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Path & Tp/Cm Rehab

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Path & Tp/Cm Rehab Empty Path & Tp/Cm Rehab

Post by Ronson on Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:29 pm

Tp/CM Rehabilitators can be found:

  • on the road from Darvor Mannor to Blackburrow.

  • the road to Runnyeye, near the 17 quest mob/luck popup place.

  • another can be found in North Ro (W), on the hill with 2 rocks, and a bunch of cactus, at the Nashier camp by the ocean, the one with Nashier Hunters

This rehab can be done as many times as you like, just be careful to NOT release CMs in the process of buying, there is nothing the devs can do to help you if you mess up.

Also, upon completion of your level 60 epic, as part of the finalization process to obtaining your final path spell spell, your cm's and tp's will be reset.

Path Rehabilitation can be done once @ 49 and once @ 60, FREE
You can no longer "rehab" with an anniversary certificate.

Alchemist: Jethro's Cast (W), on a hill.

Bard: Temple of Light (N) on top of a hill near the house, where you kill the rogue for the DH 53 quest.

Cleric: Al Karad Ruins(W), at river, just south across the marsh from the main ruins. Master Rjurkan, Assistant Tonitha.
Note: If you are resist path, you will need to speak with Trainer Yarblo in DM, behind coach, by the dock, to obtain your pet resist spell first, if you don't already have it.

Druid: Snafitzer's House (E) one zone west of Fayspires.

Enchanter: is Fog Marsh (S), just south of the river and north of a swamp. There is a cave to the east with undead outside and frogloks inside, on a hill.

Magician: Freezeblood Village (E), just west of stream past goblin camps, across river from Tak Frostbiter.

Monks: Mossmouth (E), on a hill near road.

Necromancer: see Master Oggoup in Collonridge Cemetry (C), by a big boulder to the SE of the elders tomb.

Paladin: Fayspire Gate (W) if you remember the glowy statue on the 27 quest its about straight due east from there on a large hill, and kinda north of some blue glowy rocks on a hill next to them.

Ranger: Kara Village (S), near village, SW from the hive on top of hill.

Rogue: Qeynos prison, in the north part of the center subzone, on the south part of a hill near the waters edge.

Shadowknight: see Master Jwarg, in Sslathis (C) on a hill by a rock. South of the dead trees, and SE of the glowing altar.

Shaman: Baga Village (C) on top of a big hill, not to far from fort.

Warrior: See Master and Assistant Suinki and Lonvig in Brokenskull Rock (S) To the east of the big head rock by some pillars and green.

Wizard: Trail's End (W) on side of a hill past the town.


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