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ZP Loot Table

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ZP Loot Table Empty ZP Loot Table

Post by Ronson on Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:53 pm

Blood Thirsty Minions

Akessan Collective Totem [caster] 200Pow 25Dex 25Int
Bracers of Annihilation [tank cl] 150Hp 30LR 360AC 70Dur
Bracers of Devotion [melee shammy] 150Pow 30Agi 30LR 158AC 60Dur
Collar of Justice [Melee/Alc] HP160 Sta25 LR30 AC50
Combat Medic's Necklace [Healer] Pow50 Cha30 PoT20 Wis15
Diviner's Shield
Earring of Capacity [caster] pow225
Earring of Fortitude [Tank Alc] 150Hp 100AC 70Dur
Girdle of Flowing Mana [tank cl] Pow110 PoT20 AC36
Honor Guard Totem [healer] 200Pow 25Cha 25Wis
Judicial Robe [healer] 30cha 210pow
Ring of Dimensions
Ring of Justice
Ring of Righteousness [caster/not alch] 110Pow 50int 15dex
Ring of Dimenstions [all/all] Pow 200
Robe of the Arcanist [caster] Pow210 Int30
Sash of the Destroyer [all/all] HP225 AC15
Warmonger's Girdle 100HPmax 15str 29AC 20HoT

Razeal Moloch

zp armour gems;
Pendant of Razeal Necklace 200HP 6DR 6CR 6AR 6LR 6FR 6PR -10Hot 10PoT 70AC Lv55
Battleborn Earring: Tank only: HP160 AC25 DR40 Str15 Sta25
Chosen’s Handwraps (caster) – 5 dex/sta/wis/cha/agi, 30 CR, 30 INT, 62 AC, 145 HP
Earring of Sharpened Intellect All/All 75 Int
Feardo's Helm: Tank/CL 10 str/sta 5 agi/dex/cha 15 wis 120 ac 115 hp 40 pr
Gloves of the Conflicted (healer, monk, alc) – 5 agi/sta/cha, 15dex/wis, 75 HP/POW, 30 LR, 120 AC
Influencer's Necklace: All/All Lvl 60 NTL Cha75
Ring of Sagacity All/All 75 Wisdom
Robe of Potential: Monk/Cstr/Hlr Lvl 60 NTL Dex30 PoT25 Pow50 (Dark gray in color)
Spiked Brass Ring: All/All Lvl60 Str75
War Mages Earring (Cstr only) HP160 AC50 DR40
Trueshot Pendant (Melee) - 140Hp 20Agi 20Dex 10Wis 40PR ?Dur (NT)
Victor’s Slippers (caster) – 155 HP, 42 AC, 30 FR, 30 INT, 15 DEX

Rallos Zek

Chosen's Staff:
- (All/All) 1HB Secondary - 100Hp 15Agi/Dex/Wis 40cr 780Dmg (150CR Proc)
(jade forest

Chosen's wand: - (Caster Healer) Held - 150power 20Cha/Int/Dex 40cr
Chosen's Rapier: - 1HP 100Hp 15Str/Dex/Agi 40cr 780Dmg (150CR Proc)
(49 epic rapier)

Chosen's Baton: - 1HB 150Pow 15Sta/Wis/Cha 40cr 780Dmg (150CR Proc)
Chosen's Zwiehander - 2HS 200hp 15str/sta 10cha/wis/int 40cr 905Dmg (150CR Proc)
Keeper's Focus: (Healer Caster Alc) - 250Pow 40LR 60Dur (NT)
Keeper's Mace: (Melee Tank Healer) - 780Dmg (150LR Proc)1HB Primary 200Pow 40LR 60Dur (NT)
Keeper's Sai:(Tank Melee Mnk) - 780Dmg (150LR Proc) 1HP Primary 175Hp 40LR 60Dur (NT)
Keeper's Greataxe: (Tank Melee) - 905Dmg (150LR Proc) 2HS 300Hp 40LR 60Dur (NT)
Keeper's Staff: (All) - 1HB Primary 780Dmg (150LR Proc) 175Hp 40LR 60Dur (NT)
Oggi's Smasher (All) - 2HB 1276Dmg 350hp 65Dur (NT)
Prophet's Focus: (All) - held 275 pow, 25 PoT
Warmonger's Greatsword: (Tank/Melee) - 905Dmg (150FR Proc) 2HS 200Hp 25Str 20Sta 15Agi 40FR 60Dur (NT)
Warmonger's Longsword: (Tank/Melee) - 780Dmg (150FR Proc) 1HS Primary 100Hp 25Agi 15Dex 5Str 40FR 60Dur (NT)
Warmonger’s Totem: (Healer/Caster/Alc) - 200Pow 25Int 15Dex 10Agi 40FR 60Dur (NT)
(wand of blunder graphic)

