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Were-Hunter Trials

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Were-Hunter Trials Empty Were-Hunter Trials

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:13 pm

Quest Name: WereHunter Trials
Level: 50+
Class: All
NPC: Djivan Mertshak
Location: Oasis

Conflict between the Lycans and WereHunters grows Tense! Those who have accepted the werehunter brand may find new tasks in Oasis to undertake. Check out the other were hunter quest here!

Quest Part I-Siloths

See Djivan Mertshak in Oasis. When entering the village from the coach, his tent is on the far right with two assistants (south, s/w of coach).
Note: Djivan Mertshak will not speak with you unless you have a minimum of +500 faction with the Gypsies of Tunaria...see note below on how to improve your faction.

"Gypsies have recently learned that Lord Phinnius enlisted additional forces to keep watch over his enslaved workers. Perhaps Lord Phinnius only wishes for his wealth to grow but we cannot allow this atrocity to continue. Head to the saltmines and hinder the siloths in any way possible. It will provide a means to measure your devotion."
Translation: You need a minimum of +1851 faction with the Gypsies of Tunaria (not the Tunarian Gypsies). To get faction, head to siloths and farm. The easier mobs at the top give +1 faction per kill, as get lower down, mobs give +5, while at the very bottom - each kill will give you +10 faction. You can farm the faction in advance of logging this quest.

When you are ready, speak with his assistant Jhevin, who is standing next to him. If you make the minimum faction requirement he will give you an acomplishment token and tell you to speak with Djivan Mertshak again.

Do not reply to the NPC with rude comments or you are penalized by removal of faction.

Quest Part II-Hunt + Gather for Faction

Once you have obtained max faction See Djivan Mertshak again in Oasis. Now begins the farming portion of this quest.

"Well done, you proved your devotion. The first step is to take this insignia as a token of dedication (Gypsy Honor Insignia Lvl 55, NTL, necklace, +25 str/dex)."
Note: you must be Lvl 55 for Djivan to give you the hunt and gather part of the quest.

He asks you to obtain stacks and sets (parts of werebeasts), when you turn in these stacks/sets your faction will increase (very slowly). You need to increase it to +2000.

A stack is 4 of the very same item from one were (like 4 lionwere tails). A set is 5 of the same type of item (like a tail from a lion, wolf, bear, rat and gator). Best to turn in items as sets instead of stacks since you will get more faction that way. Here are places to hunt for weres:

* Lions= Deathfist Horde East and Southeast, leonines spawn at night and lasts 1 hour. The EQOA sun sets at :55 and rises at :25. When the sun sets in this zone between the castle and the mountains the 3 subzones will despawn all mobs and respawn leonines at night. You can farm them for the pristine items you will need as well as stacks you need for your faction quest. Keep killing the other wildlife as well and leonines will respawn at a good rate. If you're persistant you can farm your faction here in a few days.
Marvlevy provides this time saving tip: Also, if you can get a druid or wizzy to port you to SBC and/or SBM for the other 30 min (when the leonines are down), the time flies by and the parts really add up.
Note: Also during the day in Deathfist Horde, run to Wktann's 4th and grab any rats and wolfs that you can there; they will only provide tails but rat is the hardest to find so get what you can.
* Gator= Lake Noreguard, kill ancient gharails in lake, one gator will spawn per 4-5 kills, they drop pristine items needed also.
* Rat, lion, Gator = head to south barren coast ( especially after a server reset) there are 4-5 areas that spawn weres consistantly when you farm the mobs there ( i find wisps best placeholders) rats with items needed other than tails can also be farmed in geo citidel but I dont think the spawns on them are good enough to warrent going out there.
* Lastly, head into stonebrunt for bear and wolf, usually gan grab a full set of tails/items from them, and if you run in after farming SBC the trip to cave entry will likely find you 1-3 rats and 5-6 bears.
* SBC for rats, gators, and lions: My favorite spot is the area around the southern most ratman camp. It's a pretty narrow area, you can almost see both coasts to the east and west, the zone line is to the south, and there is a big mountain to the north. This helps keep the wildlife pretty contained, so it's easy to keep track of where things might spawn, but it is a large enough area to constantly be killing. Also, the zone crashes alot, which spawns a very decent amount of weres all over.
* Saliseareen for bears and wolfs: About 75% of the weres that spawn there are green, but the rest are LB, and i find it easier to farm there lately since SBM has been packed, and the wildlife is much easier to kill.
* Neonii comments: if you do chose to farm sets the weres spawn much better on thursdays after the servers reset after maint. A cool tip i can give for farming in sbc is to get a klic bow use it to kill the wisp. That way you dont have to get that close to them. They seem to be placeholdeers for the weres. I can say that in my experience when i killed the wisp many more weres spawned . I goofed up on the wh trials and had to refarm sets. I did the gators in lake N. It took more time but they spawned there better than in sbc.

