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Pickclaw Key Quest

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Pickclaw Key Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:25 pm

Quest Name: Pickclaw Key Quest
Level: ALL
Class: ALL
Quest NPC: Yalie Keylotte/Gilly Locketoe
Location: Highpass/Rivervale

"Shoddy Pickclaw Keys" drop off the goblins in highpass and rivervale. All levels of gobs drop them.

Loot a key, then talk to Yalie Keylotta in highpass or Gilly Locketoe in Rivervale to log the pet quest.

Head out to Runneyeye. At the first wall, before you reach the main encampment, is a small valley heading down to your right. Follow that valley, take ur first right.

Find those guards that are light blue to you. Kill them until the Superior Jailor spawns. The first person the Jailor hits will be ported to the 'jail' not far away and invisible walls will enclose that person. Those in your group remaining must now kill the higher level guards that have spawned until the Head Pickclaw Jailor spawns.

He's a tough caster. Kill him, he drops four keys. Loot one, and head to the "jail" where your groupmate was banished to. As you approach the invisible walls come down and you can talk to a prisoner. You are given a choice of a pickclaw pet, a pickclaw sash, or a pickclaw form.

* Sturdy pickclaw Pet - buffs you for 400 ac, str, agi, and int. 10 charges, buff lasts till u dismiss pet
* Convincing Pickclaw Illusion - stats are stackable, you get dex, wis, and cha.
* Sash - a belt, stats vary by level.


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