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Khal Gem Augmentation

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Khal Gem Augmentation Empty Khal Gem Augmentation

Post by Ronson on Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:39 pm

1. Start by logging the quest with Anibael in MTG (se). Select the option "Anibael, it's me..."
She will explain to you that Khalimet needs one more item to complete his foothold here, a scroll. The keeper of the scroll is powerful, and you must avoid Salin. Go far east of the Oasis and retrieve the scroll.

2. Head to Elemental Towers (c). On an island south of the mage spell merchant (or east of Malitor Weatherskin) you will find The Keeper. He's a Jal'reth, and cons red@60, white-faced. Talk to him; he'll respawn red faced and attack you. Kill him and loot a scroll. Drops 4 ntl scrolls: "Nea o'ir Shiidao'en".

3. Head to Salin in Highbourne (2nd floor of the library in the south wing). He explains that the desmodus bats are being bred by the bolash to spread the infection. It's dangerous if it gets in your bloodstream and can change you into a bolash. Anibael is so intent on defeating Khalimet, because Khal is trying to stop the bolath. Anibael is a Gnadriin!

4. Back to Anibael. Confront her about her betrayal. She will respawn red-faced and cons red@60. Kill her and loot the Gnadriin Blade (NTL), drops only one.
Siltara remind us: You dont need her item, its just a drop. She is a group kill flag to advance quest.

5. Return to Salin in Highbourne. Tell him you killed Anibael. He says the Gnadriin can change into those whose blood they have taken. There must be more of them....seek them out and kill them all.

6. MTG (c) - (straight east of wiz port to north ro). You'll find a little campfire with a 'weary adventurer', he cons red@60 and is whitefaced; not attackable. Speak with him and this will make him mad; he respawns attackable with 3 other weary adventurers (delf, dwarf, barb and human), and they all attack you. As you kill one, a Gnadriin will spawn in it's place. The Gnadriin are tough, don't kill another weary adventurer until you've killed the Gnadriin (or stand far back when you spawn so you don't get jumped by all 4 travelers at once). You will need 1 Gnadriin warsword to advance your quest. Each Gnadriin drops one NTL.

7. Back to Salin in Highbourne ("greetings again salin"). Those with lycan blood and the werehunter's that target them are resistant to the virus. He talks about the coloured gems dropped by Khalimet and explains they are useful for augmentation. He sends you to see Hogarth Bartholomew.

8. Hogarth can be found in Moradhim (SE), on a hill to the s/e of the coach (1 min run) or another to locate him, run from morad to baga, and you'll find him on the left side of the road on the first good sized hill. He will tell you all about augmentation but first you must help him. He wishes you to recover payments from:
*Galoosh, a troll
Galoosh can be found in Grobb (C), he wanders north of the little outpost. He will hand over the payment peacefully.

*Tobral Arnez, a delf
Tobral is in Neriak (S), to the right (east) of the ramp in the broken tower. You must fight the snarky delf (cons red@60), he drops four Hogarth Staff.

*Jon Watersmith, a goblin
Jon is in Mossmouth (E) by the edge of the plains and mountains in a small camp. Jon has neither the item nor the payment. He says Arliss has it and sends you to speak to Jingle (arliss' accomplice) in Oasis. Jingle is directly north, 20 feet from the coach standing by the banner. Jinge sends you to find Arliss "west of Gramahs Ruins" which is really Salisearaneen (w). He's at a small camp to the left of the road as you run north away from Murnf. He will attack you, and cons red@60; he drops 4 Hogarth's Sword.

9. Return to Hogarth with:
-Galoosh's "Hogarth's payment";
-Tobrals' "Hogarth's staff"; and
-Jon's "Hogarth's Sword"

He will tell you how Khalimet made the gems to augment the power of certain weapons, dropped by the Khal Warlord's. These gems can be added to any compatible weapons and these augmentations will attach themselves to it for a fee of 10k. If you don't like a specific gem, for an additional fee (2k), Hogarth will remove the gem from the augmented weapon returning it back to it's original state and returning the original gem to you. Weapons/gems turn to NTL when you combine them though.
Note: the gems drop via Part II of this quest, from what used to be Khalimet, which is now Khal Viceroy. The weapons now drop from Khal Warlords, see Part III for further information.

700 dmg 1hp Primary Lore

Lvl 55 Dur: 80
(Bard 49 graphic)

Rogue Sta25

Monk Sta25
(Wiz 49 graphic)
Magician, Wizard, Necromancer, Enchanter


(CL 49 epic staff graphic)
Cleric, Druid, Shaman Sta25
Warfire Ring
Alchemist 25sta
50wis 25ar
(SK 49 sword graphic)
Warrior, Paladin,
(Warrior 49 sword graphic)
Bard, Ranger Sta25
*There are at least six different gems that Viceroy drops, as well as all ZP ability spells, see Part V of this quest for details on how to use these gems (tradeable).
Gem Augments:
Black 25 STA, 50 AGI, AC 200, DR 25
Blue 25 STA, 50 INT, 300 POW, CR 25
Green 25 STA, 50 DEX, 300 HP, 25 PR
Red 25 STA, 50 CHA, 75 PoT, 25 FR
Yellow 25 STA, 50 WIS, 75 HoT, 25 LR
White 25 Sta 300AC 250Pow 250HP and 900 Damage


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