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Epic Mob Armor

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Epic Mob Armor Empty Epic Mob Armor

Post by Ronson on Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:35 pm

AtU, Quil, AoH, AoL and Synder all drop epic loot every kill. Always been that way. Graal, VoT, Cyrcalis and AC has a 40% chance of dropping loot but you wont find epicsode 3 boss mob loot on the epicsode 2 mobs. Epicsode 1 boss mobs such as Aktrana, Milipede, Herbalist and High Shaman. as well as Plagued Siren and every other named mob in the epics has a 5% chance, maybe even less chance of dropping epicsode 2 and 3 boss mob loot.

*At the end of each armor listing, is the name of the lvl 60 Epic mob who dropped the item. See bottom of page for legend.
**This list is not to be takes as gospel - it's a helpful guideline, as to which epic mobs might be more inclined to drop what epic gear, collected from you, the players.

Class Armor:

DUR: 65 HP: 15000/15000 Race: ALL Level: 60
Color: Brown
Material: Leather
Helm:Dex:25 Int20 HPMax150 AC60 |Synder
Tunic: Wis25 Sta20 HPMax150 AC228 |Cyrcalis
Bracers: Sta25 Int20 HPMax150 AC113 |AtU
Gloves: Wis25 Dex20 HPMax150 AC113 |Quil
Leggings: Wis20 Int25 HPMax150 AC:150 | AoL
Boots: Int25 Wis20 HPMax150 AC75 |AoH |AoL

Color: Gold/Yellow
Material: Chain Mail

Helm: Agi25 Sta20 HPMax150 AC89 |Synder
Tunic: Cha20 Sta25 HpMax150 AC338|Tide| Cyracalis|Plg lSiren
Bracers: HPMax150 Dex25 Agi20 AC113 |AtU
Gloves: Cha25 Agi20 HPMax150 AC169 |Quil|Graal
Leggings: Sta25 Agi20 150HPMax 222AC|AoL
Boots: Agi25 Sta20 HPMax150 AC113|AoL |AoH

Color: Noble Blue
Material: Plate
Helm: Wis20 Cha25 Pow150 AC118 |Tide |Graal
Tunic: Wis25 Sta20 POW150 AC444 |AoH
Bracers: Sta25 Cha20 Pow150 AC222 |Froglok Bouncer (for herbalist)|AoL
Gloves: Pow150 Agi25 Str20 AC222 |AtU |Megapede|mobs for Herbalist
Gloves: Pow150 Agi25 Wis20 AC222 (?)
Greaves: Pow150 Sta25 Cha20 AC296|Quil
Boots: Cha25 Wis20 Pow150 AC148 |Quil|Synder

Color: Brown
Material: Leather
Helm: Wis20 Sta25 Pow150 AC 60 |Tide|Cyrcalis
Tunic: Cha20 Dex25 Pow150 AC225 |Cyrcalis|AoH
Bracers: Wis20 Cha25 POW150 AC113 |AoL
Gloves: |AtU
Leggings: Dex:20 Wis25 POW150 AC150 |AoH
Boots: Dex25 Wis20 Pow150 AC77 |Synder

Color: Tan
Material: Cloth
Helm: Int25 Cha20 POW150 AC30 |Quil
Tunic: Int25 Sta20 POW150 AC113 |Synder|Raldathir
Bracers: Int25 Cha20 POW150 AC56 |AoH
Gloves: Sta20 Dex20 Int25 POW150 AC56 |AoL
Leggings: Sta20 Cha20 Dex25 Pow150 AC75 |AtU
Boots: Sta20 Cha25 Pow150 AC38 |AC

Color: Dark Blue
Material: Cloth
Helm: Sta25 Int20 Pow150 AC30 |Synder
Tunic: Int25 Dex20 Pow150 AC113 |AC|Cyrcalis|Tide
Int25 Dex20 POW150 AC56 |AtU
Gloves: Agi25 Sta20 POW150 AC56 |Quil
Leggings: Agi20 Int25 POW150 AC75 |Cyrcalis
Boots: Agi25 Int20 Pow150 AC38 |AoH|AoL

Color: Orange
Material: Leather
Helm: Agi25 Sta20 HPMax150 AC60 |AoH|Synder
Tunic: Agi25 Dex20 HPMax150 AC225 |Tide
Bracers: Str25 Dex20 HPMax150 AC113 |AtU |AoL
Gloves: Sta25 Agi20 HPMax150 AC113 |Quil
Leggings: Sta20 Dex25 HPMax150 AC150
Boots: Sta20 Dex25 HPMax150 AC75 |AoL

Color: Deep Black
Material: Cloth
Helm: Wis25 Int20 HPMax150 AC30 |Cyrcalis|Tide
Tunic: Sta25 Dex20 HPMax150 AC113 |AoH
Bracers: Int20 Dex25 Pow150 AC56 |AoL
Gloves: Sta25 Wis20 Pow150 AC56 |AtU
Leggings: Int25 HPMax150 AC75 Sta20 |Quil
Boots: Int25 Sta20 HPMax150 AC38 |Quil|Synder

