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Siloth Ring Quest

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Siloth Ring Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:26 pm

The Siloth Ring hunt and gather (HnG) quest remains one of the most popular HnG quests for levelling toons, in the range of 30-45. Speak to Sergeant Sturgol, who stand in the tower, directly above the entrance to FW. If you are evil, and the people in FW are red faced to you, turn into your first were-form, then recon - they should be white faced to you now and you'll be able to log the quest.

You will be rewarded for every four Siloth Insignia Rings you turn in to Sergeant Stugol. Using the luck, or xp pots, will make this even more profitable.

Once you have reached the 46th season, speak to Captain Riloh, in the same tower, but on the other side, where you can log a new Siloth Quest. The rings you need for this one are harder to get and drop less, but still, not bad xp when you turn them in.


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