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Were-Hunter Elder Tchekof Quest

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Were-Hunter Elder Tchekof Quest Empty Were-Hunter Elder Tchekof Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:14 pm

Quest Name: Elder Tchekof
Level: 60
Class: All/All
NPC: Elder Tchekof
Location: Oasis

Begin this quest when you have reached 2k+ faction via the were-hunter Trials quest.

Talk to Elder Tchekof, he's about 50 feet from the oasis coachwoman in the NW direction by a tree. He tells you what the plan is that they are putting to work to rid Tunaria of the Were-Beasts.

He needs you to bring him the Wererat disguise from Dram Corma (in tent next to hunt and gather were parts giver Djivan Mertshak) and 1 tail from each type of were beast (lion, bear, rat, wolf, gator).

Dram Corma is a side quest, it is repeatable. Dram send you to Deathfist Horde zone (E) and find Yrin Croto (sp?). Yrin gives you the wererat disguise and a letter to give to one of the messengers in either HP or FP (be advised that once you give the letter in you trigger the porting werehunters).

Go to HP/FP and find the messenger (for HP this is Polinee Hirbo, the messenger asks that you bring him 4 platinum sprokets from Cape Dreg clockworks. Once you have the sprockets return to messenger and get 2million xp (no faction).

Return to the Elder and give in the wererat disguise and tails. He takes them and gives you a weregator disguise.
Note: If your tank is a were, or your melees are were, these mobs will deathtouch. It's an Aoe range of maybe 10. Have someone agg the mob with a pet first, out in front of your party, then have your tank engage and the DT doesn't go off. Not sure on the mechanics of why, but we've done it this way many times without death. Or, have your tank be a non-were.

First up, The Bone Cruncher. Head to Dinbak (SE) and talk to him, he will de-spawn. Head back to shore and travel a bit east. He will be there and will con red, talk to him and commence to the arse kicking. This guy is tough, Warhog was tanking and all he said from the spiritmaster was \\\\\\"11k nuke\\\\\\". After he dies take his tooth back to Elder.

Elder has now a wererat costume waiting for you, off to FP to talk and kill Yindrius. Speak to Yin and he de-spawns and respawns at madmen, like Bonecruncher he's tough. After killing him, take a piece of his fur back to the Elder.

Elder now has the werelion costume. Off to Sondereel Village to kill Corindas. Elder says he is tougher than last two mobs, we shall see...NOT! Speak to Corindas and he re-spawns a bit south of village along river bank. Once you drop the lion, take his claw back to the Elder.

The Elder now sends you to kill Dorandas, the werebear in the Unkempt North (S). He de-spawns and heads a little west of where you speak to him. Kill the foul beast and take his tail back to the Elder.

Now comes the tricky part, Levandius (wolfwere) is aware of my presence. The Werehunters schemed a plan to lure him away from the village. Head north east of the village to where the snow meets the grass Razz . In Unkempt North (E) there is a rock formation on top of a hill. There are 5 guardian of Levandius (con Yellow) and Levandius (con red)himself. This is a tough SOB! Kill him and take his eye to Elder.
Note: it's hard to single pull the 5 mobs surrounding Levanidus. Low level nec life tap works fine or you can come in from behind and off to one side you can body pull them 1 at a time.

He sends you to a Delegate south of the coach at corner of wall. You are done...or are you.

Completing this gives you access to new werehunter cms. Similar to were beast cms.

Visit the TEAMJOSH website for a comprehensive list of the werehunter CMs.


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