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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:45 am

Erudite Cleric Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Level 1
Quest NPC: Arch Bishop Erah
Buy a Silversun Ring from Merchant Kulesh.
430 xp.

Level 2
Quest NPC: Arch Bishop Erah
Speak to Spiritmaster Helshah. Speak to Coachman Galdah.
2,200 xp

Level 3
Quest NPC: Bishop Felkahn
Kill dragonflies. Bring back 2 damaged firefly wings.
6,900 xp & Minor Blessing scroll

Level 4
Quest NPC: Bishop Felkahn
Buy leather strip and iron ore from Merchant Shudan by the docks. Also need 1 cracked rat tooth.
17,000 xp & Ironsun Mace

Level 5
Quest NPC: Bishop Felkahn
Kill banded kingsnake. Bring back poison sack.
36,500xp & Holy Shock scroll

Level 7
Quest NPC: Bishop Felkahn
Go talk to Dushuan Anju, who is an enchanter in the room by the north gate.

After speaking with Dushan, you are sent out to kill the goblin known as Nubja. If you turn to the left, you will see the North gate. Go out the North gate and con around, he will be in the area very close to the gate. He is a wandering mob that has a long respawn rate, so this could take a while.
Note: Its likely that Nubja is a nightime only spawn. Nightime in tunaria starts approximately at half past the hour.

At any rate, once you find Nubja, kill him ( he should con yellow to you at Level 7 ), loot the horn of silence, and return to Dushan Anju to collect your reward. Return to Bishop Felkahn.
157,474xp & Endure Ailment scroll & Light Cloth Pants

Level 10
Quest NPC:: Bishop Felkahn
1. Talk to Bishop, whom is on the bridge. He sends you to Duke Geoff Melnorn in Hagley. Go to Qeynos, then take the road to the East. (The middle road) and it will run you into Hagley. Duke will want 300 tunar! You have to look for Duke Geoff Melnorn. He's not in the village itself. He's in the inn just east of the village on the hill.

2. Duke Geoff Melnorn wants his 300 tunar, then sends you to kill Rory Redface (CONs YEL). From Halgey, head straight north. There will be a little hill just north of the main village gate. There are bandits on top of that hill (If there are no bandits on the hill, wait until nightfall - they only spawn at night). Kill the bandits till Rory spawns. Rory will spawn in that little circle the bandits spawn in. Kill, loot ring, return to Duke.
Note: Rory spawns only during the night in Tunaria. Nightime begins at halfpast the hour.

3. Duke sends you back to the Bishop Falkhan.
556,753xp & Ironsun Morningstar

Level 13
Quest NPC: Bishop Felkahn
1. Talk to Bishop Felkahn, who sends you to Lord Yardley of Blakedown. Blakedown is East of Queynos in Hagley zone. In Hagley, there is a road going north, follow it to the Yardley house, Yardley is upstairs.

2. Lord Yardley sends you to kill Pavel the Human Thief, and Zara a Barbarian Thief.

2.1 [Pavel the Human Thief CONS YEL] Yardley says there are 3 possible locations to find Pavel;

Location 1) Near ex-blacksmith (Johann Greyman's) house, follow main road in Blakedown, heading west, you will see a little house along the road, Pavel is supposed to be next to a woodpile.

Location 2) Go to the eastside of Blakedown, you will see a bridge, he may be under it, on city side.

Location 3) From the above mentioned bridge, follow the river north, you will see a waterwheel, he may near that.

2.2 Kill, loot love letter, return to Lord Yardley.

3. [Zara the barbarian Thief CONS RED] Lord Yardley sends you to Maxwell Rigar in Forkwatch Keep. To find Maxwell; find the tallest building, NOT a tower, and go all the way up until you can leave the building and go onto a balcony, head back around to the front of the building and there will be Maxwell Rigar.

