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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:42 am

Erudite Alchemist Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Level 1
Quest NPC: Melina Quiscellin
Talk to Melina Quiscellin, she will send you to get your uniform from Merchant Hanna is directly across from the guild house. Buy the uniform free of charge.

Level 2
Quest NPC: Melina Quiscellin
Speak to Melina Quiscellin. She sends you talk with Spiritmaster Alcadia. Talking to her sends you to Coachman Galdah , who is visible from there. Talk to him and return to Melina.

Level 3
Quest NPC: Truborne Jaegir
Speak with Truborne Jaegir. He asks you to collect 2 tarantula leg tips. Just exit Highbourne from either gate and look for hatchlings to kill.
6900xp & the Hardening Agent scroll

Level 4
Quest NPC: Truborne Jaegir
Speak with Truborne Jaegir. He asks you to bring him a cracked beetle horn and 100 tunar. Kill the beetles around the gates of the city and whatever else is around for the tunar you'll need. Sell all loot you have except the cracked beetle horn until you have 100 tunar (this should only take 9-13 pieces of loot) and return to Truborne for your reward.
17000xp & the Alchemist's Log

Level 5
Quest NPC: Truborne Jaegir
Talk to Truborne Jaegir. You're told to retrieve a strange poison sac from a banded king snake. The snakes can be found near rock piles to the north of the northern Highbourne gate, or east and slightly north out of the eastern city gate. This is the level 5 quest for all Erudite, so look for help or be ready to die for every one you will kill. Once you have the poison sac, bring it to Truborne for your reward.
36500xp & the Crude Refinement scroll

Level 7
Quest NPC: Truborne Jaegir
Speak with Truborne Jaegir. You're sent to Qeynos to talk to the Alchemy guild master there and kill a greyflesh pike. To get to Qeynos, exit Highbourne and head west until you reach the coast. Once you reach the coast, just follow it north. You'll pass two villages before you see Qeynos. Sign the coachman's ledger while you're there. The alchemy guild in Qeynos is in the nobles court, which is the tier in the south east corner of the city. Talk with him (I don't recall the name but it's in the log) and he tells you to get the pike. The pike is under the docks there in Qeynos. Exit the city and go to the west side and you'll see the docks. Some where near should be the pike. Kill it and bring the fillet to the guy in Qeynos. He needs some tunar to extract the oil you need.. 130 if I recall. Bring him this, and he's done. Return home with the oil and give it to Truborne for your reward.
157474xp & the Crude Sublimation scroll, & Treated Gloves

Level 10
Quest NPC: Truborne Jaegir
1. Talk to Truborne Jaegir, has you investigate the properties of the Banded Kingsnake Poison, from an earlier quest, and to do so, he will send you to find three additional poisons.

2. The first poison can be found on a Broken Tarantula Fang. Kill Spiders around and near HB, large spiders probably work too.

3. The second comes from the Elusive Stone Ant (CONs Yel). To find, head north from the North Gate, right along the border between Highbourne (N) and Highbourne (NE).

4. The final poison can be bought in Wyndhaven, from a Fisherman on a raft in the water, a little north of town. Don't give him 2,000 tunar. Give him 300 tunar. There's a merchant on the raft, so if you need to you can sell some drinks or something for the tunar.
556,753xp & the Alchemy Hammer

Level 13
Quest NPC: Truborne Jaegir
Start off at your master. He tells you to go to Stoneclaw and kill a ribbed snake and return it to him with the poison sack. Stoneclaw is 1 zone east of Highbourne. The Ribbed snake for this quest is found in the NE part of the Stoneclaw zone, its in a very hilly area with lots of trees and a few boulders. There are a few big long rocks next to some trees around. There was also a type of Emperor snake and a Zombie around in the same area. When I found it there were 2 of em on the side of a hill. Conned dk blue at Level 14.

After going back to your quest giver you have to go to talk to some guy in Qeynos, Jargan Nicks. Then go back to quest giver in Highbourne. Then you have to buy some lotion from merchant Ninny. Need 450 tunar and the quest is done, 550k in xp i think. you receive Crude Quickening which is a self sow i think, says to increase movements, only for alchemists. You can only stack 3 of em at a time, and they take a whole bar of your mana at Level 14.
550698xp & the Crude Quickening scroll

Level 15
Quest NPC: Truborne Jaegir
He sends you to Tilliam Nebaulm (not far from the blacksmith), who further directs you to speak with Greyvan in Wyndhaven. He needs feathers from Giggen Aviaks to clear his name, one each from a male and female. Giggen Aviaks are east of Highbourne just past the Stoneclaw ravines. They should con white at 15. Return to Truborne Jaegir.

Level 20
Starting NPC: Truborne Jaegir
1. Talk to Truborne Jaegir, he sends you to (Name? Check quest log), who is Arcadia in a building in front of the docks. To get to Arcadia, talk to the Dockmaster in Highbourne.

2. Talk to guy in Arcadia (Name? Check quest log), then walk back to the dock, when you're almost at the end you'll get your first pop up box. Walk around a bit more and you get another popup, this popup tells you to go into the water and grab the shiny metal you see on the sea floor. Jump down and swim down and around the floor until you get another pop up box. Return to Truborne Jaegir.

3. Truborne Jaegir, show him what you found. He sends you back to Arcadia, but don't waste your time, go into your inventory and use the item you found. Target yourself, and use the charge and you will be teleported to The Plane of Sky. You're supposed to just jump off, you'll be spawned in Highpass. Return to Highborne to speak with Truborne again. Go to Wyndhaven and speak with the Mayor. To reach Wyndhaven go north up the coastline from Qeynos. You'll pass just one village before you reach it. The Mayor roams the road in Wyndhaven, and/or could be in his house.

4. Mayor sends you to Murnf. Go north from Wyndhaven until you reach a mountain line. You'll need to go near the coast or in a small break thats not far at all from the coast to get past the mountain line. Once on the other side, head straight east. You'll eventually see a path and the village. Sign the coachman's ledger and talk to the Captain who is in the tower you passed to get to the coachman.

5. The Captain-who-is-in-the-tower sends you to a Sage NPC (Name? check your quest log), who lives in a tower (Gramash Ruins (C)) directly north east of the Captain's tower. Talk to one of his guards, he will send you to Kara village to kill a thief. Coach to Klick and follow the road west towards Kara village (S). Look for a camp of Taereg Bandits near the waterline of the lake near by. The mob you need, will spawn somewhere inside the camp, he will be yellow at 20. Kill, return to the guard at the Sages tower.

6. You are now allowed audience to the sage. Walk over to the teleportation orb and touch it, and you will be teleported to the upper level to speak with the sage. Talk to the Sage.

You will receive 2,814,929xp and:
Choose either:
Student's Knack, which allows you to channel more power, or
Klick 'Anon Cocktail, a potion with AoE


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