing of Yazmina
Cast: 6 Recast: 60 Pow: 25 Lvl:50
By invoking the spirit of the gypsy sorceress Yazmina your body and mind are one.
This is a strength and intelligence buff +40 intel/+80 str
*Talisman of Yazmina, necklace, NTL, Lvl50, str15, int30

Healer: A necklace and a scroll
*Blessing of Luludja
Lvl 50
Wisdom and Strength buff: str80 wis40
*Talisman of Luludja, necklace, NTL, Lvl 50, drd/sha/cl str15, wis30


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