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Pickclaw Hunt & Gather Quest

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Pickclaw Hunt & Gather Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:25 pm

Quest Name: Pickclaw Hunt & Gather Quest
Level: ALL
Class: ALL
Quest NPC: Udrick Lazow
Location: Highpass

Note: it is possible to level your new toon very fast, solo'ing the pickclaw camps and using luck or xp pots.

Mobs can be found in two locations:
* directly out the east door (and down the road) of Highpass;and
* directly west of the "gate" at the wall between Rivervale and Misty Thicket.
The only difference between the two locations is that the Rivervale Questgiver (Degobo Collfoot) was removed. If you farm pickclaws in Rivervale, you'll have to coach to HP and speak with Udrick to turn them in.

There are two NPCs in Highpass; one who will accept Weapons and sashes from appropriate level mobs in exchange for XP and tunar (Udrik Lazow in Highpass) . The other mentions looking for a "key" to defeating the goblins. (Yalie Keylotta in Highpass)

In Highpass the NPCs are out the east door immediately before going down the hill. There are also camps up above the road after you got through the first gate house on top of hills on either your left or right.

In Rivervale (Misty Thicket (E)), you can find the camps by heading north to the end of the wall, go around the wall and head directly west past the goblin tower. There are three camps, plus occasional spawning roamers. (reminder, no npc to turn in items in Rivervale, only HP)

Mobs come in 6 level groups (8ish , 18ish, 28ish, 38ish, 48ish, 58ish). The camps (campfires) where pickclaws are located can be farmed to level 30, although the xp slows down considerably towards the end. At level 30, delete your hunt and gather quest and speak with hunt and gather npc again. He'll give you a slightly harder quest, and now you must farm the mobs that roam up towards HP on the road, or the mobs that roam towards the wall in Misty Thicket. The mobs in HP are usually up; look for mobs that con lb to yellow to you. Killing greens or reds is worthless as you cannot turn in those items (although you could start a stack of red drops to turn in later). Loot sashes, totems, and weapons. The totems and weapons give the most xp, but are rarer drops.

Each distinct type of mob will drop either a melee weapon or caster weapon('rarer' drops) and both will drop the same sash. Each stack to 99.

Much rarer then the weapons are "Shoddy Pickcklaw key", which are needed to do the pickclaw key quest (they stack to 10).

If Keys are turned in in Highpass you are told it is not a literal key that is being sought but it's an interesting find and to hang on to it.

If turned in in Rivervale you are told "a key without a lock, I'll have to take stock,store it in your sock,when the clock goes tic tock on my door you can knock" (again appearing to tell you to just hang on to it)

In each area (RV/HP) there are a few small camps that are "safe" from adds where ONLY the level 8/9 mobs spawn. Each 'camp' is identified by a non interactable treasure chest and a fire.

The easiest way to confirm exact level caps is just have people mention what level they are and which "group" they can turn in for and which they can't.

Group 1 Brawlers / Shamans (Mob level 8/9) Completable 1-25(-?) / NOT Completable (?-)29-60

Group 2 Adept Brawlers / Adept Shamans (Mob level 18/19) Completable (?-)20-29(-?) / NOT Completable (?-)37-60

Group 3 Warriors / Mystics (Mob level 28/29) Completable (?-)29-39(-?) / NOT Completable 1-20(-?) & (?-)45-60

Group 4 Adept Warriors / Adept Mystics (Mob level 38/39) Completable (?-)37-45(-?) / NOT Completable 1-29(-?)

Group 5 Soilders / Elders (Mob level 48/49) Completable (?-)45-60 / NOT Completable 1-39(-?)

Group 6 Adept Soilders / Adept Elders (Mob level 58/59) Completable (?-)45-60 NOT Completable 1-39(-?)


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