Warmonger's Club: (Tank/Melee/Healer/Mnk) - 780Dmg HB Primary 150Pow 25wis 15Cha 5Dex 40FR 60Dur (NT)
Warmonger’s Staff: (All) - 780Dmg (150FR Proc) 1HB Primary 100Hp 25Dex 15Sta 5Int 40FR 60Dur (NT)
Sapphyra's Sword: (Tank only) - 1HS Primary 80dur 967Dmg 200hp 25str/sta 50fr 150AC (150CR Proc) (NT)
Victor's Blade: (Tank /Melee, no Monk) 1HS Secondary 70Dur 725Dmg 50Str 100Hp 30Fr 75AC (NT)
(Grimblade graphic)

Eternal Life: ALL/ALL 5 charge use item. (In tests the best we figured out is its a buff with 2 uses and once uses are used its gone. First use it grants you a MASSIVE melee attack, didn't see the damage but our Sham hit testing partner one time with a normal melee swing and they instantly died. Second use is it saves you from 1 death, pulled the DT guard in fp and when it DTed the tester they instantly healed back up to full life)

Battleborn Earring (Tank) - 160Hp 20Str 15Sta 40DR 25AC 70Dur (NT)
War Mage's Earring (Caster /Alc) - 160Hp 40DR 50AC 50Dur (NT)
Earring of Capacity: (Caster) pow225
Glowing Cerulean Choker: (All) - 250Pow 50Dur (NT)
Lead Plated Choker: (All) - 250Hp 50Dur (NT)
Reconstructive Earring: (All) - 35HoT 50Dur (NT)
Ring of Determination: (All) - 75str 50Dur (NT)
Sash of the Destroyer: (All) - HP225 AC15

Warlord's Legplates:
(Tank /CL) - 70hp/pow 10 Str/Sta/Int/Cha/Wis 40dr AC328 70dur
Eliminator's Legplates: (Tank /CL) - 150Hp 50Str 40AR 328AC 70Dur
Legplates of the Bastion:
(Tank /Cl) - 40Pow/125hp 10Wis/5Cha/15Str 40pr 328AC
Greaves of Maneuvering: (Melee/Sha) - 70hp/pow 15Wis/Agi 10Sta/Dex 40dr AC249 60dur
Caster: (non Alch) - 70hp/pow 10Sta/Wis/Cha/Agi/Dex AC82 40pr
Mnk/Drd/Alch: - 140hps 15Dex/Wis 10Agi/Cha AC164 40dr
Campaigner Legs: (Mnk Drd Alc) - 140hp 15Dex/Sta/Wis 164AC 60dur
Warmage's Leggings: - (Caster/no Alc) - 70hp/pow10Sta/Cha/Wis/Agil/Dex 40dr 82AC
Leggings of Obliteration: (Mnk Drd Alc) - 150Pow 50Wis 40AR 164AC 60Dur (NT)
Greaves of the Void: (Melee/Sha) - 165Hp 50Agi 40AR 249AC 60Dur (NT)
Greaves of the Seeker: (Melee) - 100Hp 65Pow Sta15 Wis10 Dex10 40pr 249AC (NT)
Subversive Leggings: (Caster/no Alc) - Pow150 Int50 LR40 AC82 (NT)

Breastplate of Doubt
: (Mag) - HPMax80 Pow60 Cha-50 Int50 450AC (NT)
Tunic of Divinity: (Mnk Drd Alc) - 165HPMax 30Wis 15Dex 40CR 261AC (NT)
Campaigner's Tunic: (Mnk Drd Alc) - 165HPMax 15Dex/Sta/Wis 40FR 261AC 60Dur (NT)
Mail of Maneuvering: (Melee Sha) - 165HPMax 15Sta/Str/Agi 40FR 392AC 50Dur (NT)
Mailof the Seeker: (Melee Sha) - 165Hp 30Dex 15Wis 40PR 392AC 60Dur (NT)
Tunic of Obliteration: (Mnk/Drd/Alc) - 150HP 50Dex 40AR 261AC 60Dur (NT)
Chestplate of the Bastion: (Tnk/CL): - 165HP 30Str 15Sta 516AC 40CR Dur70 (NT)
Warlord's Chestguard: (Tnk/CL) -165Hp 15Str/Sta/Agi 40FR 516AC 70Dur (NT)
Eliminator's Chestplate: (Tnk/CL) - HP150 Sta50 LR50 AC512 Dur70 (NT)
Warmage's Tunic:(Caster/not Alc) - 165Pow 15Dex/Int/Sta 40FR 131AC 50Dur (NT)
Subversive Tunic: (Caster) - 150hp 50dex 40Ar 131AC
Righteous Tunic: (Caster/not Alc) - 165pow 15dex 30int 40Cr 131AC
Mail of the Void: (Melee/Sha) - 165Hp 50Str 40LR 249AC Dur60 (NT)

Ceremonial Vestment: (All/All) Level29 5agi 15cha 25hp 25pow Dur50 (NT)


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