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Lilara & Skerg Quest

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Lilara & Skerg Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:24 pm

These are one off hunt and gather quests, the rewards are very poor:

Lilara, in Cara Village (c), roams near the village. This quest is only for low level toons.
She's an upset little girl, and tells you she lost her kitty. If you chose to help her, the popup roams around a bit but can usually be found over the hill, just to the east of Lilara (if not there, then try near Centre/west).
Her "kitty" is actually a bear. When you get the popup, Kitty spawns in front of you and is being attacked by two wolves. Quick, save Kitty! If you manage to save Kitty, con her and speak with her (press square), and you are told that kitty is thankful and runs away home.
Return to Lilara for your reward. You are given 100k xp (w/o luck) and 200 tunar. Quest is repeatable.

Skerg, on the road north from FP. High level toons only. He wants to make a pretty necklace and asks you to get him some 'pretties'. He sends you to Dead Hills to kill zombies and spiders for 2 zombie sinews and 2 rusty needles. Reward is some worthless stack necklace.


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