Color: Light Blue
Material: Plate
Helm: Sta25 Cha20 HPMax150 AC118 |AoL
Tunic: Sta25 Wis20 HPMax150 AC444 |Atu
Bracers: Cha25 Str20 HPMax150 AC224 |Synder
Gloves: Wis25 Sta20 HPMax150 AC222 |AoH
Greaves: Str25 Sta20 HPMax150 AC296 |Quil
Boots: AC148 HPMax150 Sta20 Str25 FR |Tide |Cyrcalis |plg siren

"Runic Mithril"
Color: Dark Blue
Material: Chain
Helm: Dex25 Agi20 HPMax150 AC90 |AoH
Tunic: Dex25 Sta20 HPMax150 AC338 |Quil
Bracers: Str25 Dex20 HPMax150 AC169 |Cyrcalis|Tide
Gloves: Dex25 Sta20 HPMax150 AC149 |Synder
Leggings: Str20 Agi25 HPMax150 AC225 |AoL
Boots: Agi20 Dex25 HPMax150 AC113 |AtU

"Silent Chain"
Color: Dark Red
Material: Chain
Helm: Sta25 Dex20 HPMax150 AC90ish |AoL
Tunic: Str25 Agi20 HPMax150 AC388 |AtU
Bracers: HPMax150 Agi20 Dex25 AC168 |Vamps:Raldithar
Gloves: Str25 Sta20 HPMax150 AC169 |AoH
Leggings: Str20 Dex25 HPMax150 AC225 |Quil
Boots: Str20 Dex25 HPMax150 AC225 |AC |Cyrcalis|Tide

Color: Bright Red
Material: Plate
Helm: Sta25 Int20 HPMax150 AC118 |AoH
Breastplate: AC444 Sta25 Agi20 HPMax150 |Quil
Bracers: Int25 Str20 HPMax150 AC222 |Tide|AC|Cyrcalis
Gloves: HPMax150 AC222 Str25 Agi20 |Synder
Leggings: Str25 Sta20 HPMax150 AC296 |AoL
Boots: Str25 Sta20 HPMax150 AC148 |AtU

Color: Bright Green
Material: Chain
Helm: Wis20 Cha25 POW150 AC90 |AoL
Tunic: Pow150 Sta25 Dex20 AC338 |AtU
Bracers: Wis20 Dex25 POW150 AC169 |Synder
Gloves: Sta25 Cha20 POW150 AC169 |AoH
Leggings: Wis25 Sta20 POW150 AC225 |Froglok Bouncer (for herbalist)|Quil
Boots: Wis25 Sta20 Pow150 AC113 |AC|Cyrcalis|Tide

Color: Dark Purple
Material: Plate
Helm: Str25 Dex20 HPMax150 AC118 |Quil
Tunic: Str25 Agi20 HPMax150 AC444 |Synder
Bracers: Sta20 Dex25 HPMax150 AC222 |AoH
Gloves: Sta20 Agi25 HPMax150 AC222 |AoL
Greaves: Str20 Sta25 HPMax150 AC296 |FK|AtU
Boots: Sta25 Str20 HPMax150 AC148 |Graal|Tide

Color: Dark Blue
Material: Cloth
Helm: Pow150 Int20 Str25 AC30 |AoH
Tunic: Dex25 Sta20 Pow150 AC113 |Quil
Bracers: Int20 Sta25 Pow150 AC56 |Cyrcalis|AC|Tide
Gloves: Pow150 Dex25 Int20 AC56
Leggings: Dex20 Int25 POW150 AC75 |AoL
Boots: Int25 Dex20 POW150 AC38 |AtU


ROBE OF THE EXPIRATOR: wiz enc mag nec robe, Int40 PoT20 Pow100 AC105 |AoL

FEVER ROBE: 15000 HP Drd, Sham, Cleric 50 cha 100 pow 100 AC |Cyrcalis|AtU|Tide

TUNARES TEAR: shield 40 sta 20 wis 350 ac 5 hot (melee|tnk|clr) |Synder|Tide|Quil|AoL|AoH

EGIS TOWER SHIELD: War|SK|Pal Sta30 Agi15 Wis10 AC601 Dur50 (16000hp) Description "This legendary shield mysteriously chooses it's user, accepting some and rejecting others" |Quil|AoL|AoH

LABORATORY COAT: Alc robe Wis30 Dex15 HPMax165 AC105 DUR50 Orange |Quil|Synder|AtU|Sothimus

BATTLE ROBE: Monk Only: Robe: Sta30 Agi15 AC105 HoT5 HPMax150 |AoH|Cyrcalis

AC = Ancient Corpse (Evil healer/Evil caster)
AoH = Avatar of Hate (Good Healers/Evil Casters)
AoL = Avatar of Love (Evil casters)
AtU = Ahriaana the Ultimate (Evil Melees/Good Casters)
Cyrcalis = the SBM Dragon(Good Healer)
FK = Aktana the Flamekissed
Graal = Graalthe Leviathan (Evil tanks/Good melees)
Megapede = Megametamilipizon (Evil tanks/Good healers)
Plg Siren = Plagued Siren, roamer at the siren camps
Quil = Quil'Eyne - Vamps (Evil tanks/Good melees) The 2 lesser vamps can drop epic gear as well
Synder = Synder the Indigo Pirate (Good Tanks/Evil Healers)
Tide = Vylimuza of the Tide (Good Casters/Evil Meeles)


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