Have 25 inventory spaces available. It's advised to make a bank character in Oasis to transfer the unused items while waiting to grab more.

Reward: The reward is a ring.
The melee one is Gypsy Were-Hunter Ring
13000/13000 Dur: 50 Dex: 45 CR: 5 Int: 20 FR: 5
This ring is bestowed upon only the most loyal and dedicated were hunter candidates.

BEFORE PROCEEDING TO THE TRIALS YOU MUST NOW COMPLETE THE ELDER TCHEKOF QUEST (TY Yado). Once complete, return to this quest and complete Part 3 - the Trials.

Quest Part III-The Trials

1. Talk to Delegate Tenrathe to start the WereHunter Trials. He is located in the SE part of Oasis near the fence close to the river. (Make sure you have your WereHunter ring along.) He will send you to see Nivaan D'Tarin.
IMPORTANT NOTE (TY Xilok, CLW): When you speak to the Delegate, and you've unlocked the werehunter cms (via the Tlder Tchekof quest) you will be given a sealed letter. When you go to speak with Nivaan D'Tarin if you do not have your sealed letter then you will lose -250 faction with the werehunters and then have to farm it by getting sets of parts excluding tails. So make sure to bring both your werehunter ring AND the sealed letter to the NPC on the raft or you will lose faction like i did.

2. Nivaan D'Tarin is in Bogman (NE), on floating raft in the water. After some quest dialogue, Nivaan tells you to remember "But the warm air carries itself into the night." Nivaan will then port you to Wymondomen (N).

1st Trial - "Trial of Sight and Memory"

3. Once you in Wymondhmen (N), speak to Trainer Iruko. He will go through some quest dialogue and when you are ready to get started. You must speak with him again. He will present you with the "Concentration Totem" and your TEN MINUTES will start before the quest dialogue is finished. Trainer Iruko will port himself to a near by hill. Go speak with him on this hill and he will place you where HE wants you to stand.

Once you are where he wants you... THREE different Were-Beasts will spawn each a little bit apart of each other and in a line. When you are facing that line; the Were Mob on YOUR left is MOB #1 and proceeding to MOB #3 as you progress to the right.

NOTE: Make sure and take a couple of minutes to identify WHICH Were is WHERE and WHAT type of WERE is WHERE. And, just for good measure write them down really quick.

There will be three sets of three questions to go with the three sets of answers listed below. After you have identified the weres in the line, talk to Trainer Iruko again to start the question and answer portion.

Remember the following "cheat sheet" for the question and answer portion..

Set One Answers are: 3-3-3
Set Two Answers are: 3-2-1
Set Three Answers are: 2-1-2

NOTE: The answers USUALLY start with the 3-3-3 sequences.

If you HAPPEN to answer incorrectly or take longer than 10 minutes; you will LOSE 75 faction with the WereHunters of Tunaria and will have to re-farm those 75 faction points back in order to take the test over. The Djivan Mertshak (faction quest giver) in Oasis now ONLY accepts SETS... for instance ONE from every were... lion, wolf, rat, bear and gater. The only sets that will NOT be accepted are sets of Tails.

Set of hides / pelts = + 6
Set of meats = +12
Set of claws = +16
Set of teeth = +18

When you have refarmed your faction, you will need to return to Wymondhem (N) and talk to Trainer Iruko to redo the question and answer portion of the Trails.


5. Master Iruko tells you to seek out Irlynn Poe near a bridge in the Jared's Blight zone. Poe is located under the bridge on the east side of the river near the Darvar Manor coach. Poe will "upgrade" your WH ring here. For the AwH ring:

Before: Arcane WH Band After: Radiant Arcane Band

+5 FR/CR +5 LR/AR

2nd Trial - "Trial of Scent and Tracking"

6. Go to Cyclops's Fortress (C), and on a hill with a "T"-stone you will find Master Landaar. You will speak with him to begin this Trial.