4. Talk to Maxwell Rigar, he says, Zara is in one of the four towers at the bottom, located in Forkwatch Keep. Kill, loot Bandit's necklace, return to Maxwell Rigar.

5. Maxwell Rigar returns you to (? Check your log) Mu Nan or Bishop Felkahn for your rewards.
550,698xp & Disrupt Undead scroll

Level 15
Quest NPC: Bishop Felkahn
1. Talk to Bishop Felkahn, he sends you to Mu Nan, who sends you to Jeeves the squire. He is located on the 1st floor in Bayle Manor, inside Qeynos. When you enter Queynos through the East gate, go straight ahead (West) and to the right a little (North) and enter into the The Greenway (the road that runs North/South in Queynos). Hang a left and go South on The Greenway and enter the last doorway you come to on the right side (East). Continue to go East and enter the next doorway; that should be Bayle Mansion.

2. Jeeves sends you to obtain two signatures:

[ 1st signature] Captain Bordengahst in Forkwatch. Enter the castle (to the right of the coach) and go up the stairs into the highest tower (the keep).

[ 2nd signature] Saerk at Saerks Tower, which can be found by following the East Trade Road from Highpass. Inside one of the two towers there is a gem. Touch it and it teleports you to Saerk.

3. Once you get both signatures, go to William Nothard, the High Councellor of the Iron Coffer in Freeport, he is located in the Western portion of Freeport. Enter Freeport from the North Gate and go South into the Middle Road. Take the first doorway to the right and go west through another doorway and there you will see House Northard.

4. William Nothard sends you to Fredrik in a inn in Highpass, directly across from the coach will be the Inn.

5. Fredrik sends you to kill a Kithicor Thug, head out of HP's North Gate and follow the Trade Road back near Saerks Tower. The Thug will be located by one of two guard towers near the road just past Saerk's Tower. When, you are near the thug, you will get a popup message saying that you hear something. Kill, loot letter. Return to Qeynos and deliver the letter to Jeeves the Scribe. Return to Bishop Felkahn.
883,791 & Endure Affliction scroll, Guard of Peace

Level 20
Starting NPC: Bishop Felkahn
1. Talk to Felkahn, he sends you to Captain Ironforge, who is hiding in the watch tower north of the prison.

2. Captain Ironforge send you to Jimmy the Snitch.

3. Jimmy the Snitch wants a pardon, so he sends you back to Captain Ironforge.

4. Captain Ironforge sends you to Jeeves the Scribe in Qeynos.

5. Jeeves sends you to kill Grend Darkmaw (CONs DB) near Hagley, which is east of Qeynos, follow raod east out of Qeynos. Grend is right outside the southwest corner of the town of Hagley, standing by a big rock. He sometimes roams too! Kill, loot tunic, return to Jeeves. May need to kill a few times till you get your drop!

6. Jeeves gives you the pardon, return to Jimmy.

7. Jimmy the Snitch want a suit. Jimmy sends you to Taliana Quickthimble in Qeynos, she is in the NW corner of the beggar's district, she is in the house on the end.

8. Taliana Quickthimble sends you to buy her enchanted needle back (for 1000 tunar) from Merchant Grieg in the same area. Also, Taliana sends you to kill Furdle Nimdar in the beggar's district, and get a tanned bear hide from him. Buy, kill, loot tanned bear hide, return to Taliana, return to Jimmy.

9. Jimmy tells you the password is "Fuzzy Knuckles". Now you can go kill Vernon Blackhand (CONs LB) the guy behind the revolt, the guy Captain Ironforge wants dead.

10. You'll need a group, or invis, to get past the felons and things in the basement of the prison. Take the hallway from the south side of the cells to the ogre, talk to him and tell him the password. He lets you by and there's the guy you need. Kill, loot gloves, return to Captain Ironforge, return to Felkahn.

You will receive 2,814,929xp and:
Choose either:
Disease Ward, which raises your resistances, or
Field Dress, which heals for a small amount


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