7. He tells you about this portion. Some stuff about scent and tracking of weres and that you need to learn to track and scent. You will follow markers to locate the captured but released were. He then tells you that you will need the assistance of your allies as this captured were-beast is much stronger than the ones that you have previously fought. After you have gathered your allies (group), speak with him again to start. After he tells you to begin, the clock for a 15-minute deadline begins ticking.

NOTE: Go exactly to where the popups are as written in this walk-thru as they will be within a couple steps in either direction of where you are.

Popup #1: This popup is directly WEST of Master Landaar. It is to the NORTH side of the SECOND rock you come to. It should be the larger of the two as you travel west from Master Landaar.

Popup #2: This popup is SOUTH / SOUTHWEST from the 1st. It is kind of in the middle of a triangle formed by 3 trees. This popup is probably the hardest of the four to find.

Popup #3: This popup is EAST / SOUTHEAST from the 2nd. It is next to a BIG rock near the northern most Cyclops's tent.

Popup #4: This popup is NORTH from there. It is located on the NORTH crest of the hill that the "T"-stone and Master Landaar are found. You SHOULD get this popup as you start going back down the hill. This popup tells you that you have sighted the captured (but released) were-beast.

WARNING: DO NOT, REPEAT, DO NOT.. Go directly to the were-beast as you WILL scare it off and you will have to repeat the 1st Trial over again. My suggestion (as I got it from a fellow WereHunter) is go WIDELY out of your way to get to this were-beast. Go back south.. then east.. then come back north to the were-beast.. BUT DO NOT GO DIRECTLY TO IT!!
Coglin notes: You don't need to take the wide birth to get to the were beast once he is spawned if, and only if you have someone not doing the quest pull him, then after he is pulled you can appraoch immidiately.

The were-beast that spawns is "A Vicious xxxWere" and has a BUNCH of hp (could be wolf,gator etc....) kill it and loot whatever drops.

Note: If you fail this portion of the trial, speak again with npc Master Landaar and tell him you failed (if he will not talk to you, you can delete the quest and then talk to him). He will tell you to redo the 1st Trial (no faction lost unless you answer wrong).

8. After killing the were-beast, go speak with Assistant Urtoe (near where you killed the were-beast). He is the first to congratulate you on completing the 2nd Trial and welcomes you to the WereHunter Council. He tells you to go visit Delegate Rhinni in Oasis.

9. Delegate Rhinni is located along the WESTERN fence of Oasis near the river. He will upgrade your ring and present you with your archetypical ability. The upgrade to the ring adds +5 to the remaining resists and changes the name to Luminous (archetype) Band.

Tank ability is:
Hunters Scorn
Description: An invisible shield around you is particularily maddening to any enemy that attacks you. Scope: Self
Cost: 500pow
Range: 20
Cast: 2
Recast: 3
Lvl 55
Has a 50 DS/Hate shield and lasts 10 minutes (might have an Int mod for the hate on it)(overridden by other DS and needs to be fixed)
*Heroic WereHunter Band Lvl60 Str45 FR5 CR5 Int20

Healer Ability is
Combat Healing
"Heals your comrade at close range"
Scope: Target
Cast: 3
Recast: 6
Power: 500
Range: 15
Lvl: 55
It's a short recast stack with a base of 300 and a 100% str mod. The recast is only 6 sec, whereas most cleric stack recasts are 19 sec.
Gokukicks further adds: Most str you can achieve is 580 (str maxes, godborn, wh str max+30) so this should max your stack at 880.
*Luminous Divine Band lvl 60 str20 wis45 5 to all resists

Melee reward is
Precious Strike
Scope: Target Cast: 1
Recast: 30 Power: 300
Equip Reg: ANY
Level: 55 Range: 5.0
A strike that is only most effective with the utmost concentration, and from the back.
AKA, an int modded backstab. Two different dmg numbers appear, both int modded, so it maybe they are different resist types.
1250 + 650 @ 185 int
1079 +570 @ 140 int
1080 +980 @ 90 int

Caster reward is:
Shards of the Hunter
Description: "Magical shards pierce just about any armor."
lvl 55 nuke
2 cast
3 recast
300 power
10' range
Malistroi says (about Arcane WH): When you complete the Elder trials and beat all the boss were's, you recieve an ability called Shards of the Hunter; this ability is a piercing based nuke that does 600 base damage with a 200% strength mod (at 450 strength I am doing 1500 points of damage with it).
**Luminous Arcane Band
Level 60 NTL HP13000 Dur70
Str20 Int45 +5 to All Resists
This ring is bestowed upon Were-Hunters that have successfully completed the Trial of Scent and Tracking.


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